The Secret Lives of Teens
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The Secret Lives of Teens

You’re so hairy… You’re so hairy…

The do not enter diaries is a website that runs on a weekly basis  dedicated to filming the stories of teenagers in their bedrooms.

Cataloguing the teenage experience and finding the connections  that we can see both through their bedrooms and just through like the general attitude, I guess of the teenager today.

Basically this whole thing started one day,  I was watching my usual series of online video content and I called Emma and I grabbed my camera  and went over to her house and I just started filming her room and we talked through it.

We tried to simulate what a teenager would do in the room alone in the beginning of our videos.  There’s like the dancing sequence.

It like welcomes you in a way that you don’t normally get to see.

Hi, I’m Emma and welcome to my room.

Emma was one of the first people that we filmed and I really think that her bedroom and her video in general sums up our project  because we’re trying to find what the bigger meaning is behind someone’s bedroom.

I moved because my parents were getting divorce and I think it was like a heeling process to decorate my house…

Everyone has so many online profiles, whether it’s like tumblers, and Facebooks, twitters  and different ways to express yourself. And I think that bedrooms are another way to express yourself that isn’t on the internet.

I think a big part of this is also the fact that not only is it of teenagers but also run by teenagers.

Guys there’s pizza!

Everybody that we film, I mean, for the most part, is under 18.

We know how to handle being safe on the internet, but we also need a lawyer just to make sure that everything we are doing is okay.  Like getting releases for teenagers.

We want to expand way out of New York City.

We already had some people who’ve signed up to be correspondents for us  so that way we can get around the world without having to spend tons of money on tickets.

And we want to get teenagers who have vastly different interests from myself. And also vastly different bedrooms. . Because right now, when we think of a bedroom we think of the space with a bed like a window, whatever.  But that’s a like a very traditional middle class view of a bedroom.

We are really hoping to ultimately sort of like go on some sort of road trip  start a kickstarted campaign to go on some sort of road trip.

Well not a road trip!

Yeah, I mean we can’t drive, but something….


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