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Đề bài: Học viết thư phản hồi - Đề 495

Note: You need to write a response to an e-mail that you will read. What your response needs to include is in the directions so make sure you also read the directions carefully.

Dear Sam,

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you. Where have you been? I hope this letter finds you in the best of your health.

As summers are approaching, I was thinking if we could spend the summer break together at my place in Hawaii. I will introduce you to all my friends and close relatives. I will give you a city tour as well. We will spend some quality time in the afternoons near the sea shore. To add cherry on the cake, the weather here is very pleasant during those days due to sea winds.

I am excited even at the thought of you and I spending the summer together after so long. I have to tell you a lot of things and expect the same from you. Give my regards to aunty and uncle!

Hope to see you soon.

Yours lovingly,


Direction: As if you are Sam, read the letter and give a suitable response.

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Đăng bởi thành viên Xếp theo
Ngày tham gia: 28-09-2014
Bài viết: 807
• Điểm thành tích: 410
• Sổ học bạ: Học sinh ưu tú
• Điểm học bạ: 566
Dear Olivia,

It is interesting to hear about your summer plan and I think maybe your vacation must be very exciting and busy. Currently, I live with my parents in the city of Chicago about a15-minute drive to Hawaii. In the previous letter, you would like to invite me to Hawaii with you and you would like to introduce me to your relatives and your friends. I am very happy to hear this news and I would like thank you for your invitation. However, I am sorry for not being able to accompany you this summer.

As you know, it is so hard to balance between work and study. In fact, I have been very busy preparing for my coming IELTS examination which is very important to me. I have put a lot of time and effort into learning IELTS and I want to get good results on this exam. That is a reason why I cannot go on vacation with you in Hawaii. I am very sorry about this issue.

I am on pity of not seeing you this summer. However, I promise to visit you next time. I will tell you about some interesting things in my study as well as my job and we can share our life with each other. I hope you have a sweet holiday. Don’t forget to give my regards to your family. And drop me a line if possible.

Gửi lúc: 23:28:02 ngày 04-05-2021
Điểm: 6/10
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Ngày tham gia: 13-03-2020
Bài viết: 7
• Điểm thành tích: 4
• Sổ học bạ: Chăm học
• Điểm học bạ: 78

Dear Olivia,
I was so happy to receive your letter after a long time. I am fine and I hope that you and your family are fine too. I am sorry that I did not write you before because of my hectic schedule. I have just finished my final exam and I have a part-time job now. Anyway, you know what? When I gave your regards to my aunty and uncle, they were very happy and hope you are doing well.
The summer is coming soon and thank you very much for inviting me to have the summer break at your place. I did not plan anything before so I would love to spend this time with you. I love to travel very much and I have heard many times that Hawaii is very beautiful so I do not want to miss this chance. I feel very excited about exploring your city, spend time near the sea shore, enjoy sea winds, talk about everything with you and so on. Besides, I am eager to meet with all of your friends and close relatives. I think we will have great time.
I have planned to visit you 1 week from 1st to 7th July. I wonder whether you are free at this time or not. Please let me know so I can prepare everything. Hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes,
Gửi lúc: 23:17:09 ngày 04-05-2021
Điểm: 7/10
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Chỉ có học viên VIP mới xem được phần này! Đăng kí học viên VIP
Ngày tham gia: 08-12-2015
Bài viết: 1079
• Điểm thành tích: 234
• Sổ học bạ: Học sinh ưu tú
• Điểm học bạ: 679
Dear Olivia,

I am very glad to receive your letter after a long time. How is your everything? How is your family? It’s so glad to know that there is someone who always takes care of me. I am very happy about that. At present, I live in Boston city, in America country. It's great to know that the summer is coming and you want to invite me to go to Hawaii with you. Indeed, Hawaii is a beautiful archipelago where I have cherished the dream of visiting Hawaii for a long time but I have never got a chance to do that. Thus, I get your invitation so I am very eager to go.

In fact, Hawaii is a famous place that I passionately want to put my foot once in a life time just because there are many beautiful landscapes, the long seashore attracts many tourists including me. Furthermore, in the letter you said that in the summer, the weather was nice. Therefore, I cannot wait to go there to enjoy swimming, diving into the sea and contemplating the colorful coral reefs.

To be honest, I am very happy to know that you would like to introduce me to your family members and all your friends. Indeed, this is an opportunity for me to meet and make acquaintance with them and seldom have I met them. Therefore, I would like to invite them to go with us, if you agree. I am sure that we will all have a good time together to visit many places of interest and take part in many outdoor activities in this beautiful island.

Once again, I would like to thank for your invitation and I love nothing better than meeting you. I hope that we will have a great time for this summer.

Gửi lúc: 22:50:48 ngày 04-05-2021
Điểm: 8/10
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Chỉ có học viên VIP mới xem được phần này! Đăng kí học viên VIP
Ngày tham gia: 20-08-2020
Bài viết: 38
• Điểm thành tích: 39
• Sổ học bạ: Học sinh triển vọng
• Điểm học bạ: 186
Dear Olivia,
Are you still fine?
I'm sorry because of not being send the letter for you.I'm good, but I had really many works need to me handle; so I was busy for a long time.
I'm very happy when taking your letter, and I think that it will be very fantastic if I can spend the summer vacation with you at your location in Hawaii, meet your friends and relatives, have a city tour, and spend quality time on the afternoons near the beach with you.
I will try to go there to meet you, I really miss you after a long time.
Hope to see you soon.
Best regards,
Gửi lúc: 20:32:56 ngày 04-05-2021
Điểm: 3/10
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Chỉ có học viên VIP mới xem được phần này! Đăng kí học viên VIP
Ngày tham gia: 03-05-2021
Bài viết: 4
• Điểm thành tích: 0
• Sổ học bạ: Đang cố gắng
• Điểm học bạ: 6
Dear Olivia,
I was so glad when i recieved a letter from you. I miss you so much. I am living in Ho Chi Minh with my family now. We are healthy and happy. How about your family life?
I have never been to Hawaii but i have seen it on television many times. It is famous for spectacular beaches. There are a lot of interesting destinations in your city. I was attracted as soon as I watched them on TV channels. However, this summer we are going to visit my grandparents in Paris. My mother booked the tickets one month ago. If i do not have another plan, i will travel to Hawai next summer. I hope that we will have a good time together.
I will give you a special gift of my country. I think you will be excited to see it. Give my regards to your parents.
Yours lovingly,

Gửi lúc: 15:30:06 ngày 04-05-2021
Điểm: 4/10
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