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Shuttle Discovery launches successfully


Read the passage and do the tasks that follow

The 114th Space Shuttle flight has blasted off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. America’s mission to explore space is now back on track. The shuttle Discovery is 25 years old but carries the hopes of all Americans and the lives of seven astronauts. It is America's first manned space mission since the 2003 Columbia disaster. NASA has spent two years making sure everything is safe for this launch. It has overcome many hurdles but engineers are confident of a safe return to Earth.

Safety has been a major concern with this launch. A broken fuel gauge sensor stopped the original lift-off attempt two weeks ago. NASA technicians decided it was not a danger and gave the go-ahead for today’s mission. Hundreds of hi-tech cameras are photographing the launch from every angle to spot possible problems. There has already been one worry. “Something” fell off of the shuttle soon after the fuel tanks dropped off. NASA refuses to speculate on this until it has studied the videos.


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