TOEIC Full Test 5

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No.1. Look at the photo marked number 1.
A. Many kinds of flowers are in bloom.
B. Tourists are smelling flowers.
C. Flowers are being harvested.
D. It is a gloomy day.

No.2. Look at the photo marked number 2.
A. The girl is holding a full bread basket.
B. The girl is going down an escalator.
C. The girl is descending the staircase.
D. The girl has straight hair.

No.3. Look at the photo marked number 3.
A. He is pushing the power button.
B. He is wearing a tie.
C. He is folding his shirt.
D. He is unbuttoning his shirt.

No.4. Look at the photo marked number 4.
A. They are throwing the leftover food.
B. They are helping themselves to the food.
C. They are selecting plates.
D. They are cooking in a restaurant.

No.5. Look at the photo marked number 5.
A. Wood is stacked under a shelter.
B. Someone is lost in the woods.
C. Trees are full of leaves.
D. Snow is falling heavily.

No.6. Look at the photo marked number 6.
A. A drawer is left open.
B. A trunk is put in front of the cabinet.
C. Some hats are hung on the rack.
D. The floor is wall-to wall carpeted.

No.7. Look at the photo marked number 7.
A. The girl is leaning against the bookshelf.
B. The girl is hiding herself behind the book pile.
C. The girl is reaching for a book.
D. The girl is concentrating on reading a book.

No.8. Look at the photo marked number 8.
A. A woman is giving birth to a baby.
B. A baby is lying in an incubator.
C. A newborn baby is being weighed.
D. A man is lifting weight.

No.9. Look at the photo marked number 9.
A. She is making the bed.
B. She is stripping off the pillow cover.
C. She is holding a mosquito net.
D. She is resting on the bed.

No.10. Look at the photo marked number 10.
A. A man is reading a newspaper.
B. Students are sitting an exam.
C. Students are gathering in a group.
D. A man is passing out flyers.

