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On the subject of reading, Francis Bacon, who lived at about the same time as Shakespeare, wrote these words, “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.” This good advice shows how it is possible to read different types of books in different ways. For example, you might pick up a travel book and read a few pages before going to sleep. It is enough to dip into it and read bits here and there. In a word, this is “tasting”.

Some stories are for “swallowing”. Imagine that you have found a good story, and, what is even more important, the time to enjoy it. You might be on holiday, or on a long train journey. If it is a good book, you might say, “It’s so good I can’t put it down.” But not all stories belong to this class. Reviewers sometimes describe books as “hard-to-put- down”, or “hard-to-pick-up-again”.

Other books are for reading slowly and carefully. If it is a book on a subject that you are interested in, you will want to “chew and digest it”. That does not mean reading it too slowly. When you pick up a book for the first time, check that it is not too difficult. Do not start a book unless you can see from the first few pages that it is one you can easily read and understand.

Some people think that as more and more people have television in their homes, fewer and fewer people will buy books to read. Why read when television can bring you all the information and stories with colour, picture and action? But, in fact, television has not killed reading. Today, more books of every kind are sold than ever before. Books are still a cheap way to get information and entertainment, and you can keep a book forever and read it many times. Books in the home are a wonderful source of knowledge and pleasure.

Task 1


Task 2




Task 1


Task 2

Listen again and fill in the gaps in the passage

Each animal has a distinct personality, but they care for one another almost as if they were a (1) . The most impressive of them is the old dog. The journey was the most difficult for him, but amazingly he found the (2) to make it.

The author didn't try to turn the animals into people, speaking and acting like (3) . Instead, she was faithful to her characters as animals and showed us their (4) through animal eyes. That made the book interesting and unbelievable.

I would recommend the book to anyone who likes animals. I think that anyone who has ever had a (5) or wanted one would enjoy it.




Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Following is a conversation between two characters in a science fiction about space travel. Complete it with the suitable passive form of the verbs in brackets

Naomi: Dr. Kay, I'd like to ask how meals (1. will/prepare) in the Space Station. food (2. be going to/cook) or taken in the form of tablets?

Dr. Kay: Neither. Gourmet meals (3. will/pre-package) on Earth then they (4. can/warm up) on board.

Naomi: But the tourists will be from different parts of the world. How food (5. should/choose) to suit everyone's taste?

Dr. Kay: An international menu (6. have to/offer) . Food (7. could/select) from food preference forms that tourists completed before the trip. And meals (8. ought to/make) as pleasant as possible.

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