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CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: I`m Carl Azuz. And welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. Ever since Pope Benedict announced his plan to resign, we`ve been talking about how a new pope is chosen. Yesterday, we told you that black smoke from this chimney indicates a new pope hadn`t been elected yet. So you know what this means.

AZUZ: The bells confirmed with the smoke signal: the 115 cardinals had come to a decision.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): I announce to you a great joy. We have a pope.

AZUZ: That new pope is Cardinals Jorge Bergoglio. He is 76 years old from Argentina. He is the first pope from South America. In fact, he is the first pope in modern times who is not from Europe. When cardinals become pope, they traditionally choose a new name. Cardinal Bergoglio chose Francis, and he`s the first pope to do that too. A CNN Vatican expert said the name symbolizes humility, simplicity and rebuilding the Catholic Church.

Next, we are moving from Italy to Syria. The civil war in that country has been going on for two years. More than 60,000 people have been killed and more than a million others have left Syria. These refugees have escaped to neighboring countries, places like Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan in order to get away from the fighting. When you have to leave your home quickly, like a lot of these refugees have, you may only have time to grab a few things. One photographer, working in this camps, asked people about the most important item they brought from home.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Abdul carried with him the keys to his apartment in Damascus. He is not sure what`s left of his home, but he says he dreams every day of returning. Yousef took his mobile phone with him when he fled Damascus and says the small piece of technology is his lifeline to his family, both hearing their voices and seeing pictures he saved on his phone. Tamara and her family left Syria after their home in Idlib was damaged. The 20-year old proudly holds her diploma. The refugee camp where she stays visible behind her. Tamara plans to continue her education in Turkey. They are the true faces of Syria, lives that will be forever changed, escaping from war, separated from everything they know and hold dear, taking with them their pride, their heritage and a little peace of home.

AZUZ: If you have to leave your home, what is the one thing you`d be sure to take with you: tell us on our blog today at

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? In the United States, the driving age is set by the federal government.

Not true. Each states makes its own laws for young drivers.

AZUZ: There have been a lot of news about young drivers this week, not for good reasons: multiple fatal crashes. And on our blog, we asked if news like this affects the way the other teens drive. Kelly said yes. "The more I hear about teen car accidents, the more I feel obligated to drive safely." Eva disagreed saying, most teens ignore it thinking they are invincible." In Matt`s opinion, teens might take notice for a while, but they will quickly ignore it. Next today we have CNN George Howell.

GEORGE HOWELL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Three tragic car wreck in three different states claimed the lives of 15 teenagers in a matter of just three days. The most recent near Chicago. Authorities found four teenagers dead after they believed the driver lost control on a patch of water or ice and slammed into a creek. Before that, five teenagers were killed in a fiery crash at an intersection in the Texas panhandle town of Dumas. Police say their SUV ran a stop sign an collide with the fuel tanker whose driver was severely burnt. And in Ohio, investigators say an SUV took a curve too fast and flipped over into a small lake, killing six of the 18 in the packed vehicle.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers ages 15 to 20, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. At Taggart`s driving school in Georgia, teenager students are given a quick reality check.

(on camera): What do you tell teenagers? The first thing? What do you tell them about driving on the roads in your class.

ELEANOR BARNETT, DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: The first 15 minutes of class, I have the students randomly. It`s every third student, is what it is, and I have him stand up. And then I have him look around in the classroom and I say all right. This is the third of the students. The first year you drive, a third of you will be in an automobile accident.

HOWELL (voice over): Accidents caused by everything from distracted driving to drunk driving. A study by the Governors` Highway Safety Association shows the number of fatal crashes for 16 and 17 year olds rose 19 percent during the first six months of 2012 from the same period a year earlier.

In the report you saw that there was a sharp increase in teen-related crashes, but putting it in perspective, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that over the past three decades, those numbers have declined dramatically, from more than 8,000 fatal crashes in 1975 to just more than 3,000 fatal crashes in 2011. And the CDC attributes that to seat belt laws and graduated license programs. George Howell, CNN, Atlanta.

