Lesson 8: Showing visitors around the company

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Lesson 8: Showing visitors around the company

Edward: Phil. Thanks for coming.
Phil:  I’m sorry I’m late.
Edward: No problem.
Phil: The traffic was very bad.
Edward: You've been here before, haven’t you?
Phil: Once. A very short visit to Don Bradley’s office.
Edward: Perhaps I can show you around after the meeting.
Phil: Yes, please.

Edward: I'll give you a guided tour.

Clive: Thanks for getting several components yesterday.
Don: It’s no problem.
Clive: I want to keep Derek working on “big boss”. So, what do you think of sales force set up?
Don: This is the sales brochure. They seem quite competent.
Clive: Where is this?
Don: It’s just by the freeway near intersection 8. It's in a large green field site in a new development.

Clive: Who did you see there?
Don: I had a long meeting with the CEO. They have excellent robotics and a high-tech production line.
Clive: It looks impressive.
Don: These, R&D laboratories. They have a very big budget. They can make 5 percent of the profit to that department and they’re doing some very innovative work in solar energy.
Clive: Ok. So what’s the dark side?

Don: Well, I’m slightly unhappy about a couple of things. They are expensive. We could buy components cheaper from other sources. And they do supplies a lot of companies including one or two our rivals. However, they took me for an excellent lunch.

Clive: So, what do you think?
Don: Well, I can see there’s a strong option. But I am seeing a couple of suppliers next week.
Clive: Well, that’s what I can see. Come in.
Edward: Sorry to interrupt but Phil is here with the designs.
Don: Ok. I’m coming right now.

Receptionist: I’m very sorry about Ms. Markenna booking. It’s my fault. It’s stupid of me. I didn’t check.
Manager: Don’t worry about this matter. But please be careful in the future.
Kate: Sorry to interrupt but before I go I would like to speak to someone about the conference facilities.
Manager: Of course. Let me show you what we can offer. How many people are involved?
Kate: I need to arrange a day of presentation to about 60 agents.
Manager: Have you time now to look at our facilities?
Kate: I've ten minutes. Can you do it very quickly?
Manager: Of course. You say you need a room for 60 people?
Kate: Yes, that’s right.

Manager: And it's for the presentation isn't it? Here is the main conference’s room and it has excellent projection facilities. We have 4 stereo sound, video, 45 mini slides. You name it, we have it.
Kate: How much is this for a day?
Manager: We have a standard rate of 900 dollars per half-day which includes coffee and biscuits.
Kate: That’s quite expensive.
Manager: Perhaps we can work something else. Should we go back to my office?


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