Tips for Purchasing a Laptop
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Tips for Purchasing a Laptop

If you start shopping around for a laptop you’re often inundated with all these specifications that you’re told are really important to pay attention to.

Do you know what kind of processor your laptop has?


What kind of microprocessor is in the laptop?


I’m going to go next to this farmer’s market into a Best Buy and show you what really matters when shopping for a laptop.

If you’re using a laptop like most people do, which is to maybe get online, stream video, listen to some music, maybe some pictures. There are three specifications that really don’t matter, no matter what laptop you buy. The processor, the graphic’s performance, and the battery life. You can ignore all of those.

Now what we have here is a laptop with a huge 17.3 inch display. This is actually something that does matter. Display sizes can range anywhere from about ten inches all the way to about eighteen and I don’t mean to get too Goldilocks about this but ten and eleven inch laptops, they’re really portable but for everyday use they might seem on the small size. Thirteen inch to me is the sweet spot. That’s big enough that you can watch a movie even with maybe a friend but still throw it in your bag and be on the move.

Oh my god that’s really heavy. I weighed nine pound when I was born. There are laptops that range anywhere from about two and a half pounds to all the way up to probably ten. I recommend that you don’t go higher than about six pounds.

Nope. Nope. A lot of the newer laptops are actually missing something that older ones used to have: optical drives, CD ROM, DVD ROM drives. Most of the video content that we actually find is online. We stream it or we download it and rent or buy it. So you don’t really need it as much anymore.

The amount of storage a laptop has is actually becoming less and less important and that’s because we’re storing a lot more of our media and documents online. That being said any decent laptop should offer at least five hundred GB or one half TB worth of storage.

When you’re finally ready to make your purchase I really recommend that you go look online first because you might find a lower price there. But no matter where you buy your laptop, remember it’s not that complicated. There’s only a couple of major specifications that you actually have to keep your eye on. But most importantly, you want to come in and spend some time with these machines in a store. Kick the tire, see how they feel to you, what feels smooth, what clicks right, what sounds wrong. You just need to spend a little bit of time with each machine to find one that feels best for you.

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Tips for Purchasing a Laptop
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