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Today, you will learn about how to write a letter of complaint. Now, let's start!



Situation: You have bought a mp3 player at a shop. But unfortunately, when you brought it home, it did not work at all. You want to write a letter to the shop owner to talk over this problem. Please note down some of the ideas you want to mention in your letter.

For example:

- The detailed problem.

- What do you want the shop owner to do.. etc


While - writing:

Task 1: Here is a sample for you to consult. Please fill in the blank with the words given.

convenient/ repair/ carry out/ replaced/ bought/ faithfully/ grateful/ guarantee/ found/ arrange/ appear/ assured.

6/2 Hiller Street

Waston A.C.T



Dear Sir and Madam,

Repair to washing machine

On December 2nd your maintenance man called at my home to the washing machine, a Wystaswyt Aqualosh which I from you on January 7th of this year and which is still under . When your man finished, he me that the machine was now working.

The following day I tried to use the machine but that it was still not working properly. Again, it flooded the kitchen, I know a little about these machine but the problems to be that the rubber seal around the door needs to be .

I should be if you would [arrange]for a competent person to call and the necessary repairs. A convenient time for me would be Thursday or Friday morning, any time between 8 and 12.

Please telephone me immediately if these times are not

Yours ,



Useful language for you to complain.


- I am writing to complain about ...............

- Further to my letter of May 13th in connection with.....................

- I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with.....................................


- I would be grateful if ....................................

- I must insist that...............................

-........................would be appropriate compensation for the inconvenience caused to me.

-I expect a refund.................

- Under the circumstances, I feel that an apology should be offered.

Task 2: You have bought a mp3 player at a shop. But unfortunately, when you brought it home, it did not work at all. However, when you took it back to the shop, the shop assistant refused to solve this problem. Write a letter to the shop owner to complain about the products and service you received.

Please submit your writing in the comment section.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter to complain about the service I have received at your shop recently.

As the matter of fact, I bought a mp3 player at your shop at a much expensive price. However, when I came home, I found that it did not work although I tried many ways to operate it. Immediately, I took it back to your shop to solve the problem. What made me so disappointed was the way of serving at your shop. The shop assistant simple shook her head and talked to me that she could not help me out with this problem as I had brought the product home. Then, she continued her work with other customers who came to buy your products.

In my opinion, under this circumstance, an apology should be offered. Moreover, I would like to get a refund for this product. Also, from the view of my point, your staff should receive the training in the near future.

Your faithfully,

Trang Anh

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