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Listen to a man talking about Paul McCartney-the first musician to sing alive to an audience in space and do the task below.



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Paul McCartney’s Space Station concert

 Sir Paul McCartney has become the first musician to sing live to an audience in space. The former Beatle woke up the crew of the International Space Station with special versions of two songs that were carefully chosen for the space concert. The first was the Beatles classic Good Day Sunshine. The second tune was a track titled English Tea from his new album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. NASA’s own television channel showed the songs and live images of the two-man space audience listening to them. This is the first time live music has woken up astronauts. NASA traditionally uses recorded songs.

Sir Paul said he decided to sing Good Day Sunshine to repay a favor. NASA used it to wake the Space Shuttle Discovery crew earlier this year. The song signaled to the crew that landing conditions on Earth were perfect for their second attempt at returning from space. The first landing was canceled because of bad weather. Before his performance, Sir Paul said: “I can’t believe that we’re actually transmitting to space. This is sensational. I love it.” Astronaut Bill McArthur also seemed happy and told Sir Paul: “We consider you an explorer, just as we are.”

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