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Write about the ideal world in which you would like to live in the year 2020.



Your school organizes a competition for students to write about "The world in which I would like to live in the year 2020." Below is an essay by one of the students. Read and answer the questions about it

"My ideal world would be a peaceful one. There are no wars or conflicts between nations. People won't have to live under the threat of terrorism but all live together in harmony. Everyone has a job to do and there is a good healthy standard of living for all. I would also wish to live in a clean healthy environment with less noise and less pollution. There are more and larger parks where children can play and wildlife can be protected. But my main desire is to see people less materialistic, less selfish, less violent and more loving than they are now."

  1. What are the student's concerns about
    - world peace?
    - employment?
    - the environment?
    - the people?
  2. Are your concerns similar to those?
  3. Do you have other concerns? What are they?

Reference answers

  1. The student's concerns about
    - world peace: a peaceful world, no war, no conflicts, no threat of terrorism, and everyone lives together in harmony
    - employment: everyone has a job
    - the environment: clean and healthy, less noise, less pollution, more and larger parks, wildlife is protected
    - the people: less materialistic, less selfish, less violent, and more loving
  2. Yes, my concerns are similar to his
  3. I have some other concerns. I wish that the people will be richer and live longer. The working condition will be better with modern computers and equipments. And in terms of travel, motorbikes with solar energy will be used.



Submit your writing in the comment section. The best ones will be chosen as writing samples.



My ideal world will be an interesting one. There will be no longer terrorism. All people will have jobs with high salary. We will use modern computers. In stead of typing on computers, we'll say the words and the computers will type them. People can breathe fresh air and live in clean environment. Especially, people will use motorbikes which run on solar energy. People at that time will be richer and they will live longer thanks to the environment.

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