What’s a megabyte?
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What’s a megabyte?

One of the magical things about our mobile devices today is how they let us consume great garb of media. But it’s not really magic, it’s just data. Up until recently we really didn’t have to think about data, that’s because we were all on unlimited data plans. But recently wireless carriers have started instituting tear data plans, putting limits on how much data you can use per month. Go over the limit, you get slapped with a fee, and even if you’re on an unlimited plan, your carrier might slow down your connection. And this gets really tricky, right? I mean, think of how hard it is to keep track of your voice minutes. You got in network minutes out of network minutes, nights, weekends…but at least we know what a minute is. I mean, ask yourself, what is a megabyte anyway?

If I were to ask you, what’s a megabyte, do you know what that is?
Mmmm, no.
Do you know what a byte is?
I have an idea.
What’s your idea?

Uh…. Something to do with a computer chip of some sort.

And how many megabytes are in a gigabyte?

Oh don’t ask me that, there ain’t no tellin’.
Uh, a thousand?
A thousand MB I think
A thousand MB, right, okay.

I also know how many feet are in a mile.
How many feet are in a mile?
5, 280

Ok, here it goes. A byte is a measure of file size. There are a thousand bytes a in a kilobyte, a thousand kilobytes in a megabyte and a thousand megabytes a gigabyte. And that’s great but that doesn’t really help you out. What you really want to know is: how many megabytes in song, how many gigabytes are in a movie?

If you were like, going to stream a movie onto your phone, and that movie was two hours, how many gigabytes do you think that might be? Do you know that?

No clue, no clue at all? And a song?
An email? A photo?
No, no.
None of that?
No idea.

A regular two hour movie, standard definition, that’s going to run you about 2 gigabytes. That’s more than many people have in their monthly plan all together. You want to watch this in high-definition? It’s going to cost you 4 and a half gigabytes. Now, for two gigabytes that’s equivalent also to about 27 albums worth of music, or think about it another way: one megabyte per minute of audio. For two gigabytes you could also view about 11,400 pages of websites or upload 6100 photos to Facebook. If you’re wondering about emails, don’t even bother, their files are so small they barely register at all.

From here on out, if you have a mobile device, you’re going to have to play closer attention to the data that you’re using. And there are ways to do this. You can check in your carriers’ website or even use apps on your phone to check right on your device. I strongly suggest that you figure this out. Also remember the meter is only running when your using your carrier’s cellular network, wifi doesn’t count. That’s why last week when I was downloading that director’s cut of roadhouse I made sure to do it on my office’s wifi network.

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