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You will hear two speakers talking about a singer named Jackie Evancho.

Listen and do the task below. Yould should listen three times.



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The winter holiday can be beautiful and bright.  Christmas lights, boxes wrapped in pretty paper and excited children are everywhere.

But it can be a difficult and demanding time, too.  There is a lot of preparation for Christmas: shopping, cleaning, cooking and decorating.

So today on our show we invite our listeners to slow down while we play holiday music released this year.


That is “Pie Jesu” sung by ten-year-old Jackie Evancho of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Jackie was discovered earlier this year on the television show “America’s Got Talent.” She did not win the competition.  But she did get a record deal.

Her Christmas album, “O Holy Night,” came out November sixteenth.  The Recording Industry Association of America just rated the album platinum. That means it has sold one million copies or more.  Billboard magazine says Jackie Evancho is the country’s top-selling new artist.

“Carols and Christmas Songs” is the name of Bryn Terfel’s new album.  The Welsh opera singer sings a beautiful Austrian song called “Still, Still, Still.” The German words to the first verse mean:

Still, still, still

For the baby wants to sleep

The angels jubilate with beauty

Making music by the manger

Still, still, still

For the baby wants to sleep

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