AZUZ: Teen driving safety, Syrian refugees, the new pope. We`ve got a couple of more stories ahead. Teachers, give us your feedback on all of today`s show.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today`s "Shoutout" goes out to Mr. Barber`s classes at Manheim Central Middle school in Manheim, Pennsylvania. Which of these would you use to determine a circle`s circumference?

Is it the Pythagorean theorem, Bernoulli`s principle, quadratic equation or Pi? You`ve got three seconds, go!

To figure out circumference, you multiply the circle`s diameter by Pi. That`s your irrational answer and that`s your "Shoutout."

AZUZ: Who doesn`t like pie? Whether it`s an old-fashioned apple pie, the Oscar-winning "Life of Pi," a pepperoni pizza pie - unless it`s a slice of humble pie, it brings us together. Of course, if you drop the e in it, you`ll drop some of the enthusiasm. But the true mathletes there can always bake up a little fun on Pi Day. It`s celebrated every year on March, 14th. That`s 3-14, as in the first few digits of Pi. The ration of a circle circumference to its diameter. You can all our fascination with it irrational, and that`s just the kind of number it is - an irrational one. It just goes on and on, without stopping or repeating, at least as far as we know. Computers have calculated Pi to its 2 quadrillionth digit. Don`t ask me what that means, I` majored in telecommunications. What I can tell you is that when it comes to this ration, the Pi is the limit.

Here`s another story you can sink you teeth into: shark bites. Doctors want to get more information about how to treat patients who`ve had shark`s teeth sunk into them? First step, they`re going to get their hands on some sharks. John Zarrella takes it from here.

JOHN ZARRELLA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: No one went in the water: the sign warned sharks. A lot of them migrating north were close to shore off Palm Beach. Bad for swimmers, good for a shark fisherman Joshua Jogerson (ph). He had one hooked quickly, fighting it through the waves.

Jogerson working fast got it close enough to grab and pull it to the beach. This wasn`t about sport, it was about research.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!

ZARRELLA: Jogerson and Nova Southeastern University assistant professor Nathan Unger ...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Six foot - six foot one.


ZARRELLA: Are hunting bacteria in the mouth of sharks.

NATHAN UNGER: We are going to swab the mouth of the shark around the teeth and the gums.

ZARRELLA: Once the sample is taken, the shark is released. They`re hoping to find out what bacteria sharks carry, and whether it`s the same in every species.

One of the biggest problems doctors face when treating a shark bit is not knowing what antibiotic will work to fight infection, because they don`t know what bacteria they`re up against. Ask Anthony Segrich.

ANTHONY SEGRICH, SHARK BIT VICTIME: The first bite went through the knee cup and the ankle at the same time. So, it was about 17.5 inches wide, the mouth.

ZARRELLA: Segrich was spear-fishing off Palm Beach two years ago, when he was attacked by a ten foot bull shark, the most vicious there is.

SEGRICH: You name the antibiotic, I had it at that point. They hit you with everything.

ZARRELLA: St. Mary`s Hospital in West Palm Beach where Segrich was treated, is participating in the research project, perhaps a game changer for doctors fighting to save a bite victim`s life.

AZUZ: Yikes! We hope they are able to.

Now, before we go today, Gatorade baths, a sport`s tradition. There is a reason you usually only see them on the football field. Watch what happened when this women`s college basketball team drenched its coach. Boom! And that when someone in the stands comes to help, boom again! Yes, this is exactly how not to let a victory wash over you. Liquid plus basketball court equals slippery. The coach and the fan were OK, the coach`s granddaughter said, he just laughed it off. Let`s just hope there is no repeat performance. After all, this kind of thing can quickly turn into a slippery slope. And we are sure the coach is not going to court this tradition, because after the first time it had people in stitches. I`m Carl Azuz. Have a great day.

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