TOEIC full test 5-Part 2

Number 11. Do you know how far it is from here to the hospital?
A. You can take a taxi to get there.
B. Sorry. I don’t know what it is.
C. Maybe less than 10 kilometers.
Number 12. Did he help you with the report?
A. He gave me a lot of helpful guidance.
B. Not right now. He is very busy.
C. I have to type some reports.
Number 13. Have you announced the urgent meeting to him yet?
A. I tried to call him several times but couldn’t get through.
B. It sounds interesting.
C. He was eating with his friends.
Number 14. I would like to book 4 seats for the concert tomorrow.
A. So sorry sir, there are only 2 seats available.
B. We filed to our seats in silence.
C. Yes, it is a classical concert.
Number 15. Who missed the meeting yesterday?
A. We have a meeting once a month.
B. Only John called in sick.
C. The secretary made copies of the minutes for everyone.
Number 16. Have you handed the document to our director?
A. I will hang those pictures in my office.
B. Our director will fly to Australia next week.
C. I am still waiting for our department head to sign on it.
Number 17. What do you think of his ideas?
A. He sent me the link yesterday.
B. They are the most creative ones that I’ve known.
C. He told me his ideas.
Number 18. Where did you put the photocopies?
A. I have just set the table.
B. On the top drawer of the filing cabinet.
C. We are not able to use it for some days.
Number 19. How often does the bus number 27 come?
A. I am waiting for the bus number 27.
B. I often go to work by bus.
C. Every 20 minutes, as far  as I know.
Number 20. Which seat would you like to book?
A. I booked a table for two.
B. I like a window seat.
C. I was seated in the front row.
Number 21. You don’t get on well with your new colleague, do you?
A.Frankly, I feel difficult to work with him smoothly.
B. He is my classmate at college.
C. I got it yesterday.
Number 22. Didn’t you notice the news on the bulletin board this morning?
A. I didn’t take notice of what he was saying.
B. I was in a hurry at that time. What was it?
C. It is my new coat.
Number 23. Do you often bring your home-cooked food to work or go out for meals?
A. I drink milk every day.
B. I ate at home yesterday.
C. I often eat out. I don’t have much time to prepare my meals.
Number 24. Would you mind telling me where I can get a travel brochure?
A. I want to travel around the world.
B. You can find one at the reception desk.
C. I will not tell anyone about it.
Number 25. To whom did our manager decide to assign the new project?
A. He hasn't made up his mind.
B. He desinged that building.
C.It’s time we changed that old projector.
Number 26. When will the job fair take place?
A. I like going to craft fairs.
B. It lasts 2 days from tomorrow.
C. I am preparing for my job interview next Monday.
Number 27. My work hasn’t gone well for nearly half of the year.
A. I don’t feel very well, too.
B. It is the largest city in the world.
C. Have you ever thought about transfering to a new job?
Number 28. How long is this coupon valid?
A. It is good for 2 weeks.
B. It is 1 page long.
C. It took me 2 days to complete the task.
Number 29. Can you stay late tonight to help me with this report?
A. Sure, I will give you a hand.
B. I will stay there for some days.
C. I will wait for you at the airport.
Number 30. How many people are coming to the party?
A. I was invited to farewell party last Sunday.
B. 50 people have confirmed their attendance so far.
C. Most people agreed on the new policy.
Number 31. Who will go with you on the business trip next week?
A. He sold me the printer at quite a cheap price.
B. The new employee from the sales department.
C. We will do business with a foreign company.
Number 32. What will be covered at the meeting tomorrow afternoon?
A. The book cover design needs some small changes.
B. I am so tired of meetings.
C. Makerting plan and budget policy.
Number 33. Why is our office so dark?
A. I will order some electric lights.
B. You can’t park the car here.
C. The power has just gone out.
Number 34. Do you know the new head of the sales department?
A. Is that the woman in the white shirt over there??
B. Yes, she is the department head.
C. No, he doesn’t look that old.
Number 35. What page is the information on?
A. There are many blank pages.
B. Please contact Tom for more information.
C. Maybe page 40 or 41.
Number 36. Have you received the payroll?
A. I got it some minutes ago.
B. I will pay by credit card.
C. I forgot to bring the receipt.
Number 37. Has our order been delivered?
A. He looks older than I expected.
B. Yes, I put it at the corner near my desk.
C. I am on the way to deliver it.
Number 38. Do you know what the train station’s phone number is?
A. Let me check the directory.
B. I will have to arrive at the train station before 4 p.m.
C. I changed my old phone number.
Number 39. What do you want to do when you retire?
A. I can type very fast.
B. I plan to help my son with his business.
C. I am looking forward to my retirement.
Number 40. How did customers respond to our new products?
A. They said they were satisfied.
B. We have to be responsive to customer demands.
C. They are potential consumers.

PART 3 – Conversation

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation:

Man: Hey! Where have you been? I tried calling so many times last night, but you never picked up.
Woman: Oh yeah, I saw that this morning. I didn't hear my phone at all. The TV volume must have been too high for me to catch the calls. I'm sorry about that! What were you up to last night?
Man: I wanted to invite you to a party we went to last night. It was so much fun! We didn't get home until two in the morning!
Woman: Ah, that sounds fun. I had to go to bed at 10 last night. I needed to work in the morning. Next time you guys go out, give me a notice and I'll try to make it out for a bit.

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation:

Man: Excuse me, ma'am? Do you know when we are expected to arrive in New York? I seem to have lost my itinerary.
Woman: The flight usually takes about four hours, depending on the flight conditions. The weather today is pretty calm, so we should arrive around 2:30 PM.
Man: Okay, sounds good. Will you be showing a movie during this flight?
Woman: Of course, sir! Now we are serving drinks and lunch, then we will show the movie.

