Listening Unit 10
Before doing the listening tasks, here are some helpful new words and phrases for you.
New words/ Phrases:

New words

Chung, bình dân
Most times, generic and store brands have exactly the same ingredients.
The doctor offered me a choice of a branded or a generic drug.
Subscription :
Sự đặt mua dài hạn
Yearly subscriptions will be received in advance, or each number may be paid for on delivery.
Subscriptions are due annually by the end of January.
Số lượng lớn
You'll be saving a lot of money by bulk purchases of meats and other freezable items.
It's cheaper to buy in bulk.
Sự giảm giá, sự khuyến mại
It’s important to mail in all the required receipts and the money back rebate coupons on rebate items you've purchased.
You receive a rebate for every minute you are called.
/bɪɡ ˈtɪkɪt/
Đắt tiền, tốn nhiều tiền
Comparison shop is necessary on big-ticket items like appliances, furniture and automobiles.
Consumers are becoming more and more cautious on big-ticket purchase.
/krɑːk pɑːt/
Nồi hầm điện
Buying a crock-pot will help you save money on groceries.
The crock-pot or slow-cooker is one of the best time saving appliances in the kitchen.
Yard sale:
/jɑːrd seɪl/
Sự bán đồ cũ tại nhà
Whether you enjoy yard sale or flea market shopping, there are many ways that you can save money when shopping.
I bought it at a yard sale for something like $1.
Flea market:
/fliː ˈmɑːrkɪt/
Chợ đồ cũ
The stolen bikes were then sold at a local flea market.
We bought an amazingly cool old kitchen sink at a flea market and really liked it.

New phrases:

Hooked on:
/hʊk ɔːn/
(phr. v.)
Nghiện, thích
Americans are hooked on spending.
Why did Brian get hooked on the blues in the first place?
Stock up on:
/stɑːk ʌp ɔːn/
(phr. v.)
Tích trữ
You should stock up on small sale items from the grocery store.
We ought to stock up on films before our trip.

From Question 1 to Question 8:
You are going to hear a short talk in which the speaker gives some advice on how to spend money wisely. Listen carefully, then decide if the following statements are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F).

Branded goods are much more expensive than generics because they offer better quality. 
You shouldn’t buy second-hand, especially big-ticket items such as appliances, furniture and automobiles. 
A magazine subscription costs you less than buying issue by issue. 
Appliances and other items with a slight scratch, dent or other flaw should never be bought because the quality is not ensured. 
Watching the stores' weekly ads helps you save some money. 
Desserts sometimes should be skipped for the sake of savings. 
Having a yard sale on your own means you can help yourself and the others. 
Using a crock-pot, you’ll have to deal with big electric bills every month. 

From Question 9 to Question 14:
You’re going to watch a short news item about a new type of company which provides loans for people going through divorce. Watch and then choose the correct answer for the questions below.

Why does the company provide her loans?
Why does the woman run out of money?
According to Dan Abrams, when do women take loans, what should they surely know?

Decide if the following statements (from number 10 to 12) are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)

According to the video, people often have asset-rich but cash poor. 
The majority of clients who take loans are also women. 
Divorce is the best, cheapest way to go for the couples. 
Listen to the recording again with the tapescript.

