Lesson 13: Travelling on business
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Lesson 13: Travelling on business

Clive: We have direct competition from JK Toys. We have to make sure of the sales and marketing campaign for “big boss” is the best we have ever done. So we’re going to have to make an extra effort. We have brought the launch date forward to January the 15th.
It will be very tight but I am sure that we can make this deadline. Do you agree?
So. Let’s just outline what we’re going to do.

Kate, I think you should get the salespeople in the States together as soon as possible
Kate: Ok. I’ll be on the first available flight.
Clive: You ought to make sure they understand how important this “big boss” project is.
Kate: Should I talk to our UK agents as well?
Clive: No. I think you ought to leave that to Don.
Kate: Ok.
Clive: Derek. I think you should visit the component suppliers that Don showed last week.
Confirm that they can meet the new deadline. It’s essential that they deliver on time, on spec and on price.
Derek: Ok.
Clive: Don. What is your plan?
Don: I’ve arranged to go to see some of our oversea franchise holders next week.
Clive: What countries are you going to?
Don: I’m going to Italy. Egypt and Germany
Clive: I don’t think you should go, Don. I think you would stay at head office. It’s essential that you coordinate the new launch strategy
Don: Ok. I don’t want to cancel those meetings. Could I send to Edward?
Clive: Do you think he's ready for that?
Don: Edward is very capable and I think a little international business travel will broaden his horizon.
Clive: Yes. Certainly. Send Edward but you ought to brief him very carefully.
Don: Sure.
Clive: Good. I’ll talk to the bank. I'll try to reschedule the loan. It won’t be easy.

Don: Geraldine. Have you seen Edward?
Geraldine: He was here a second ago.
Don: Thanks.
Don:  Jenny. I’m not going to be able to make the meeting with franchise holders next week.
Jenny: Oh, I’ve just finished typing up your itinerary.
Don: Sorry. Ah, Edward
Don: Are you interested in little foreign travel?
Edward: Yes. Very.
Don: How would you like to go to Italy on Tuesday?
Edward: That would be very nice.
Don: Good. And Egypt on Thursday?
Edward: Oh, Yes.
Don: And then back via Frankfurt?
Edward: How much cash do you think I should take?
Don: Ah, you don’t have corporate charge card. Cash is going to be a bit a problem. We'll give you advance against expenses.
Edward: Should I entertain any of the clients?
Don: I'll give you a full briefing before you go but yes. I don’t see why not. You should buy Mr. Lang in Germany a meal. We owe him hospitality. In fact, he always pays for everything.

Jenny: When you get to Italy, Mr. Boberty, dear assistant sales manager will meet your flight. He will be at the arrival at Mylan airport.
Edward: How would I know who Mr. Borbety is?
Jenny: I'll make sure he is carrying a Bibery Systems’brochure.
Don: And don’t spend too much on room service and get the receipt for everything.

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