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It is important for children to learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. Punishment is necessary to help them learn this distinction. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? What sort of punishment should parents and teachers be allowed to use to teach good behaviour to children?

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Ngày tham gia: 16-11-2012
Bài viết: 350
• Điểm thành tích: 122
• Sổ học bạ: Học sinh ưu tú
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From my point of view, I agree that punishment is a necessary way in child rearing because it makes children learn the different between right and wrong at the early stage of their life. Punishment with correct and reasonable treatments can affect positively and even be constructive for them.

To begin with, children are always curious so they often makes many mistakes that can be harmful not only for other people but also them even themselves. Kids are too innocent and inexperienced to understand serious effects from activities they do such as playing with fire, electrical tools and sharp objects, having bad behaviour with the older and so on . Therefore, punishment is regarded as a sign to warn and make them think twice before breaking rules and trying to do wrong things again. Punishment is indispensable in education of a child but not including violent and abuse.

On the one hand, some parents and teachers consider that physical hurting and insults are optimal methods of punishment. However, this is absolutely wrong and even make the problem worse. These ways will make them full of fear so they will not dare repeat false actions but it is not productive in long-term. After suffering in a long time and acquainting with the painful beating and curse insulting, they will protest against toward to persons that used to abuse them. For worse, in the future, they will use this form of punishment to teach their offspring like their parents damaging them at present.

On the contrary, punishment must not be physical and mental damage. It must be fruitful with sharing, sympathy and advises. Adults should try to associate punishment with moral lessons. Especially, instead of saying that kids are not allowed to do something, parents and teachers should explain mistakes more detail and terrible consequences might happen to make children understanding the distinction and change themselves to do right things.

To sum up, punishment is essential in education moral and qualities of a child at home and school. Moreover, it must be combine with loving and sympathy to guide them in correct way.
Gửi lúc: 23:58:46 ngày 17-07-2018
Ngày tham gia: 20-03-2012
Bài viết: 51
• Điểm thành tích: 34
• Sổ học bạ: Học sinh triển vọng
• Điểm học bạ: 178
Every parents and teachers know the importance of learning right and wrong distintion from an early age. So, when children make mistakes, parents and teachers have their own way to teach them learn from mistakes. Howerver, there are two wrong ways that parents and teachers would use, firstly, the way they use to teach children is too strict, it even becomes violen, it makes children can’t express their good sides; secondly, parents and teachers are too easy-going, they would always unnoticed about children’s mistakes, this way makes children naughty and they even don’t listen to their parents and teachers. To avoid those wrong ways, parents and teacher should considered and come up with the most clever way to teach children right and wrong distintion without hurting children’s both physical and mental health.
In my opinion, at the early age, children can easily get mental hurt so parents need to treat them gentlely. So, the most clever way to teach them right and wrong distintion is explaination. Firsly, when children make mistakes, parents need to be patient, explain for children what is right and wrong, this helps children to understand what they’ve done was wrong. This way doesn’t hurt children feelings and helps children to understand the root and branch of problems. And when they are determine what is wrong, they won’t do it again.
I think that way is very helpful and parents and teachers should use it to teach children learning right and wrong distintion. But, although using any way to teach children, the most important to notice is no violent or forget mistakes.
Gửi lúc: 23:55:52 ngày 17-07-2018
Ngày tham gia: 30-09-2016
Bài viết: 44
• Điểm thành tích: 89
• Sổ học bạ: Chăm học
• Điểm học bạ: 38
It is true that, from the childhood small children always make mistakes, and they do not know what is right and what is wrong. Some parents think that punishment is very useful to help them distinction the wrong things , while others think the opposite. In my opinion, I agree that penalties are useful for them to learn these distinction and this essay is going to analyze ways of punishment that parents and teachers allowed to use to teach good things to children.

First of all, with small children, parents can punish them by not giving them eat or drink his/her favorite foods or let them do some housework, such as swept the floor, tidy the room, wash dishes, clean all the toys. If the children continue to do wrong things, we mustn’t let them watch television, play video games and outdoor activities.

Beside that, parents can show out advantages when being good for children or let them know how’s the feeling when not being a good child. By that, they can automatically fix their problems and be a better person.

In conclusion, punishment is necessary to teach children morality and help them stay away from bad things. However, parents mustn’t use physical punishment but psychological and practical punishment.

Gửi lúc: 22:14:51 ngày 17-07-2018
Ngày tham gia: 14-02-2017
Bài viết: 135
• Điểm thành tích: 26
• Sổ học bạ: Học sinh triển vọng
• Điểm học bạ: 153
It is important for children to learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. Adults and teachers need to properly teach their children. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?What sort of punishment should parents and teachers be allowed to use to teach good behaviour to children?
Gửi lúc: 20:48:44 ngày 17-07-2018
Mình là Nông Thùy Linh
Ngày tham gia: 25-11-2016
Bài viết: 301
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• Sổ học bạ: Học sinh triển vọng
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Parents and teachers should teach children gently what the wrong things are because they actively seek out the outside world, so parents and teachers need to teach gently and give the child a clinic. Exciting things and interesting things outside .Encourage all children to act if they are not good, we also have to comfort and encourage the children to think thoroughly and do better next time.I think if the punishment for children at an early age, after children grow up the percentage of children are very depressed so I do not agree with how to punish children as a child children.
Gửi lúc: 20:19:28 ngày 17-07-2018
oh yeah!!!!
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