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Time stands still in London

Time stood still in London on May 27. Big Ben, the 147-year-old clock that is famous around the world, mysteriously stopped for 90 minutes. The clock’s minute hand froze at 10.20 PM and then started moving again at 11.50 PM. Engineers are baffled and cannot explain why the clock stopped. It is usually very reliable and rarely loses even one second.

Big Ben is well known for both its accuracy and its hourly chimes. It miraculously survived the bombing attacks on London during World War II. It even managed to keep time to within one and a half seconds of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). However, it hasn’t always been so reliable: snow caused the clock to ring in the New Year ten minutes late in 1962.

Many people mistakenly believe Big Ben is either the name of the clock itself or of the clock tower. In fact, it is neither. Big Ben is the name of the 13-ton bell that strikes on every hour. It was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, who ordered the clock’s construction. The official name for the tower that houses Big Ben is St. Stephen’s Tower.
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