Lions For Lambs
Lions For Lambs

You are your own man now, and the decisions you make are yours and yours alone. From here to the end.
Let me tell you about the last two kids I had that gave me hope...

You two guys could choose any graduate school, in any field you want.
I think you're missing the point doc.
What, that the Army's a better gig?
These events are going to define our lives.
Boy, I'll tell you right now that is a dead on statement.

Six years ago, you were the first to call me the future of my party, and this is me returning the favor.
To discuss what, exactly?
To see if you'd like to write an honest-to-god story again.
What's the story?

Do not believe anything you read in paper. The enemy is getting stronger, the enemy is getting uglier.
Lieutenant Fitch, you, your boys good?
Roger that sir!
All up sir!
Glad to hear it. We will introduce the enemy to the full measure of American mean. Are we clear?

You've already sold the war. Now I am asking you to help me sell the solution.

Lock and load!

Senator, what have we been doing for the past six years?
What is relevant is the implementation of a new strategy.

Two minutes!

Don't you think it might be critical to examine how we got to this point...?
How and why is not the issue now.

We have to move forward.
So when does it start?

They didn't land at their objective.
Where did they land?
They crash landed 3 kilometers south on the plateau.

There are people, all over the world, every day who are fighting, to make things better.

If it takes ten years, that's how long we stay. We do whatever it takes.
Says the man in the air conditioned room.
They bank on your apathy.
They plan strategies around it.

Try to take us alive!
It was hearded my boy.

The problem is not with the people that started this thing.
The problem's with us, who do nothing.

It's all right there, if we had bothered to connect the dots.
Do you want to win the war on terror, yes or no?
This is the quintessential yes or no question of our time.

Can they see us?

Yes, or no!

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