Lesson 5: Describing your company's products
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Lesson 5: Describing your company's products.

Don: Let’s have a run-through.
We must get this right. The first, we have introductions and the agenda.

Second. I’ll talk about the background: Company growth, Staffing Levels, Return on Investment, Turnover, and Pre-Tax Profit.

Third. Derek you’ll talk about the product range. Now, at this stage of the presentation we want to give a broad company profile.

Don’t give too much detail about specific products.

Derek: Ok, Don. I’ll describe the range and say which products are successful.

Don: Good, Mr. Sakai may want to discuss certain products. So be ready for that. At the end of this section of the presentation I will ask Mr. Sakai if he has any questions.

We won’t discuss research and development at this stage. That will come at the end. Then Kate, you talk about major markets and sales strategy. Is everything ready?

Kate: Everything is ready and rehearsed!

Phil Watson: Right. The product title goes here.

Don: And just remind me is the product called "big-boss" or "the big-boss"?

Edward: Big-boss.
Phil Watson: Ok. These letters or these black letters?
Edward: No. I don’t like those letters.
Phil Watson: Ok. These?
Edward: Can it be larger?
Phil Watson: Yes. Like this. It looks good like that.
Edward: Excellent. It’s very clear. It’s easy to read. That’s what I want.

Don: Again, welcome to Bibery Systems. We are very honored to have this opportunity of making this presentation to you Mr. Sakai. In the next hour and half we hope to show that:

1. Bibery Systems has the right product range for today marketplace and the ambitious plan for the future.

2. that our market share in Europe is growing at a steady rate.

3. that our marketing strategy in the US is very successful.

And lastly, 4. that we can be a major player in far Easten markets and we’re sure that we can be a major player in these markets.

If you have any questions, please feel free to interrupt at anytime.

Butl, first of all, some background information on Bibery Systems.

As you know, the company was started over fourty years ago by Mr. Harris Senior. In those early days, the company’s core business was model railways and cars.

Phil Watson: And here, we have some copies that tell us what the product can do.

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