Bài học VIP

Listening: What do you do?

You will hear Diane, Tracy, Greg and Joe talking about their jobs. Do the exercise below




1. A: How's your job going, Diane?

B: Great! I'm enjoying it a lot. The restaurant's really busy, so the tips are pretty good. I get free meals, too, which is nice. We have a great cook.

A: I should come down and have dinner sometime.

B: Yes, why don't you? Really, the only problem I have here is that the food is so good, I eat too much! I'm getting really fat!

2. A: What's your new job, Tracy?

B: I'm a secretary. But I don't think I'll be staying long.

A: Why not?

B: Well, the work's fine - I really enjoy it. But the boss... he's awful! He's always asking me out! He thinks every woman in the office just can't wait to go out with him! Yuck! No thanks!

3. A: Selling many cars these days, Greg?

B: Oh yeah. We're pretty busy. We've got a big sale on at the moment. We've got some great deals on Toyotas. Hey! Isn't it time you sold that old thing you're driving?

A: No way! My car and I are old friends. I'll never sell it!

4. A: Haven't seen you for a while, Joe. Been busy at work?

B: Yes, I've been looking for some new people to work in the office, and it isn't easy! Some of these kids just out of school aren't as clever as they think they are!

A: Yes, I know what you mean! Hey, let's meet for lunch sometime. Why don't you give me a call when you're free?

B: OK. What's your number?

A: It's 534-2323

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