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You want to apply for an undergraduate programme in a university in England. Write a letter of request (about 150 words) to UCAS to ask for the information about the admission requirements to the university.




Introduction: State the reason why you are writing, your interest in tertiary study in England (mention the name of the programme/the universities/...)

Request: State what information you would like them to provide: tuition fee, accommodation, exams,...

Further information: Say you would be happy to supply further information about yourself such as your English proficiency and record of secondary education study,...

Conclusion: End with a polite closing.



Submit your writing in the comment section. The best ones will be chosen as writing samples.



G03 Ciputra, Tay Ho District,
Hanoi, Vietnam

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have read the advertisement of your university in your website. I am very much impressed by its reputation, especially the Department of Finance and Banking. I have heard that it is the best department in England.

Now I have taken the GCSE examination and I am really interested in an undergraduate course in your university.

Would you please let me know the admission requirements to it? And would you send me the information about the course: tuition fee, its details and accommodation as well?

I would be very happy to supply further information about myself if necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,



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