A New Life of Hope for a Young Burn Victim

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A New Life of Hope for a Young Burn Victim

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Twelve-year-old Marius Dasianu has found hope, and a new family, in the United States.

MARIUS DASIANU: "I do karate, and I'm going to go (out for) basketball."

Marius was born in Romania.

At the age of nine, his parents died in a house fire.

Marius suffered serious burns over 75 percent of his body.

Americans Jessica Free and Ashley Ludlow visited Marius at a Romanian hospital.

The young women got their families involved, and received help from the Shriners Hospital for Children in Los Angeles.

"And then open again. And then squeeze tight..." Marius had both of his big toes removed and connected to his hands to replace his fingers.

Doctor Katherine Au says Marius is hopeful about the future.

"He lost all of his fingers, essentially, burned his face, lost his entire nose.

And if you talk to him now, he has the most girlfriends, he was class valedictorian. He does everything. Nothing stops him."

Marius faces many more operations.

His American foster mother is Lynn Woodward.

"He's the most amazing kid you'll ever meet. He inspires everybody wherever he goes.

He makes friends so easily. You know, he makes people feel comfortable.

He's got a really amazing set of social skills. He really does."

Marius' older brother, Ionut, brought the boy to America as Marius' legal guardian.

Ionut later married one of the young women who found Marius in the hospital.

Lynn Woodward's husband, Paul, expects many good things for Marius.

"It's going to be nice to see what the future holds, and see him grow to be a man and get married and have children of his own, and hopefully give us many grandchildren and maybe some great grandchildren, if we're around long enough."

First, however, a full recovery will require time.

Marius' doctor and foster family say his hopefulness and good cheer will help them all get through it.

I'm Barbara Klein.

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