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation:

Woman: It's so hard to find time to get to the gym nowadays. I need to exercise though! I found my pants are getting tighter around the waist.
Man: You could try to go to the gym during your lunch break.
Woman: I don't have enough time to both go to the gym and still have lunch. Besides, I prefer to have my lunch in the cafeteria in case I need to keep on working during lunch.
Man: Well, you can try to be more active in your everyday tasks. You can start using the stairs more instead of the elevator. If you need to get up to stretch, you can take a walk around the office and take a walk up and down the stairs a few times a day.

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation:

Woman: I really like what they've done with the office! I was worried they would do a poor job with the renovations but everything turned out nicely.
Man: I know what you mean. I like that the office feels a bit warmer and more comfortable. It doesn't feel as bland as it did before.
Woman: Oh yes! The lobby is also much more inviting. The colors really pop out when you walk through the doors.
Man: It definitely makes the office a more welcoming place!

Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation:

Woman: Does anyone have any idea why Chung hasn't arrived yet? He's supposed to speak first at the meeting.
Man: Chung just called me and said that there was a bad accident on the road. He will be about fifteen minutes late.
Woman: I told him he should try to arrive earlier in case something like this happened! How irresponsible! Okay, how about we show the advertisement first? Hopefully Chung will arrive by the time we finish.
Man: That's not a bad idea. He should arrive any minute now. I'm sure we can start the meeting very soon.

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation:

Man: We've finally finished the proposal! I'm so relieved it's completed…but I'm a bit nervous to show it to the manager. He said he wanted to look it over before we submit it to the director.
Woman: He hasn't paid attention this entire time, and he wants to look it over after everything is completed? I suppose we should proofread it before we show him then.
Man: I guess we can look it over quickly. I think everything is pretty polished though.
Woman: Okay, let's look it over after lunch though. I'm starving!

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation:

Man: Hey, is it still okay to leave work early today? I need to meet my loan officer later today.
Woman: Yes, I remember. It's no problem, but did you remember to finish organizing the invoices? We need to submit them to the department head on Monday's meeting.
Man: I've been working on them all day. I'll have them ready and on your desk before I leave the office.
Woman: Sounds great! I hope everything goes well with your meeting today!

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation:

Woman: Hey Rich, have you seen Jeff around the office? I can't seem to find him anywhere.
Man: The sales manager took Jeff to the factory a little while ago. I think they are having some troubles with production. What's going on?
Woman: One of our clients just walked in. He needs to talk to Jeff. It seems urgent.
Man: I think Jeff will be out for a while. The problem at the factory seemed urgent too. The problems may be related, actually. I'll call Jeff and tell him about the client; maybe we can help him ourselves.

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation:

Man: I'm very disappointed with the sales figures from our new product line. It's floundering in the market.
Woman: It's a bit shocking. We had a very positive response with all of our test groups, but we just can't seem to be selling anything.
Man: I think this may be an awareness problem. I need to assemble an advertising team this afternoon to work out some new ideas for marketing.
Woman: OK, I'll make phone calls to everyone.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation:

Man: So Jessica, have you found a suitable replacement for you yet? I'm sad to see you go, but we also need to find someone as qualified to replace you!
Woman: So far there is one person that looks very capable to take over for me when I leave. I would like to arrange an interview for tomorrow. I see that you have an opening after lunch tomorrow.
Man: I'm free most of the afternoon tomorrow. Do you have any specific time we could meet?
Woman: How about two o'clock? I think you are going to like him! He fits all of the qualifications and seems to have a good grasp of what is expected of him if he gets the job.

TOEIC full test 5 - Part 4

Questions 71 - 73 refer to the following announcement:

This is a pre-boarding announcement for flight VN402 to Bangkok. The time is now 4 o’clock. Boarding will begin in fifteen minutes. Passengers travelling with small children or any passengers requiring special assistance may board now. Otherwise, please listen for your row number to be called before approaching the gate. First-class and business class passengers may board at their convenience. Please note that passengers are allowed only one carry-on item within the size and weight constraints. Any passengers with additional baggage may give the extra items to a flight attendant before boarding the plane. Thank you for flying with VinaJet Air. Have a pleasant journey.

