Task 1:

Read the passage below and then answer the questions in the following quiz.

Hãy đọc đoạn văn dưới đây và sau đó trả lời các câu hỏi trong phần luyện tập.


Bạn có thể bấm vào đây để tham khảo bài đọc số 1 đã được dịch:

My Office

Like most offices, my office is a place where I can concentrate on my work and feel comfortable at the same time. Of course, I have all the necessary equipment on my desk. I have the telephone next to the fax machine on the right side of my desk. My computer is in the center of my desk with the monitor directly in front of me. I have a comfortable office chair to sit on and some pictures of my family between the computer and the telephone. In order to help me read, I also have a lamp near my computer which I use in the evening if I work late. There are plenty of papers in one of the cabinet drawers. There are also staples and a stapler, paper clips, highlighters, pens and erasers in the other drawers. In the room, there is a comfortable armchair and a sofa to sit on. I also have a low table in front of the sofa on which there are some industry magazines.

Task 2:

You are going to read an article about vending machines. Read it carefully, then answer the questions in the following quiz.

Bạn sẽ đọc một bài báo viết về máy bán hàng tự động. Hãy đọc kỹ sau đó trả lời các câu hỏi trong phần luyện tập phía dưới.


Bạn có thể bấm vào đây để tham khảo bài đọc số 2 đã được dịch:

A vending machine

How often do you use a vending machine? If you are like most people, you probably use one every day. They can be found all over the world. In America, these machines make billions of dollars every year.

Vending machines sell almost every kind of product that you can think of. Some of them sell drinks, while others sell candy and snacks. For workers who don't have any time for lunch, many business and public buildings provide vending machines that also sell soups, salads, sandwiches, fruits, and desserts. Vending machines, may also offer products such as stamps , train and bus tickets, newspaper, and other kinds of merchandise. There are even some vending machines that sell flowers.

Vending machines have been a great success since they were first introduced to the marketplace. What are some of the reasons for this success? First, they save time. You may not have time to go to the store during your break to buy a soda, but you can go to the vending machine in the corridor. Secondly, they are open 24 hours a day. You can buy something even when the local stores are closed. Another reason is that customers usually don't need to wait in line. At the store there may be many people in front of you and you have to wait for the cashier to serve you. But at the vending machine your transaction is all finished in moments. Lastly, the machines save companies money because there is no need for salesclerks and cashier. The machine will do all the work and it doesn't need to be paid a salary.

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