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Some people claim that museums and art galleries are not needed today because everyone can see historical objects or artworks by computer. Do you agree or disagree?

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Ngày tham gia: 06-03-2017
Bài viết: 111
• Điểm thành tích: 22
• Sổ học bạ: Chăm học
• Điểm học bạ: 89
The idea that the experience on computer simulation programs can be a complete alternative to visiting art galleries and museums remains a source of controversy. In my opinion, while using computer software to research somewhere is very helpful today, I disagree that the cultural constructions are unnecessary today.
On the one hand, by breakthrough in technology, computer brings some clearly benefits in exploring history and culture without having to visit museums and art galleries.
Gửi lúc: 23:23:01 ngày 14-04-2020
Điểm: 2/10
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Ngày tham gia: 28-03-2019
Bài viết: 6
• Điểm thành tích: 8
• Sổ học bạ: Chăm học
• Điểm học bạ: 40
It is argued that museums and art gallery are no longer necessary today cause historical objects or artworks can be obseved by computers. In my viewpoint, I strongly disagree with this opinion as memorial houses and art museums still play an important part in our modern lives.

On the one hand, there is no denial that in this technology era, computers are very convenient. It provides us a wide range of various information just by a click. People can enrich their knowledge of different aspects and learn about different items exhibited all over the world without having to travel long distance. Moreover, there is no limited informations and documents which can't be seen at museums due to lack of capacilities.

On the other hand, museums and exhibitions are crucial in our society. Memorial houses and art museums offer first-hand experience to us with our bare eyes instead of imagined experiences. In addition to that, museums are designed and managed by history professionals so the provided information is verified and more reliable and the artifacts are more authentic that people cannot see and feel on the Internet.

In summary, the existence of memorial houses and art museums not only is the expression of diversity in human society but also enriches the beauty of life. Therefore, I think that they are really crucial to us to identify ourselves and to our communities.
Gửi lúc: 22:53:06 ngày 14-04-2020
Điểm: 5/10
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Ngày tham gia: 24-07-2011
Bài viết: 557
• Điểm thành tích: 171
• Sổ học bạ: Học sinh ưu tú
• Điểm học bạ: 1609
In modern life, computer has been widely used in many filed of our society. As a result, it also affected certainly the way we enjoy the exhibit. Especially, the art museum seems to not be needed because of those helpful machines. While I accept that this may suit many people I believe that the traditional exhibitions still have an important role in our culture.
On the one hand, there are a variety of reasons why computer is more popular used in learning the culture. One reason is it is very easy for us to enjoy historical objects and works of art by using a computer. Also, it is always available for us to see. For example, if you are looking for the information of worldwar II, you just search on the net by typing those words. By doing this, you will get so many sites that be content of historical reports, photos and even the documentary videos. Furthermore, it is very useful for who not have a high income. Because there will not to charge any ticket fee for visitor. As a result, the history and art will be more popular to the public.
On the other hand, art museum is necessary to the culture. Firstly, the museum is the place in which there have all histories of the local areas. When visitor come to a new place, the easiest way to learn all of the culture of that place is to visit the local museum. The museum will tell all of the place stories and it will show you what art the locals think is important. Secondly, there have too many kinds of activities for visitors to experience what they are looking at in museum. For instance, they could try on clothes on like those on the models, create their own work of art, or push the button to hear more about what they see. So, it will be more exciting for visitors than sitting before their screen.
In conclusion, I believe that the advance technology could bring the culture closer to the public. However, the public museums and art galleries should not be replaced by any future technology.
Gửi lúc: 22:41:31 ngày 14-04-2020
Điểm: 0/10
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Ngày tham gia: 02-12-2014
Bài viết: 9
• Điểm thành tích: 12
• Sổ học bạ: Hăng say phát biểu
• Điểm học bạ: 119
In many different situations it is true, because many people do not have much time, so they watch on the phone, but some people like the museum, they will look more clearly and watch in the phone, it is not clear. sharper
Gửi lúc: 21:07:59 ngày 14-04-2020
Điểm: 1/10
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Ngày tham gia: 09-10-2016
Bài viết: 395
• Điểm thành tích: 149
• Sổ học bạ: Học sinh triển vọng
• Điểm học bạ: 163
There is an argument that the use of computers to observe art works and historical artefacts will soon lead to the disappearance of public museums and art galleries. Such a perspective is not really convincing. Admittedly, in this digital era, computer science and information technology have adverse effects on everything conventional, including art galleries and museums. Fewer and fewer local people these days travel to such places partly because it is more convenient to stay at home using computers and the Internet to enjoy watching what used to be seen only by paying a visit to a museum to see exhibits with their own eyes or an art gallery to appreciate certain paintings. However, claiming that computers will make the facilities at issue die out is far from reasonable. First off, without physical art galleries and museums, it would be almost impossible to create online images of historical artefacts and paintings. Even if it is possible, such future images would be fake ones only. Secondly, the global trend towards deindustrialization currently built by tech moguls would help make it understandable how the existence of museums and art galleries still plays an indispensable role in this modern world. Steve Jobs and Bill Gate, to name but a few, raised their children nearly tech-free as they were well aware of the devastating effects of information technology on kids. What is more, without museums and associated places, tourists would have no culturally and historically important destinations to visit, and, more seriously, local children would not have any chance to witness what they have theoretically learnt at school. All things considered, my firm belief is that art facilities are not likely to suffer disappearance in the future, merely because they remain essential.
Gửi lúc: 20:55:52 ngày 14-04-2020
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