Questions 74 - 76 refer to the following announcement:

This is not a drill. Please proceed your nearest exit. A fire has broken out in the west wing of the building. The fire department has been notified and a firetruck is on its way. Calmly walk to the closest exit immediately. Do not run. Do not stop for personal belongings, and do not use the elevator system. Please use the closest stairway or fire escape. Once outside, please move at least 100 meters from the building. Do not make any attempts at reentering the building until it has been deemed safe to do so. This is not a drill. Please proceed your nearest exit.

Questions 77 - 79 refer to the following recorded message:

Hello, you’ve reached the Lotus Tours Service Hotline. If you would like to book a guided tour of the city, press one. If you would like to know where to get maps for the walking tour, press two. If you would like to arrange a personal tour of the city’s museums, press three. If you would like information about special tours and offers not listed, press four. If you have any other questions, or if you would like to book seats for the downtown city bus tour for tomorrow, May 7th, please stay on the line and an agent will be with you shortly.

Questions 80 - 82 refer to the following advertisement:

Design skills leave something to be desired?Here at Blue Business Printing Services, we have a team of highly trained graphic design specialists with a range of skills. We can design and print a unique and wide variety of items such as stationery, brochures, business cards, and more. Plus, there is no limit to what type of order you can place. We serve both large and small orders, and we offer lower rates for large-volume purchases. You can find us at five convenient locations throughout the city and we are open 9-6, seven days a week! For more information, visit our website at

Questions 83 - 85 refer to the following weather report:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’m Mike Snow with the weather forecast. Our current temperature is at 65 degrees with clear skies and gentle winds coming from the east. Taking a look at tonight, it is going to cool down a bit more with lows around 40 degrees. It may feel cooler, however, with stronger winds coming later in the night. So you may want to bring a jacket with you when you head out. The night will be partly cloudy with more clouds accumulating into the morning, turning into rain by late afternoon. It looks like the fall season is finally catching up to us.

Questions 86 - 88 refer to the following talk:

Good morning everybody. I just want to give you a quick overview of your duties, and then you will be assigned someone to shadow throughout the day. Among your list of tasks, your main objective is to sort the incoming mail for employees and deliver it to the appropriate office mailboxes. If any employee comes in requiring assistance in sending outgoing mail, please offer your help. If any employees need to ship fragile packages, please ask them to bring them to you for wrapping before shipment. We have all of the special packing material including envelopes and boxes so we must be sure that nothing gets broken in the mail. Any questions?

Questions 89 - 91 refer to the following talk:

Now, it is my pleasure to introduce a very special guest. A leader in material sciences, she is well known for her research on new techniques for increasing the strength of metals. With immediate applications in industrial machinery and other automated fields, her findings reach far and wide. We are happy to welcome her here today with her latest research findings. After the talk, we will hold a question and answer session immediately following her presentation. The question and answer session will end by 12:15 where we will adjourn for lunch. And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Dr. Anna Yung!

Questions 92 - 94 refer to the following news report:

Hello, you’re watching VBC News. It appears the automotive industry is facing an upsurge in sales this quarter following recently released sales figures by the major automotive makers. New car sales have risen by nearly 2.2 percent over the same period last year. Economists suggest that the elevated sales figure is due to an increase in loans that are available for new car purchases. Automotive experts, on the other hand, believe that innovative safety features found on newer car models, which were heavily focused on as result of consumer demand for safer, more reliable cars is largely responsible for the increase in sales. However you look at it, people are looking to buy new cars.

