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Listening: Join the local library

You will hear a man who would like to join the library. Listen and do the task below




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W: Hello there! Can I help you?

M: Yes, I'd like to join the library, please!

W: Right, okay! First of all, you'll have to fill in this form.

M: Okay. Do I have to pay anything?

W: No. Not for books. But if you want to join the record library, you'll have to pay 5 pounds deposit, that's for records and cassettes.

M: Fine. Is it just books that I can take out?

W: No, you can also borrow magazines and periodicals but newspapers must stay in the library. You can find those in the reading rooms.

W: Okay, now, what happens if I want to renew books?

M: Well, you can keep the books for three weeks. After that, you'll have to renew them. You can either come in to the library or you can make renewals by phones.

W: I see. Is there a fine for overdue books?

M: Yes, I'm afraid there is. It's 20 pence for book.

W: Oh, 20p.

M: That's right. Now if you just like to fill in the form and when you handle it in, you must also show some proof identity, you know, like a driving license.

M: Okay, thanks very much then.

W: You're welcome.

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