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Write on this topic: " What, in your opinion, are the best qualities for true friendship?


Make sentences about qualities of true friendship, using the following verbs and expressions

Some transitional words:

Firstly, secondly, thirdly, furthermore, moreover, in addition, additionally, besides, etc

Some suggested qualities

  • trust
  • unselfishness
  • loyalty
  • constancy
  • a good sense of humour
  • generousity
  • sincerity
  • sympathy
  • honesty
  • _____________________.
  • ______________________.



Submit your writing in the comment section.



Friends are a necessity in every child’s life. They are there to comfort, to laugh with, and to create wonderful memories.Friendship is being there for someone when they need you, and to have a common bond to have the freedom of hanging out with each other and to be comfortable around each other. The main ideas of friendship are honesty and trust, caring and having similarities.
Without honesty and trust, friendship wouldn’t last very long. The definition of honesty is “quality and condition of being honest, integrity”. Friendship would be held up by honesty. Trust is another important thing that relates to honesty, your friends really need to trust you.
In addition, you need to care for your friends so the relationship will last. The definition for caring is to be concerned or interested for others. An example of care is being there when someone really need you like during a bad situation. You should also be supportive of your friends.
Thirdly, similarities in friendship will make the bond grow. The definition of similarities is the quality or condition of being alike, resemblance. For example, two friends like the same kind of music. Similarities in interests are things like a couple of friends liking the same thing like music, hobbies and many other things. It would help by making them want to do more things together.
Good friends will always use honesty and trust, caring and support, and similarities in interest if they want their friendship to last.

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