Listening Unit 1
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New words/ Phrases
Before doing the listening tasks, here are some helpful new words and phrases for you.
Genetically modified food (GM food)
/dʒəˈnetɪkli ˈmɑːdɪfaɪd fuːd/
Thực phẩm biến đổi gen
There are many advantages as well as disadvantages in genetically modified foods.
Biến đổi
/ mjuːˈteɪʃn/
Sự biến đổi
Some diseases are caused by a genetic mutation.
Hệ sinh thái
The oceans are the largest ecosystems on Earth.
Disposable item
/dɪˈspoʊzəbl aɪtəm /
Đồ dùng 1 lần
Disposable items like cups, plates, and bowls are being increasingly used.
Tape dispenser
/ teɪp dɪˈspensər/
Máy cắt băng keo cầm tay
Tape dispensers are usually a two-handed operation: one hand holds the dispenser while the other pulls the tape out.
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You are going to listen to the recording and then do the tasks following.
Decide whether the statements from number 1 to number 3 are TRUE or FALSE, type.
Mary thinks GM foods are unnatural and potentially dangerous.
Peter thinks non-GM foods are safer than GM foods because of tighter controls for them.
Scientists have worked out a way of introducing a vaccine into bananas.
Choose the best answer for question number 4 and number 5
What are examples of GM food that Mary mentioned?
What problem does NOT make Mary worried about?
Slide 3
You are going to watch the video and then answer questions from 6 to 9.
Which is NOT mentioned in the video as a way to be eco-friendly?
Which item is used to be an example that choosing brand name can save money over the long term?
According to the video, which items are used to illustrate "reuse"?
According to the speaker, how can we reduce our dependence on disposable items?
Slide 4
Listen to the recording again with the tapescript.
Peter: So why are you so against genetically modified food then? I think you’ve been taken in by all the bad press.
Mary: No, that’s not true. I’ve read up on the subject and I think there are just too many risks.
Peter: The GM foods that you get are probably safer than non GM foods.
Mary: Don’t be daft. Where’ve you got that from?
Peter: Well, there are tighter controls for GM food.There are controls in each country and then at a European level as well. If they pass through all of those controls before they reach the shops, they must be ok.
Mary: I just don’t like the idea of having my food altered. What’s wrong with the food we’ve always had?
Peter: We have to move with the times. The possibilities for GM food are endless.
Mary: What, redder tomatoes or bigger strawberries?
Peter: Yes, for one thing. But what about vegetables with a higher vitamin content or bananas with vaccines built into them.
Mary: What? (laughing)
Peter: It’s true. They’ve developed a way to produce bananas with the Hepatitis B vaccine.
Mary: Mm, not sure what I think of that. We haven’t done enough research, and playing around with crops is playing havoc with the wildlife. There are whole species of birds that are in danger of becoming extinct. Larks for example, they are rapidly decreasing in numbers, and it’s because of the chemicals they are using on GM foods.
Peter: They haven’t proved that.
Mary: Not yet, no. But it’s only a matter of time.
Peter: Mm.
Mary: And another thing that worries me is the power that a few food companies will have if we start to rely on GM food. They’ll dominate the poor countries even more than they do today.
Peter: They’ll feed them.
Mary: At a price, yes. Maybe. I’m worried about the food chain, too.
Peter: What do you mean?
Mary: Well, playing around with nature causes no end of damage to some plants and animals. When a species dies out or mutates, it has a knock on effect on the whole ecosystem.
Peter: I think you’re being cynical. You’re not giving GM food a chance.
Mary: Not cynical; just cautious.
Slide 5
Watch the video again with the transcript
This month we'll take a look at ways you can be more eco-friendly in your day-to-day activities. It seems that these days, everyone is focused on how to be more eco-friendly – that means “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” When folks hear this phrase, they tend to think of recycling soda cans and turning off the lights when leaving a room. But there are other ways to take “greening-up” your environment to the next level.
Reduce your dependence on disposable items. Returning to products that can be reused, like refillable pens and tape dispensers, will go a long way toward reducing what ends up in a landfill. Cheap file folders that fall apart after a few months’ use and have to be replaced not only create more trash, but also cost you more in repeat purchases.
Resist the urge to choose price over quality. You can save more money by buying durable products that are made to last, even if they cost a few pennies more up-front. Choosing brand name, quality office supplies will save you money over the long-term.

Are you tossing out paper that still has life left in it? Let your paper do double duty! Pages with printing on only one side can be flipped over and run through the printer again for rough drafts. Mailing envelopes are great for making lists or taking messages. And file folders can be relabeled or turned inside out and used again.

The manufacture of office supplies is highly resource-intensive. But recycled products only require half the pulpwood of non-recycled products. By recycling your used paper, you are contributing to the eco-friendly manufacturing of new office supplies made from recycled material. And there really is no excuse not to buy products made from recycled material, now that office supply companies like Smead offer more “eco-friendly” versions of every product imaginable. It doesn’t take much extra effort to go “green” and even the smallest contribution will make a big difference to the environment!

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