Facebook: apple’s new friend
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Facebook: apple’s new friend

There has been so much announcement and people may have been seeing different headlines on their computers. This story about the tighter integration between Facebook and Apple is an important one. Facebook obviously gets a lift from this. One of the things, I mean obviously Apple’s done an incredible job with its apps store, more than 650 thousand apps. And yet one of the critics for Apple over the years has been, how can I share more of that information from the app store. We already knew a pretty tight relationship between Apple and Twitter so that goes a step further today with Facebook. So Apple devices will know your Facebook login and they’ll know your friends’ birthdays and all that kind of stuff. Both companies will benefit from that but it just goes to the point that developers are looking for those little extra nuggets and they are such an important part of Apples story right now. Tim Cook talked about this today, the number of downloads we’ve seen from the app store. Listen to what he had to say.

I’m very pleased to announce a new milestone in the app store. Customers have now downloaded an astounding thirty billion apps.

And what they went on to say was that five billion dollars has been generated for the developers of all those different apps. And I’ve spoken to a lot of them today, from a physician who got into this business because he wanted to make it easier for some of the doctors in his hospital to communicate and people from all over the globe. Try it in Mexico City, Adam.

Well one app that’s no longer part of the new iPhone, I guess Apple has dropped Google Maps. What’s going on?

Look, it’s such an important other part of the story in that Google is going to be having its own developers conference right here at the exact same location in a couple of weeks. And we knew this announcement was coming. We knew that Apple had a quality 3D image and technology company and so yes, they are rolling out their own maps technology and that definitely pushes Google Maps aside. Now this doesn’t happen overnight because this all gets rolled out in the Fall along with the new iPhone operating system ios6 and I’m sure there are some people who still like  their Google maps. But I think it highlights the fact that both of these companies are betting big on the phone market and are getting developers on both sides on work with their own plans. So we’ll see how Google reacts to that, they’ve certainly been pushing some of their own technology in the last couple of weeks to try to distance themselves from the Apple technology.

Well by the way, I hear, just really quickly, Syria is getting “smarter” is that right?

You know, Syria is more available it’s able to help you with more stuff. Actually with Facebook for example if you want to talk to your iPhone and tell Facebook to do some kind of update post. Syria’s going to be able to help you with that. And they are making it available in the iPad so, those Syria users are going to be able to do that in a bigger way. But no big news on the TV front and that would suggest that they’re holding off on any updates to their existing TV technology because, we think there could be some TV announcements coming later this year, we’ll see.

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