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Story of a Champion: Michelle Kwan

Michelle Kwan is a figure skater.. Listen to the recording about her and do the exercise below



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Figure skater Michelle Kwan used to watch her brother play ice hockey, which inspired her to learn figure skating. She was five when she started figure-skating lessons, and by age seven she was winning skating competitions. Her older sister, Karen, also skated competitively, but it was Michelle who dreamed of going to the Olympics.

Michelle started training hard in elementary school. She used to get up at 5:15 a.m. to practice, and she used to skate for four hours a day. Her hard work paid off: she won a silver medal at the 1998 Olympics, a bronze medal at the 2002 Olympics, and her fifth World Championship in 2003.

Today, Michelle is also the author of three popular books and has her own video game, The Michelle Kwan Figure Skating Game. But she still has dreams. She is going to continue skating and wants to win an Olympic gold medal someday.

Critics and fans admire Michelle's style and attitude. She works hard on and off the ice, and she lives by her motto, "Work hard, be yourself, and have fun." Are there any athletes like Michelle in your country?

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