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Soccer advances to the semi-final stage tonight for women.The United States will be playing Canada, a long time regional rival. These two teams also faced off in the Olympics four years ago and the United States did win two-to-one. However, it took extra time to do it.

More recently however in the qualifiers for these Olympics The United States handled Canada pretty easily. They won four to nothing. There were two goals that day by Abbey Wambach and two more by Alex Morgan and those two should be giving Canada lots of problems again in the semi-finals tonight.

In track and field we’ll be watching the four hundred meters and the four hundred meters hurdles. In the four hundred the American favorite was Shawn Merrit and he was injured and eliminated in the preliminaries. So that should leave the door open for Kirani James. He’s the world champion and he’s only nineteen years old. He hails from the island of Grenada, which has never won a medal in any sport. But he has a chance for the gold medal in four hundred tonight.

We’re still following track cycling. Today we have the women’s omnium, the omnium is a new event at these Olympics, it’s kind of like the decathlon except there are only six events instead of ten. And the most unusual of these is the elimination race. It’s sometimes called the miss and out or devil take the hindmost. All the riders start on the track together, then every two laps the rider who is last place is eliminated. The field gets smaller and smaller until at the end two riders race to the finish. It’s quite an unusual event and one worth watching if you can.

Also we have the men’s match sprint. This the marquee event for any track cycling. It’s kind of like a chess match on wheels, it’s two riders jousting with each other and eventually break into a sprint to the finish line.

One thing all track cycling racers have in common, in order to be good at them you need to have massive, massive thighs. So, we’ll be watching the men’s four hundred and four hundred meter hurdles, the women’s soccer semi-finals, and the cycling events and those big thighs.

You can follow it on NYTimes.com on our Twitter Feed: Londonlive.

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