Questions 95 - 97 refer to the following talk:

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our Saturday night showing of the hit comedy Laugh Out Loud. We all want to enjoy the show, so I would like to remind you to please be mindful of the people around you. We advise that you turn off your mobile phones before entering the theater or at the very least turn them to vibrate. Please do not take photographs during the show and avoid talking while the performance is taking place. The show will play for one hour before a short intermission where drinks and snacks will be served in the lobby. I hope you enjoy your show!

Questions 98 - 100 refer to the following news report:

It appears spring is in full swing now as our first heavy rainfall of the season has arrived. We are looking at some very wet roads and very low visibility out there. Driving conditions are quite treacherous today and we already have two accidents to report. The first accident took place on I80 where a car collided with a bus. No injuries have been reported. The second incident occurred on Keller Street and Kings Lane at 1:30 PM. Two cars and a truck slid off the road; the truck driver was taken to the hospital. Expect rain for the rest of the day, where it will clear up on Tuesday, opening up the skies for the rest of the week.

TOEIC full test 5 - Part 5

101. Toyota recalled the vehicles in August last year to carry out repairs on the affected parts.
102. The number of homes for sale across the UK picked up in August but still did not meet the demand.
103. Relatively few new properties have come onto the market over recent months.
104. The export and manufacturing sectors are key drivers of China's economy, which has seen slower growth recently.
105. With a growing number of young people wishing to start up their own business on both sides of the Atlantic, how much easier is it to do so if you come from a wealthy background?
106. He spent three months finding an empty church parking lot to sleep in each evening.
107. Founded in 2004, VistaJet now has 35 planes, and is quickly adding to that number.
108. The UK's 46 million bank customers are being told they could save up to £600 by switching their current accounts to another provider.
109. In this experimental phase, students taking these courses will carry out multiple choice questions, without any formal qualifications.
110. Depending on the situation, you may be able to continue working until you find a new position or the company finds someone else to take your position. 
111. Small and medium scale enterprises play a critically important role in many economies, notably in Asia.
112. The heavy downpour caused disruption to flights and bullet train services.
113. Officials have asked at least 400,000 residents from four prefectures to leave their homes due to Typhoon Man-yi.
114. Organically grown vegetables are becoming more and more in demand across the country for their health benefits.
115. According to some estimates, foreign brands now account for about half of all infant milk sales in China.
116. So far, Myanmar and Bangladesh have been perceived as the countries with the lowest wage rates.
117. The prices of clothing and footwear usually rise between July and August as autumn ranges come into stores.
118. The data also shows that countries such as Thailand and the Philippines have higher labour costs than Russia and China.
119. Currently, Vietnam is exporting rice to China for about $395 per tonne, and to African countries for $380-$385 per tonne.
120. Japanese carmaker Nissan plans to begin producing small cars and trucks in Myanmar with its Malaysian partner later in 2013.
121. Jeffrey Zients will be named to succeed Gene Sperling as the director of the National Economic Council.
122. There are websites that let you rent or lend your things: power tools, your car, your spare bedroom, your nanny - and yes, even your dog.
123. Smartphones are becoming all-in-one devices that do everything - the third biggest use for them after making calls and texting is taking pictures.
124. Vietnam’s economy is expected to grow at a moderate rate of around 5.3 per cent in 2013 and 5.4 per cent in 2014.
125. Making courses accessible online, on mobiles and tablets means that people can fit their studying around their lives, rather than their lives around study.
126. China property prices continued to rise in August, despite government efforts to cool the market.
127. Two government schemes are having an impact on the mortgage industry and housing market.
128. Facebook said it had banned the company involved from the social network.
129. The billionaire creator of Beanie Babies toys, Ty Warner, could face up to five years in prison after agreeing to admit a charge of tax evasion.
130. Singapore has been ranked the easiest place to do business in the world, according to the Doing Business 2013 report by the World Bank released on October 23. 
131. There was a rise in food price inflation from 3.9% to 4.1%.
132. On September 8, Philippines officials warned the public to avoid using unlicensed Chinese-made lipsticks due to the products possibly containing high amounts of lead.
133. Apple has prevented networks and retailers from allowing customers to pre-order the 5S.
134. For years, engineers and development experts have been designing stoves to reduce smoke and make cooking safer.
135. The retail sales data was a surprise for analysts who had expected a rise of around 0.4%.
136. China has taken various steps, including suspending value-added tax for small businesses, to try to boost domestic consumption.
137. The property market in the capital has recovered faster from the recession than other parts of the country.
138. Retail sales volumes fell unexpectedly by 0.9% in August according to the Office for National Statistics.
139. Many investors expect property prices to rise significantly as the UK economy recovers over the coming years.
140. Hiroshi Yamauchi, the Japanese businessman credited with transforming Nintendo into a world-leading video games company, has died aged 85.

