Lesson 2: Driving


There are two kinds of driver most of people don’t like. The first one is backseat driver, this is passenger in the car who likes to tell driver where to go and how to drive, all of the directions are really unnecessary and very annoyed.

The second kind of driver most of people don’t like is road hog. Now hog is large pig and we know that hog like eat a lot, so road hog is person who takes up a lot of the road, they don’t share the road with other drivers.

There is one mark expression. I think you enjoy knowing, so I’d like you to come this way and I show you something interesting.

If you look closely over here to the right you see a gas gauge. A gas gauge shows how much gas is in the fuel tank, so let’s turn on the car and see how much gas we have. Oh you see “went up” so we don’t have an empty tank. A tank is three quarter short.

Now you haven’t empty tank of gas, you can run your car, so this person running on empty means that somehow you’re going on, you’re performing, but you have very little energy to do it.

OK, so let’s see how well you remember expressions.

What’s the expression? (n.) an annoying passenger who likes to tell the driver where to go and how to drive. Answer: Backseat driver

What’s the expression? (n.) a driver that does not share the road with other drivers by not letting other cars pass. Answer: Road hog

What’s the expression? (v.) to continue performing or functioning even though you have little energy or strength. Answer: Running on empty

Here is exercise

With statements and tell me which expression complete the answer.

  1. With all the demands from a full – time job and college, Gary has been…………..for the past couple of months. I don’t know how much longer he can continue this way

Answer: running on empty

  1. I almost got into an accident on the way here. I tried to pass this one car, but the driver was a complete………He almost pushed me off the highway!

Answer: road hog

  1. Tom’s wife is a………………….Tom says he can hardly concentrate on his driving with all of her unnecessary directions from the passenger’s seat.

Answer: backseat driver.

Remember if you have specific question or request for another topic, you can send it to me by email, my address is EnglishWithJennifer@gmail.com. Thank you and have it studied.

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Lesson 2: Driving
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