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Write a letter (of about 120 words) to your penpal telling him/her about one of your most memorable past experiences. Your letter should include the following main points:

- what the experience was.

- when it happened.

- where it happened.

- how it happened.

- who were involved.

- how the experience affected you.

* Use the simple past tense or the past continuous tense to retell a past experience.



Submit your writing in the comment section.



A sample letter:

Hanoi, September 3rd 2009

Dear Long,

How have you been doing? Have you got any plan for the coming school break? Perhaps I will go to see my grandparents in the countryside. I haven’t seen them since my last school holiday.
Let me tell you about my last summer vacation at my grandparents’. It was almost a year ago and was one of my most unforgettable experiences.
My grandparents live in a small village in Trung Khanh. There is a large river at the back of their house where I often go swimming every afternoon when I spend my vacation with them.
One day when I was swimming with some of my friends, I suddenly caught a cold. I felt so dizzy and was too weak to continue swimming, so I started to sink. I thought I was going to drown but I couldn’t call out for help because I was too tired and terrified. Luckily, one of my friends saw that and shouted for help. Immediately, another friend who swims the best among us swam towards me and tried to pull me up. Then other friends swam towards us to help him push me in. My life was finally saved.
Now recalling the moment I thought I was going to die, I understand how precious life is. This event definitely taught me to appreciate my life.
What about you? Have you got any unforgettable holiday that you would like to share with me?
See you soon.

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