TOEIC full test 5-Part 6

Questions 141 - 143 refer to the following letter:

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is in regards to the service given at your restaurant. We came to your restaurant for my son's birthday party last week and I would like to compliment on the way your staff helped us. They helped us arrange for the party and were very polite and helpful to the guests. It was very impressive how they arranged for the party and handled the whole function. The food served was very tasty and all the guests were praising the service and the food. Everyone was satisfied with the service and decided that they would choose your restaurant for any of their functions in the future.

I specifically thank all the staff of your restaurant for handling the function very well as there were many guests and I was worried if everything would go fine. Your staffs were full of energy and enthusiasm to help the guests choose the best dishes according to their taste. I hope that you will continue to be one of the best restaurants in the city.

Thank you again and best of luck for the future.


Questions 144 - 146 refer to the following email:

Subject: Compliments on achievement of doing record sales
To: All the staffs of sales department

I, on behalf of management and other departments, compliment all of you in the sales department on the achievement of selling 1 million products.

Sales department has been performing extraordinarily well and is one of the best departments in the organization. The recent success is the result of the dedication and the commitment of the members of the sales department. The sales of 1 million products are not less than any miracle considering the drop in the demand of the products in recent items. The excellent marketing skills applied by the marketing department and by sales have put us in list of the fastest growing companies in the sector.

The management is very pleased with the effort of the staffs of sales department. The team has been applauded by the board of directors.

We hope you will continue the same zeal and bring more success.

Best regards,

Questions 147 - 149 refer to the following letter:

Dear Mr. James,

I wish to inform you that I will not be attending the meeting set up in October 15th, 2013 regarding the upcoming project. I have undergone a surgery on my knee which requires me to take rest for two months. I understand that the main responsibility of the project was given to me and this meeting is extremely important, I feel really sorry for not attending the meeting as not everyone gets such a chance.

Regarding the assistance to the project, I recommend Fernando. He is very capable. I would send him to you for a discussion and you can judge yourself his capabilities and I leave him to the management for the selection as well.

I can't explain how helpless I feel about this. But health comes first and my family also wants me to take rest. I assure you that I will be a good support and you can rely on me for any assistance. Please feel free to call me and discuss any issues.

Thank you very much.


Questions 150 - 152 refer to the following letter:

Dear Ms. Yong,

This letter is on behalf of Famine Helping Society regarding the fundraising for supporting a High School located in South Toronto. In this regard, we need your urgent financial help in the form of funds which means a lot to us as we need to buy uniforms and course books for the poor students.

Education is the right of every child and without your help, this will not be possible for our society to invest in this program. So we are seeking your help to raise funds. You can donate any amount you want. Your help will be beneficial to us in making the dream of education true for poor kids.

Kindly visit us at to pay online. You can directly contact us at 5743 685 6895 for any query.

Thanks & Regards,

Ricky Windsor

FULL TEST 1 - Part 7

Questions 153-154 refer to the following advertisement.

Minuteman Press
The expert Bristol consultancy, design and print service. A single colour short run, or a fully finished large volume project. Letterheads, logos, brochures, business cards, direct mail, invitations….
Anything and everything in design and print.
15-19 Nelson Parade
Bristol BS3 4HY
0117 966 5566

Questions 155-156 refer to the following letter.

