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Although many people value their public parks, this space could be better used for other purposes such as residential areas for the ever growing population or to develop business and boost economies. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

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Ngày tham gia: 02-06-2018
Bài viết: 11
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While it is recognized that public parks play an important role in people's lives, other argue that we can get more benefits by developing houses or businesses there. Although it is undeniable that it can create jobs and enhance economies, I personally disagree with this view as the green space serves an equally important purpose in the citizens' lives and we have other ways to generate revenue for the communities and also maintain the parks.
It is a well-known fact that happiness is really essential for human, especially individuals in crowded cities. Public parks can offer green spaces which is kept away from the noise of the traffic jams or the stress in working. One can not deny that it not only improve the productivity of the employees but also contribute to the well-being of a community.
On the other hand, we can observe that we can get economical benefits from renting the parks. They are great places to celebrate fairs, events or music festivals. What is more, local government may strengthen the economies by allowing local shops or restaurants to sell souvenirs or food there. Government can even make the public park become a tourist attraction. From these facts, one can conclude that the public parks can used to facilitate the economies without dismantling them.
To draw the conclusion, I strongly disagree with the argument that the public parks would be better used as accommodations or commercial zones. In my opinion, parks contribute a great part in human's happiness and can be also used to promote local economies while creating a sense of community.
Gửi lúc: 23:37:12 ngày 31-03-2020
Điểm: 7/10
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Ngày tham gia: 24-07-2011
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• Điểm học bạ: 1642
The urban population around the world is increasing at an astonishing rate and this trend has put a strain on social resources. Some people suggest that public parks in cities should be converted to business or residential areas to meet the growing need for land. I completely disagree with this point of view.

Accessing to green space is essential for human happiness, and this is especially important in crowded cities. Parks offer people an escape from crowds and traffic which ảe beneficial to individuals’ health as well as to the well-being of a community. One could argue that having a collectively healthier and happier society would increase productivity in all facets of commerce and help create and maintain a robust and sustainable economy.

Moreover, in addition to providing a place for people to relax, local parks can be used to generate revenue in several ways. Cities can use their parks to stage events such as art fairs and music festivals and allow local shops and restaurants to sell do business there during such events. This would directly benefit local businesses as well as bring the community together. City governments could also establish community gardens in their parks and rent individual plots to local residents. A project such as this would benefit the city economically while providing a community garden to supply a farmers’ market in the park.

In conclusion, I strongly disagree with the argument that city parks would be better used as housing or commercial zones. My belief is that parks play an important role in human happiness and can also be used to boost local economies while creating a sense of community.
Gửi lúc: 22:17:27 ngày 31-03-2020
Điểm: 0/10
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Ngày tham gia: 29-09-2019
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Tet my home
Tet is my favourite holiday. On this day, I was excited to go shopping with my mom . Before, I go to the market with my mom . I also help my parents decorate the house and make banh chung .
During Tet , I visit my grandparents , my teachers and my friends .I get lot of lucky money from my relatives. I firework display with my family .Every New Year I always feel happy to be with my family.Tet always brings joy to me.I feel very happy.I will always keep my Tet memories with my family.I love Tet very much.
Gửi lúc: 22:18:58 ngày 31-03-2020
Điểm: 0/10
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Ngày tham gia: 25-09-2018
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• Điểm thành tích: 13
• Sổ học bạ: Hăng say phát biểu
• Điểm học bạ: 93
Some companies sponsor sports as a way to advertise themselves. Some people think that it is good, while others think it has some disadvantages. Discuss both views.
Gửi lúc: 21:38:18 ngày 31-03-2020
Điểm: 0/10
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Ngày tham gia: 21-01-2015
Bài viết: 20
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• Sổ học bạ: Học sinh triển vọng
• Điểm học bạ: 167
It is argued that exploiting public parks for economical advancement and accommodation is more fruitful rather than keeping empty for people. To a certain extent, I disagree with the idea of repurposing the public parks. However, I also think that these spaces can be useful for housing and developing business in a society.nnPublic parks can be both operational and economical. It has ample spaces, which could offer housings for the rising population in a community. For example, in Bangladesh, there are many public spaces in Dhaka city are occupied with apartment complex to meet the rising demographic demand. In addition, these places can utilize on developing business such as shopping complex to trigger the economical growth. This commercial use could open many job opportunities and resolve unemployment issue. This means that it might be another source of tax for the government budget. Therefore, replacing public parks with residential areas and business can bring the quality of living and economical developments of a country.nHowever, I would argue that public parks should not be emerged for the above functions. Public parks can ensure the healthy living of a community. It allows elder people to carry out different activities which are rejuvenating after a day’s hard work. It also helps us to live near the nature, and children can play games and sports which might keep them active and energetic. A recent BBC documentary shows that in Japan, visiting Park for 15minutes in a day can improve the human body immune system which is preventive for depression. Thus, parks have greater value to keep fit our physical and mental well being.nIn conclusion, it seems that keeping public parks is more significant rather than utilising for business and housing of a country.
Gửi lúc: 21:07:29 ngày 31-03-2020
Điểm: 0/10
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