Unit 19: Business


Phrasal Verbs to Learn

Phrase Transcript Audio Meaning Example
set up /set ʌp/

to start a company or an organization

(thành lập công ty hay một tổ chức)

Foreign investors setting up a company in the UAE Free Zone are not required to have a UAE citizen act as 51% shareholder.

build up /bɪld ʌp/

to develop or become larger or stronger

(phát triển, đẩy mạnh)

At her next position, she contributed to build up the company’s documentary film content.

burn out /bɜːn aʊt/

to become extremely tired or ill because of too much work or stress

(trở nên rất mệt mỏi và ốm yếu vì công việc vất vả hoặc áp lực)

You'll burn out if you keep working such long hours without a holiday.

close down /kloʊz daʊn/

to stop operating or doing business

(dừng hoạt động hoặc dừng kinh doanh buôn bán)

The shop was losing money so we closed it down.
lay off /leɪ ɒf/

to stop employing someone (usually there is no work for them to do)

(cắt giảm nhân sự - thông thường vì hết việc để làm)

Many companies laid off workers to cut cost during the Great Recession.
step down /step daʊn/

to leave a job or position

(thôi chức, từ chức)

Mr Bean stepped down as the Head of the Department in January.
take over /teɪk ˈoʊvə(r)/

to start a position that someone else occupied before

(đảm nhận một ví trí mới (mà ai đó đã từng giữ)

She took over as manager when Mr Hunt retired.

Reading & Listening

Các bạn hãy đọc đoạn văn dưới đây để hiểu hơn về cách sử dụng của các cụm động từ trong bài học.

William Thatcher

William Thatcher (1921 - 1994) is best known as a great CEO of Marble L&G Group. However, few people knew much about his life until his autobiography was released last week. In 1943, right after graduating from Harvard University, he set up Senior Operations Advisor in A&B Company, one of the biggest state–owned businesses in New York at that time. However, four years after his joining date, A&B was closed down as it had failed to make enough money. Then he worked for C&D L.L.C. as a real estate broker. Three months later, C&D L.L.C. laid him off due to a shortage of orders.

In the summer of 1948, he returned home and started to work for his father’s company. “When my father set up his business at first, there were many competitors in the same field, and our market was very limited.” – he recalled. During his position as Chief Marketing Officer, he helped to build up the company’s strategic market and they were doing so well in some European countries afterwards. William was working in his family’s firm till his father’s retirement in 1956. When his father stepped down, he took over the family business. The company developed more rapidly than ever thanks to his accurate marketing policies.

In 1961, he married Alan Smith and they had 2 children. William was often regarded as an ideal father by his elder son as he never smoked, or drank. “I do not want to burn myself out by smoking and drinking”, he wrote.

Short Conversations

Các bạn hãy nghe các mẩu hội thoại dưới đây để hiểu hơn về cách sử dụng của các cụm động từ trong bài học.

A: Why did he turn down the post of Head of Planning? I think that’s a desirable position in our company.

B: No, he didn’t turn it down. Actually he was laid off but he had promptly pocketed a big-money before.

A: So, who do you think will take over his position in the coming time?

B: Maybe it’s John Smith. He’s currently Executive Assistant.

A: How is your market survey, Linda? Is there anything updated?

B: Yes, some businesses in our field have announced they are closing down. It’s once-in-thousand-year chance for us to build up our market in this area.

A: Is this man your father, Mary? I mean the tall man with the blue tie in this photo?

B: Yes, it is. The photo was taken last year when we celebrated the grand opening of the family’s company. He set up the business and has run it really well.

A: Oh, he looked much younger than he does now.

B: That’s true. Working hard in a long time seemed to burn him out.

Phrasal Verb Quiz

Các bạn hãy làm bài quiz sau đây để ôn tập cách sử dụng của các cụm động từ trong bài học.

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