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Marcy has a telephone answering machine. She's not at home and has asked her roommate, Ellen, to listen to her messages. Listen to each message on the machine. Then fill in the note




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Marcy, this is Stacey. Can you meet me at school at 4:30? I've told the others. Oh, and bring your volleyball. I've lost mine. And don't forget to bring the $10 you owe me, OK?

Marcy, this is Tim. Don't forget our date on Thursday night. Remember, we were going to have dinner and see a show. But can we meet at seven o'clock instead of six-thirty? I can't meet you earlier because I have to work overtime. I'll pick you up at your place and then we'll go straight to the restaurant.

This is Dr. White's office. It's time for your six-month dental check-up. We can give you an appointment next Thursday at 2:00 p.m. If that time is not convenient, please call to arrange another time.

Marcy, this is Diane from the office. Can you do me a favor? I promised to give Ruth Lee a ride to work tomorrow. But I have to go to the doctor and will be in late. Can you give her a ride? Please give her a call at 547-6892. Thanks.

This is Bob's Garage. Your car won't be ready till next Tuesday. Sorry, but it turned out to be quite a big job. We have replaced the battery but are still working on the starter. The bill will be around $350. You'll also need new snow tires.

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