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Write a paragraph about a day of your routine. Begin as follow:

Everyday, I often get up at six and then wash my teeth and my face....................



Make sentences about your typical day routine. Here are some examples:

  • get up at 6 and wash my teeth and face
  • have breakfast at 6.30
  • watch the news at 7
  • go to school at 7.30
  • have lunch at 12
  • have a short rest at 12.30
  • going out with friends
  • ______________________.
  • ______________________.


Everyday, I often get up at six and then I wash my teeth and face.



Submit your writing in the comment section.



Every day, I often get up at six and then I wash my teeth and face. After getting dressed, I often have bread or noodles for breakfast at 6:30. My classes start quite late, so I still have time to watch the news with my father at 7 a.m. before going to school at 7:30 by bike. At school I learn a lot of interesting subjects and things. I have a five-minute break after each period when I often play shuttlecock with my friends. The classes finish at 11:30 and I arrive home at 12. I have lunch with my family and then have a nap for about thirty minutes. In the afternoon I usually spend 2 hours studying and reviewing my lessons. After that I can do whatever I want. I am a pet lover, so I raise a dog and a cat. I play with them every day. I feed my pets two times a day and walk my dog every evening. Music is my hobby so I listen to it whenever I have some free time. I also help my mom clean the house, prepare dinner. In the evening after having dinner, my family sit together in the living room watching Tv and chatting with each other. My day ends with a sound sleep.



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