Listening Comprehension

You are going to hear a local radio show for tourists travelling in Europe about transport system in Beauciel and then answer the questions from 1 to 5.

What problem is NOT mentioned in this broadcast?
Match the percentage of residents who mentioned each problem.
Not enough car parks
Too much noise
Too many cars
Over 75%
About 70%
Roughly 60%
What means of transportation occupy most of street parking?
What is NOT the condition of the car park in the city?
According to the broadcast, what is the effect of the survey?
Listening Comprehension

You are going to hear a report about “Child mobile phone addicts get treatment” and then answer questions from 6 to 10.

How old are the two children who are addicted to phones?
How long did the children go on their phones every day?
The study found that 30% of children between the ages of 11 and 17 felt “extremely oppressed” without mobile phone was taken in ..... .
Phones are owned by 65% of children between the ages of ..... .
According to doctor Utges, when should children have their own phones?
Listening Comprehension

You are going to watch the video about “Inside the home of the future” and then answer questions from 11 to 16.

From question 11 to 16, choose the best answer.
What is not mentioned to be controlled in XFinity Home?
What are the fees for the alarm and monitoring per month?
From question 13 to 16, decide whether the statements are True or False.
Automation is a big trend that's getting less expensive every day. 
Companies like Apple and Google offer remote controllable lighting that can integrate with heating cooling and security. 
You're able to control your thermostat using your smart phone. 
With a camera, when the door is opened, the alarm will trigger. 
Listening Comprehension

Listen to the recording again with the tapescript.

Hi, this is an English- language broadcast for tourists travelling in Europe (in Beauciel, a city in the south of France).
And now some news for all you tourists who are planning to go to the beautiful city of Beauciel for vacation. The results of a survey about the transport system in the city have just been published by the newspaper, Echo de France. The survey reveals some interesting information.
As many people know, Beauciel has serious problems concerning transport. The main problems, according to the survey, are too many cars in the city, huge traffic jams at peak times, not enough car parks, too much noise and slow, unreliable buses.
The residents also mentioned on –street parking and the fact that the city had no underground, unlike some major European cities.
For over 80% of people surveyed, traffic congestion was the biggest problem. At peak times, from 8 to 10 in the morning and 4 to 6 in the afternoon, there are usually serious traffic jams when people enter and leave the city. It’s a nightmare for drivers at these times.
Over 75% of the residents in the survey thought that there were just too many cars in the city. According to them, it was vital to reduce the number of cars.
Many residents, about 70% of those surveyed, felt that the city needed more car parks. There’s only one car park in the centre of the city and it’s always full, according to them. The other car parks, dotted around the city, are generally small and inadequate for the number of cars.
Many residents, roughly 60% in the survey, spoke of the unacceptable noise levels, especially in the morning and evening, and not just from cars but also from motorcycles. According to them, this had a negative effect on their quality of life.
Just over 45% drew attention to the problem of on–street parking. According to them, there are too many private cars parked on the road. This causes problems for people who have an essential need to park on the road, such as ambulance drivers, taxis, school buses, and so on.
Other problems mentioned were the unreliable bus services, criticized by 40% in the survey and the length of time it took to travel by bus from the centre of the city in the west to the old town and port in the east. The bus journey was usually over an hour - far too long, according to the residents.
The survey results have come at the right time. They’ll no doubt be studied carefully by the group of international consultants who are at this very moment trying to sort out the city’s transport problems. That’s all from me. I’ll be back again tomorrow morning at 11 o’clock.
Listening Comprehension

Listen to the recording again with the tapescript.

Two Spanish children are being treated for addiction to mobile phones. The children, 12 and 13, were admitted to a mental health clinic by their parents because they could not carry out normal activities without their phones.
The children were doing badly at school and spent an average of six hours a day, talking, texting or playing video games on their phones.
Dr Maite Utges, Director of the centre where the children are being treated, said: “It is the first time we have used a specific treatment for a dependence on the mobile phone."
“They both showed disturbed behavior and had serious difficulties leading normal lives.”
Before they started treatment, both children had their own phones for 18 months and were not controlled by their parents.
“One child paid for their phone by getting money from the grandmother and other family members, without explaining what they were going to do with it,” said Utges.
The children have been learning to live without their phones. But Utges said they might need at least a year of treatment to get them off "the drug”.
There have been concerns about mobile phone “dependency” in several countries. Japan has asked parents to limit phone usage because of negative effects in children who overuse them. Two cases have been reported in Britain of young people obsessed with their phones who became depressed when the number of calls from friends went down.
A study in Spain found that 30% of children between the ages of 11 and 17 felt “extremely oppressed” when their phone was taken away. Another study found that 65% of children between 10 and 15 in Spain had a mobile phone in 2007.
Dr Utges said parents should not allow their children to have mobile phones until they were at least 16.
Listening Comprehension

Watch the video again with the transcript.

Imagine a future where everything in your home from lighting to the drapes to the theater system, it's all automated and controlled by the tablet in your hand. Automation is a big trend that's getting less expensive every day. The simple Nest Thermostat brings energy savings and remote control to an entire house. Companies like Philips and Lutron offer remote controllable lighting that can integrate with heating, cooling and security. And there are even reports that Apple and Google are getting into home automation, maybe in a big way. But all-in-one options are coming along slowly. One new choice is XFinity Home and for disclosure, Comcast is currently a sponsor of our show.
We have things like you're able to control your thermostat. You can set it for certain temperature. You can turn it off and on remotely using your iPad, iPhone or any Android device. You can also do things like, you know, control the lights in your home. You can plug these bit of wireless adapters and any—actually, any kind of device. So, you can use crock pots, curling irons. I mean, there are lots of uses, people get really creative.
The system also integrates security so you can set cameras and sensors throughout your house and keep an eye on things like your garage or your front door.
This door right now, for instance, has a sensor that will tell you as soon as the door is opened, the alarm would trigger. That’s just a regular door sensor.
The system isn’t investment. Installation range from a couple of hundred dollars to up to a thousand depending how many cameras and sensors you add on. The alarm and monitoring fees cost thirty to fifty dollars a month plus you have to have Comcast's broadband Internet service to make it work. But all that is nothing compared to a whole other world of home automation, the type where price is no object. I don't want to lose any mirror shape, but I really want a TV in my walk-in-closet.
You can have both. We're here to say yes.
Technology has a way.
Engineered environments develop tech systems for people who want their tech to be integrated, motorized and totally invisible inside the design of their houses. Amazing! So I can just put a TV in like any old piece of furniture?
Yes, yeah!
You’re such a matter of fact wizard.
Here is the ability to bring up your Apple TV through a wall.
A wall of Rolexes. Look at that.
No. Not not not one of them is real.
Good. Okay.Good. Oh. I love that iPad wall.
Wherever we can put an iPad in the wall we will put an Ipad in the wall.
But look at, you brought a blackboard here.
This is a concept by studio backer which is taking a toaster and your espresso machine as well as a lot of your utensils that you use for cooking and it motorizes it directly into the kitchen.
So if you want to maintain views and you don't wanna have a wall full of cabinetry, you don't have to compromise.
And our kitchen will also have multi panel- touch enabled screens everywhere. Obviously!
So the browser enables us to bring up a browser window, do any web surfing that you wanna do as well as share it among the different video panels.
So, if you’re cooking with somebody on the other side of the kitchen and something interesting happens over here.
I can just shoot it over there like Minority Report. Oh, look at that!
You can catch it over on this side, send it back to you, we could play an elaborate game of pong.
Home automation is still new. It's still harder, more expensive and more difficult than it needs to be, but it is getting closer and I and my Rolexes will be waiting.
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