A tour of kensington palace
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A tour of kensington palace

A centuries old palace with a modern twist, after a multi-million dollar renovation the public can get a sense of how royals at Kensington Palace once lived.

Queen Victoria was born here and she spent all of her childhood at Kensington until the day that she became queen.

Queen Victoria is the only other monarch besides Queen Elizabeth to celebrate a diamond jubilee, her reign lasted 63 years and seven months. And I understand there’s a love room here? What’s that all about?

Yes, that’s right. It’s a room that looks at Queen Victoria’s enduring love for her husband, Prince Albert.  There’s this wonderful set of gold and enamel orange blossom jewelry and this was something that was specially designed by Albert for Victoria, so particularly romantic. He began with one brooch and then year after year, elements were added.

From a centuries old love story to a modern romance, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge now call Kensington Palace home. And the most recent addition to the royal household, Prince Harry, he has moved into a small apartment on site.

You won’t see Prince William and Harry milling about, they live on the other side of the palace that’s closed off to the public.   Not far away, a tribute to their mother, Princess Diana. She lived here from 1983 until her death in 1997.

Many people will remember the gold gates where thousands of flowers were laid in the days after her death. We’ve put together a display of dresses worn by Diana, which give a real sense of the way her style evolved.

An active palace that is also a tribute to the monarch’s heritage, a place for people to come to enjoy the sometimes quirky re-imaginings of an era long gone.

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