Lesson 10: Synonyms for Love

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Valentine's Day is on February 14th, on this holiday we celebrate the people that we love and care for.

I can show you some Valentine's day gifts that I prepared.

My son will be giving this kind of Valentine' s day cards to his friends.

And I help to make special Valentine's day cards for his teachers and babysitter.

This is the card for his babysitter and this small box of chocolate and we made this kind of card for his teacher and also again a small box of chocolate.

And I prepare a special box of chocolate for one of my neighbors because she is so very kind to us.

She gets the card and a box of chocolate.

Now we can see that we love our neighbors, we love our teachers and we love our friends but the truth is that we love these people in different ways.

In this lesson, I wanna talk about other words we can use for love - the synonym for love but also talk about the small differences among these words

Let's find a different word.

Listen as I read the sentences below and I'd like you to think about the words you can use and place of love.

1. I truly love Picasso's work.

2. Tourists love the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon.

3. The theater students were honored to meet the famous actor whom they loved so much.

One synonym for Love is "admire"

Who can we admire? we can admire:

- A parent whose work seems interesting and important.

- A friend who is happy and successful in life.

- A teacher with great knowledge or a skill we'd like to have as well.

- We can also admire an artist who has a wonderful talent.

So what does "admire" mean?

We can define it as to respect someone or something; to have a high opinion of a person or thing.

Examples: (1) The older I get, the more I admire my father. He's built a very successful business and he loves what he does.

(2) I admire Mr Curtis. I'm lucky and proud to have him as my teacher.

What else can we admire? We don't just admire people, we can also admire things.

For example:

1. Something beautiful in nature;

2. An artistic performance full of beauty and skill;

3. A well-made product;

4. Someone's skill at a certain job or task.

A second meaning of "admire" is to look at something with appreciation; to value something because of its beauty; skill or high quality.


(1) The hikers stood at the top of the mountain and admire the view.

(2) Tina put on the red leather shoes and admire them in the mirror.

Exercise 1:

Answer these questions. If you're studying with your partner, you can take turn asking and answering these questions, if you're studying by yourself, you can also practice by writing down your answer.

1. Name an actor or artist you admire. Why do you admire this person?

2. Name a skill you admire in other people?

3. Name a beautiful place in your country. How often do you get to admire it?

ưLet's find a different word. Again, listen as I read the sentences below and I want you to think of another word which you think place of love.

1. I love my memories from my childhood.

2. Frank loved his wife for all forty-two years of their marriage.

3. My mother loves the clock she recieved from my grandmother.

A second synonym for Love is "cherish"

Who or what can we cherish?

- We can cherish a husband or wife of many years.

- A gift from someone special.

- A memory of a special time or person.

So what does "cherish" mean

We can define it as to treat someone or something with great care because the person or thing is very special to you.

Examples: I'm so thankful you're a part of my life. I cherish our friendship.Ví dụ: Tôi thực sự cảm kích vì bạn đã trở thành một phần cuộc sống của tôi, Tôi thực sự trân trọng tình bạn của chúng ta.[/dich]

2. Marie cherished the time she spent with her grandfather before he passed away

Exercise 2: Answer these questions?

1. Name a memories you cherish. Why do you cherish it?

2. Has anyone ever given you a gift that you cherish? Explain.

3. Does anyone make you feel cherished? Do you cherish this person in return?

Let's find a different word. Again I read the sentences below and I want you to think of a word that we could use and place of "love".

1. The children love their new baby-sitter.

2. My mother loves French and Italian pastries.

3. Mr and Mrs Palmer love their new home.

A third synonym of "love" is "adore". Who or what can we adore?Từ đồng nghĩa thứ ba của "love" là "adore". Vậy chúng ta có thể yêu thương ai hay cái gì?[/dich]

-We can adore a favorite brother and sister.

-A popular actor or artist.

- A delicious food

- A preferred style of music.

So what does "adore" mean?

We can define it as to like someone or something very much, to enjoy and be excited by something.


1. Look! A chocolate store! I simply adore chocolate-covered cherries.

2. Jonhny adores his older brother. He follows him around a lot. He also try to do everything just like his brother does.

Exercise 3:

Answer these questions:

1. Name a food you adore. How often do you eat it?

2. Who did you adore when you were a child? Do you still adore this person?

3. Name an actor or artist many people in your country adore. Why do you think this person excites so much interest?

Exercise 4:

Now let's see how you understand all these synonyms for love. Read the statement and decide if it is True or False.

1. If you adore something. you find it boring.False

2. You can admire someone's beauty without wanting to be a romantic relationship with him/her. True.

Remember "admire" has to do with respect and appreciation..

There can be distance between person or thing that you admire. You can admire something objectively.

3. We can cherish the memory of a loved one who has died. True

Exercise 5:

Complete the statement with one of the new verbs (admire, cherish or adore). Each verb will be used only once.

1. Read the statement to yourself and then on tell you the answer.

Answer: I'm sharing this picture with you because I'd like you to admire the cake I made.

2. Answer: My husband and son adore sweets, so I know they'll enjoy this Valentine's Day gift.

3. I believe it's through everyday sweetness and simple gestures that we can show people how much we cherish them.

That's all for this lesson. Thank for watching and happy Valentine's Day!



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