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Write a letter to a pen pal about your family rules.



Make sentences about family rules. You can use the following verbs and expressions:

let, allow, be allowed to, have to, permit, etc.

  • doing household chores
  • coming home late
  • preparing meals
  • watching TV
  • talking on the phone
  • using the family motorbike
  • going out with friends


Eg: In my family, my sisters and I have to do household chores.

As I am in my final year, I am not allowed to watch TV.



Submit your writing in the comment section. The best ones will be chosen as writing samples.



Dear Mary,

I write to talk about my family rules. It's an interesting topic, isn't it? It is very clear that every family has its own rules. Mine has a few, apart from our traditional rules, especially for this school year.

First, I am not permitted to watch TV. As I am in my final year, I have to focus on studying. My parents allow me to watch education and science movies when I finish all my homework. But they never let me stay up late at night.

Second, my parents don't permit me to go out with friends without necessary reasons, for example on birthdays. They allow me to have a rest and play sports at weekends. Using the family motorbike is strictly prohibited as I am younger than 18 years old. My parents promise that they will allow me to use it next year.

Third, I have to take a balanced diet to keep fit for my coming exam. And one more thing I have to keep up is talking on the phone. In other words, I have to set a limit to my using of the phone. Also, my sisters and I have to prepare meals and do household chores in turn.

Do you have a lot of rules like my family? Tell me more about them. I think it's much fun to hear about them.

Stop for now and don't forget to give my regards to your family members.



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