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Today, we will help you to write a paragraph about the advantages and disadvantages of the mass media.

First, please do the task below.



Task 1: There are some kinds of the mass media below. Choose one kind and in 2 minutes, please list down its advantages and the disadvantages.

1. Newspaper

2. Radio

3. Television

Task 2: Write a paragraph about the advantages and disadvantages of one of the mass media in task 2. Submit your writing in the comment section.


In this paper, I would like to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of the internet. In the first place, the internet benefits us in many ways. It provides us with much information from every corner of the world. It helps us to know about what is happening on the earth and updates us with the most recent news. Also, the internet helps us to widen our social network with many friends in every country in the world. Through some programs such as Skype, facebook, Yahoo Messenger, etc, we have chance to make friends and talk to a variety of people. Moreover, it entertains us. Sometimes we can spend time listening to music or watching films on some websites. However, the internet also causes us many problems. The first one is to our health. Some people spend too much time searching and playing on the internet, which is not good for their brains and eyes. Next, it also prevents us from some activities such as reading books or going our with our friends. In addition, some programmes on the internet contain some bad contents such as violence or sex which are not good for young people's mental life. In conclusion, the internet has both advantages and disadvantages and whether it is beneficial or not depends on the way we use it.

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