Lesson 16: Comparing products and prices

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Lesson 16: Comparing products and prices

Kate: The "Boss" isn't doing as well as we had hoped. We didn't launch on the right time. I myself don't think the market was ready for us. Dyla Dan came later and cheaper. Maybe we should move down market in a couple of key territories.

Edward: Excuse me! Can I interrupt?

Don:  Sure.

Edward: I've just got a call from Daniel McNeal at Iremart.

Kate: Oh, really?

Edward: He wants a meeting to disscuss discounts, also he's talking about the substantial order. He wants better terms than I can authorize. Would you prefer to deal with him yourself?

Don: How large discount did he want?

Edward: He didn't say but I think it's higher than anything we've ever given before. He loves the product though. I think he's ready to negociate.

Don: I think it's time we work on it together. Do you agree?

Edward: Yes.

Kate: Edward. Are you coming down to the workshop? Derek wants to share us his latest idea.

Edward: Ok. I'll join in later.

Don: No. I think Derek wants to talk to the whole team.

Don: Come on.

Kate: Well, it's a terrific idea. But how much will it cost to develop?

Derek: Not as much as you think.

Kate: It will be too expensive!

Derek: No, not really. I have prepared a long detail careful analyses of the development costs. See for yourself.

Kate: It will never sell. Who's the market for this?

Derek: It's more up market than Big Boss but it was still appeal to kids as well as excecutives and office workers.

Kate: But that's the problem, Derek. There is no market focus. Do you remember the Easy Right 2 years ago?

Kate: We had a beautiful, well-design but expensive product. It was great.

Parents and children could both use it, but could we sell it? No, it failed because we haven't define down a market.

Derek: But this is different. This is more fun than Easy Right.

Don: The costing looks okay but it has too many moving parts.

Derek: So, this is a car but that seems to sell.

Kate: That's not the point. The more moving parts you have, the more likely something will go wrong.

Derek: I don't agree.

Don: Let's just hold on a second and think about this.

Don: Now, Derek you like the concept and think it will sell.

Don: Kate. You can't see a market for it?

Kate: I can't see where it fit in our product range.

Don: I and Clive do agree with Kate. This is much more expensive than anything else we market.

Kate: Although it is a wonderful idea, we just want to be able to sell it. You must see that yourself, Derek.

Derek: Well, not really.

Don: Edward. What do you think?

Edward: Can I just check something here, Derek?

Are you saying that's the plastic thin enough and flexible enough to make this realistic?

Derek: Exactly.

Edward: That's brilliant. On paper I think It's the most remarkable thing I've seen.

Don: Well. Maybe Edward has something. Maybe we're going to have a closer look

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