America’s Got Talent 2012 - Victoria Jacoby
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America’s Got Talent 2012 - Victoria Jacoby

Someone who is especially determined to make her country proud is 11 year old, Victoria Jacoby.

My mom and dad adopted me from China, when I was about six months old and I came to America and I love my life here.

She looked like this when we first got her. She’s been the light of my life. I mean we had four biological sons and then her and she’s of course the idol to everybody in the family. Plus she has a wonderful talent. It’s a natural talent. I am totally amazed because anybody in our family can’t do anything like that. So we’re all in awe.

I love what I do and what I discovered I can do. I’m actually really nervous.

When she walks out on that stage, I am going to be so nervous.



What’s your name?


And how old are you, Victoria?

11 years old.

And what are you gonna do for us?

I will be doing contortion.

Alright, and you believe you can win America’s Got Talent?


Good luck!
Ok, thank you.

Off you go.


Victoria, I look at you I saw how beautiful you are and I turned to Sharon and I said, “ I hope she’s good.” And you know what, you’re not good, you’re great.

Thank you.

You really are. When did you start bending yourself into like a little pretzel.

Well, my mom says when I was two years old toddling around that I used to do splits on the floor and I guess…it’s really improved.

Anyway, you are absolutely fantastic.

Thank you. Thank you.

You know Victoria there are so many young girls around today that I think they can be famous for nothing and they forget that you have to know your craft and learn your craft and my goodness we can all see how hard you have studied and learned and you know your craft you really deserve to be here.

Thank you.

Well, I got to say that was proper talent. I mean, you are a brilliant contortionist, absolutely brilliant.

Shall we vote?

Yes, I think we should. David yes or no?



Oh yes.



You are going to Las Vegas.

Thank you!!! See ya! Thank you! Bye everybody!

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