Tech boom, bike boom
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Tech boom, bike boom

Here in Woodside, California a few miles from the heart of Silicon Valley it’s common to see cyclists talking about the tech business as they role by. And according to mark Richard who co-owns VeloTech Cycles in Palo Alto, what’s good for the tech business is good for the bike business.

The success you know, of those companies trickles down and then you know, obviously if people have more available disposable income then they have the opportunity to buy things that become hobbies for them.

Tim Eades an avid cycler who runs the cyber security firm Silver Tail Systems has seen this for himself.

Certainly you know, any technology company that’s doing so well for itself, such as Facebook, and people being rewarded when they go public, the house prices will go up around in the area and I’m sure bike shops will sell more bikes. It’s just how the whole water table lifts.

There is an extended trickle down as well in that the real estate agent that sold the houses, that car salesmen that sells the cars suddenly they’ve come into money as well because their sales have increased. And now they have more disposable income and they can come out at and spend on hobbies.

Bikes are such a commodity and Eades once received one as a bonus.

Again, this bike is fantastic. It was given to me by the board of one of my previous companies when we roped in a multi-million deal with a technology company.

Eades feels one thing cycling brings up qualities that are useful in a business.

Working in the back-end kind of trying to get scraps up off the ground requires a certain kind of mentality. You have to understand how to suffer, understand how to sacrifice, and be very kind of single minded and driven. And so that kind of fits a start up very very well.

But gearing up to bike around here is not cheap. Eades has eight bikes which vary widely in price.

The low is probably about three and a half thousand dollars and the high is probably nearly ten thousand dollars.

Um it does take a little bit of success to be able to afford bikes like this. Most twenty olds can’t run out and buy these bike as college students.

I think there is a group of cyclists around there that certainly believe that status is related to the quality of the bike. There is also a group of cyclist around here that believe that it’s gonna be in your legs and lungs always it does, and it’s not in the bike at all. People try to make up for it with the quality of the bike for sure.

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