Americans are hooked on spending. Naturally, we all want to be good Americans and help out by spending! The fact is, Americans are already hooked on spending. That's what got us into this position in the first place. So, how do we help stimulate the economy, yet protect our own financial interests? If we use our heads and spend wisely, we can save money for ourselves, as well.
Here are some tips on how to save money and spend wisely
Step 1: Shop Generic labels
Most times, generic and store brands have exactly the same ingredients, but cost far less than name brands.
Step 2: Clip Coupons
Coupons will save money on the brand names you insist on using. Take advantage of store double coupon days. Watch the stores' weekly ads for good prices and a chance to add your coupons to the sale prices for even more savings.
Step 3: Comparison shop
This is especially important on big-ticket items like appliances, furniture and automobiles. Read product reviews to learn about quality and the best value.
Step 4: Buy second hand
Whether it's a used car or books from your local library's used book sale, buy second hand! Yard sales and flea markets are great places to find deals.
Step 5: Sales
Watch for sales on items big and small. Why pay full price for an item if you can get the same thing on sale. Stock up on smaller sale items from the grocery store and take advantage of the savings.
Step 6: Magazine subscriptions
If you find yourself picking up the same magazine each month at the checkout line, subscribe to it instead. The per issue cost is lots less with a subscription than paying issue by issue.
Step 7: Buy a freezer
It doesn't have to be a large one. Once you get beyond the initial cost of the freezer, you'll be saving a lot of money by bulk purchases of meats and other freezable items. (Of course, comparison-shop before you buy that freezer!)
Step 8: Scratch & Dents
Often, appliances and other items are discounted if they have a slight scratch, dent or other flaw. Discounted seconds can also be of good quality, but slightly flawed. Sometimes these savings can be substantial and are certainly worth investigating.
Step 9: Buy a crock-pot
An investment in this small appliance will help you save money on groceries. It's so easy to be creative on meals with economical meat cuts and vegetables in the fridge.
Step 10: Purchase clothing after season
Fantastic end-of-season clothing sales can really save you a pretty penny, especially if you select non-trendy styles that will last a few seasons. Select separates that coordinate for more flexibility.
Step 11: Restaurant coupons and early bird specials
You don't need to give up dining out just because things are tough. Select more economical restaurants and take advantage of half off coupons. Early bird specials will also save you money. Plus, skip dessert! You'll save on calories and money too.
Step 12: Rebates
Remember to mail in all the required receipts and the money back rebate coupons on rebate items you've purchased. It's sure nice to find that check in the mail six weeks later.
Step 13: Have a yard sale
It will give you a chance to clean out closets and shelves, as well as giving others an opportunity to find a bargain. Take those extra few dollars you make from the sale and recycle them into some wise spending from numbers 1 — 12 above! Spend wisely by trying some of these money savings tips. Not only will you be helping to stimulate the economy, but you'll save money for your own piggy bank, as well.
Watch the video again with the transcript
Meet Nicole knew man, a. K. A, the divorce fixer.
Women and men will come to us and they will be at a point in their lives, where it seems hopeless. They have nowhere to turn.
The 34-year-old is a former matrimonial attorney turned divorce financier. Her job she says throwing those going through a divorce a financial life line. The company where she works provides loans to help pay for living expenses and to fund a good divorce lawyer.
My ex-husband controlled all our marital finances.
This woman says she got a loan through Noonan’s company. She asked us not to reveal her identity because she's still going through a divorce.
It wasn't until we started the divorce proceedings and the bills started piling up I realized how powerless I was
She's among the dozens of clients that Noonan says the firm where she works has taken on. People who are considered asset-rich but cash poor. They do have assets, but they come into them in the future. But what we’re trying to do now isbridge that gap and get some capital and money now.
The typical loan is about $250,000. The firm charges between 12% and 20% interest.
we get paid at the end of the day. We get paid out of the sale of property. We get paid out of a split in the I. R.A
While some critics say it drags out the process and could cost the client even more money, divorce attorney Regina calls it genius.
If you have filed a petition and at the same time you need to start paying rent, and you need to finance your living expenses, you have to find a treasure chest somewhere. I see that every single day. People will settle because they simply don't have the money to fight.
That, the divorce fixer says, is where she comes in.
it levels the playing field for our clients.
How so? It gives them the ability to go into court to not be backed into a settlement. That is less than what they deserve.
The Company says they have an array of clients. Not just millionaires. But quite a bit of people just next door
But they say the majority of their clients are also women. Thanks. Let's get to our legal expert, Dan Abrams for more on this.
Good idea? Well, look. It's a - an interesting, novel business.
As a business from a lawyer's perspective, it's a great business. Why? Because she's only going to take the cases where she knows she can make an enormous amount of money. So she’s going to say: I'm going to take a percentage of that settlement. And I’m gonna take the risk that you’re definitely gonna win.
The notion that there are a lot of people next door is hard to believe. I’ve gotta believe that the only way for the lawyer to make a lot of money is in cases where, in theory, the husband has a lot of money to take. Or something on the interest in the meantime, while they're waiting.
What are the pitfalls?
First of all, I want to make sure this doesn't lead to more people fighting it out. The ultimate goal should be a settlement and to get it done with. And my concern is, you have people with the loans out there who are going to want to fight it out and fight it out because they've got money at stake now. It can't be good for anyone. That's right.
Mediation is the best, cheapest way to go. And divorces are so personal. You forget about that.
This is looking at it strictly from a business perspective. When I say it's a business, it's a good idea. But on a personal level, there are some real dangers here.
But the women have to make sure that they figure out exactly what the fees are. What's the amount we're talking about? There's going to be more people who start doing this.
So, shop around. There are scammers. People who are going to take advantage of that. You have to be careful in this kind of business.
You don't want to end up in debt. Right. That's the very reason you're trying, you’re going for it.
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