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In many modern societies, grandchildren rarely spend any quality time with their grandparents. What do you think are the consequences of this?

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The consequence of it is: you will not know who your ancestors are, if you know it you will not respect it and treat it as nothing.

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Grandparents are fun to be with and they shower blessings and affection without wanting anything in return. Sadly in today’s world where large families are disintegrating into nuclear ones, children miss out on spending enough time with their grandparents and remain off limits from that sweet shower of love that they could have otherwise enjoyed from their grandparents.

Spending little time grandparents can effect the growth of the child. Often parents don’t have time to spend with their children, in these cases, if one does not have the support of grandparents they tend to get mislead-ed in life. For instance, a child having no elder to tell the right and wrong is most likely to fall in trap of the wrong doers, often disturbing the life of an individual.

Secondly, grandparents provide the love and care to the child, required to form a positive image of the society. A child living in the absence of grandparents has little or no awareness about the culture and the family traditions. This often leaves them to live in a void. Example, often parents even know less about the culture and stories of family, if a child misses out living with grandparents they often don’t get to know about their family members and the bond between the family is never strongly formed.

Overall, in my opinion, grandparents provide the support and the care a child needs during the growing up days, missing out on which often leads them to live a life of void and deprived of the true meaning of family.
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In the age of economic integration, technology breakthrough helps us access to different people from all walks of life. If online travel booking were considered as something best left to the imagination in the past, now it is very easy for people to book a tour online, travel thousands of miles to check into somewhere with all the comforts of home, thanks to the technology. However, it is also technology driving us apart. It is argued that grandchildren tend to spend less time with their grandparents than before. This essay will discuss the results of this phenomenon.

Critics may say that children becoming overly attached to social media and the fantasy of an online world on the Internet, are likely to dedicate their life to chasing a mirage of happiness and success. Children spending more quality time with their grandparents, tend to learn many precious lessons from the elders' experiences. The latter will be able to be persisted against all the odds and adhere to their limitations. The former seems to have a tendency to become narcissistic and verbally abusive, less compassionate, sympathetic and sensitive to others since the bonding among family members are already weakened time after time.

It is also argued that the rise in the number of children spending less time with their grandparents is highly associated with the decrease in longevity. Technology should be a means to the new revolution of human being instead of being a reason for the rise in the number of nursing homes and old people desperately craving for attention from their beloved ones. It is proved that old people diagnosed with serious illness could get better if their grandchildren pay a visit to their hospitals and ask them to tell bed-time story. In difficult situations, emotional strength always take a very important role in helping people barely survive.

It is true that grandparents need the presence of their grand kids more than presents with monetary values. There is no need to do lots of fancy things to blow grandparents' mind to confetti. Put the phone down or put the computer in hibernation mode for a while, talk to the elder and ask them for their life advice, they are the hidden treasure and have so much more to offer than the Internet indeed.
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My four-year-old daughter asks about her deceased grandparents almost daily. Her question to me or her mother usually goes something like this: "Will we see Grandma and Grandpa again someday?" Her words help us and her siblings keep in our minds and hearts these vital figures in our family's history.

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren, though it is often indirect. Most of their significance to children is seen through the support and help they give to their parents. Grandparents are often seen as "stress buffers," family "watchdogs," "roots," "arbitrators," and "supporters."

Research suggests that children find unique acceptance in their relationships with grandparents, which benefits them emotionally and mentally. Grandparents can be a major support during family disruptions. Sometimes they're playmates for their grandchildren. They're very often role models and mentors for younger generations. They are also historians -- teaching values, instilling ethnic heritage and passing on family traditions.

Increasing numbers of grandparents care for their grandchildren during the day or have legal full custody of their grandchildren, making them surrogate parents. These grandparents have a particularly strong influence.

For example, when my father died, my Grandpa Belnap took on an active role in my life. He was a retired junior high school math teacher with twinkling blue eyes. Grandpa Belnap cared for me while my mother, a single parent, worked hard to build a successful home-based business.

Grandpa provided me with some of my fondest and earliest memories. I remember he let me push the button to start his old Oldsmobile coupe, often at some risk to the starter motor. He was fond of saying "Whoa, Nellie" as he came to an intersection. He taught me and my siblings a nonsensical song called "Little Blue-Haired Boy," which he recorded for future generations just before he died. He always encouraged me, loved me, and supported me. When I became a teenager, Grandpa Belnap persisted in playing a part in my life even though at the time I was pretty dull of hearing the voices of older adults.

Wise parents foster strong relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. Letters, phone calls, videos, audiocassettes, sharing of school work, and personal contact where possible all build bonds of love and friendship between the generations.

Grandparents need their children and grandchildren as well. The movie "The Mailbox" conveys how important these relationships are to the elderly. It tells the story of an old widow named Leethe who loved her children, all living some distance from her, and longed to receive letters from them. She made daily walks from her house down a long pathway to her mailbox, anxiously anticipating a letter. But repeatedly she was disappointed.

On rare occasions, one of Leethe's children would call her. But Leethe was hard of hearing and preferred letters. She pleaded with her them and her grandchildren to write to her because she couldn't "read phone conversations over and over." Still, the letters didn't come.

Finally one day a letter was waiting when Leethe made her daily trek to check the mailbox. She was so excited, she rushed back to the house to get her glasses so she could read it. She had barely opened the envelope when she suffered a fatal heart attack. As it turned out, the letter was from her daughter and said only that she wanted Leethe's consent to be placed in a nursing home.

It benefits each generation to be cradled in the arms of one another's love, and Leethe's children missed those benefits - as well as deprived their mother of them.

A tender children's story reminds us of the deep satisfaction we experience when we make sure love and care flow between generations. I'll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch depicts a mother cradling her newborn infant son in her arms, and she pens the words, "I'll love you forever." By the end of the tale the roles are reversed. The son, now grown, cradles his frail, aged mother in his arms and pens the words, "I'll love you forever."
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