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An unforgettable holiday

Read the passage and do the task that follows

The first few days after getting home from college were okay but then I began to feel rather bored and lonely. My parents were busy working and most of my friends were either away on holiday or else had holiday jobs. I tried to get a job myself but without success. I was beginning to wish I had not come home when I saw an advertisement for holiday courses in the local newspaper. For a small fee, you can try a lot of different activities organized by the town's youth club. Each activitiy lasted half a day and they were all exciting. I also met new people as many of the tourists staying in the town joined in. You could do things like paiting, acting, play-writing or computing. I met some students from Bulgaria who invited me to visit Bulgaria next year. You can imagine how excited I am; in fact, it was one of the best summer holidays I've ever had.


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