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Read the passage and do the task that follows/do the tasks that follow

Generally, friendship exists for three reasons: virtue; usefulness; or pleasure. When virtue is the reason, friendship exists for the sake of friendship; where both like each other and cherish each other for some creditable values in the other's personality. You know that you would even die to swear your friendship for that person. You also know that the other would make you live than die for him/her regardless of intelligence, handsomeness, utility or the capability of giving pleasure.

A friendship of the second kind is formed for the practical value of it. How useful so and so is to me? What can I benefit from him? Will he use his reputation and influence to fetch me a good job? Thus a person may maintain relationship for practical, professional, and political reasons. However, once we do away with the usefulness, the friendship eventually dies.

Friendship of the third kind is formed essentially on account of the pleasure the relationship can give. He is a joker. The moment he enters, you forget all your worries. She is cute, intelligent and charming. The very notion that she is your friend makes you feel proud. The point rests here: How good is he/she in giving me pleasure-physically, emotionally, mentally and materially?

Now to the question: Which of the three is good? The second type is good, yet since basing on utility, it falls short of longevity and quality. The third type is good too, but how long one enjoys only pleasure in life? But the first type , virtue-based friendship is fantastic for this reason: it lasts till the end of this universe.

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