Digitcom Corporation
P.O. Box 2829B,
13th February, 2009
The Manager,
TI Hardwire,
P.O. Box 4523C,
Ref: Report on Telecommunications Upgrade
Dear Sir:
Enclosed is a report on the upgrade that we carried out on the TI Hardware Telecommunications system.
We would like you to revise the amount of the funds that you allocated for us for the project. This is because, as shown in the report, there were more components that needed to be upgraded than initially estimated.
For further information, or querries, call me on this number: 094332211.
Yours faithfully,
Justine Mubanga
Chief Engineer
Enc: Report
Questions 157-159 refer to the following advertisement:

Real Estate Secretary
National firm is looking to add an experienced commercial real estate legal secretary to their growing practice. We prefer 3+ years of expericence working in a large law firm's commercial real estate practice. Experience with typing closing documents, corporate, LLC or partnership resolutions, correspondence to clients and parties in real estate transactions, transfer of tax documents, closing statements is highly preferred. You must be detail oriented and have good interpersonal communication skills. You must be proficient with Microsoft Office Suites and have strong communication skills. 4 year degree is preferred. Salary is commensurate with experience and firm offers a competitive benefit package. E-mail resume to

Questions 160-163 refer to the following memo:

To: All AA Groups in Los Angeles County
From: Concerned Members of Alcoholics Anonymous
Re: Receipt by General Services of Payment from the City of San Diego, California
Enclosed are two memoranda, and some related correspondence, explaining the concerns some of us have about the receipt, by AA General Services, of a cash payment in the amount of $250,000 from the City of San Diego, California in connection with the 1995 International AA Convention. One of these memoranda is from those of us here in the Los Angeles area who are concerned that the receipt of this money may violate the Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. The other, entitled “Historical Events Leading Up To Writing The ‘Minority Report” is from Ms. Gay Garner, a former Regional Trustee of the AA General Service Conference, explaining her efforts to have this issue heard by the General Service Conference.
Also enclosed are copies of correspondence between Mr. Bog Kaplan, former trustee of the Los Angeles Central Office and Mr. Donald Meurer, Controller of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services regarding certain correspondence written by Bill Wilson concerning his views on the holding of International AA Conventions.

Questions 164-167 refer to the following memorandum:

State of New Hampshire
Department of Administrative Services
State House Annex – 25 Capitol Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301
Holidays for Calendar Year 2013
The following days will be holidays for State Employees during calendar year 2013

New Year's Day


January 1, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr./Civil Rights Day


January 21, 2013

President's Day


February 18, 2013

Memorial Day


May 27, 2013

Independence Day


July 4, 2013

Labor Day


September 2, 2013

Veterans' Day


November 11, 2013

Thanksgiving Day


November 28, 2013

Day after Thanksgiving 


November 29, 2013

Christmas Day


December 25, 2013

New Year's Day (2014)


January 1, 2014

In addition to the above noted holidays, State employees who are employed on a full-time basis are eligible for two (2) Floating Holidays. If you have any questions pertaining to holidays or holiday compensation, please feel free to contact Matthew J. Newland, Manager of Employee Relations, 271-8225.
For information only:
Although the following days are listed in RSA 288:1 as State holidays, they are NOT paid holidays for State employees. State Offices will remain open:
Columbus Day (2nd Monday in October – October 14, 2013)
Election Day (the day on which the biennial election is held)

Questions 168-170 refer to the following poster:

JEB Little Creek-Fort Story
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3504 Gator Boulevard
SEE A FREE FAMILY MOVIE Every Sunday at 1 p.m.!
Children ages 2 and younger are admitted free. Patrons 17 years of age and younger must be accompanied by a paying adult to attend all R-rated movies.

Thursday, September 12
7 p.m. = 2 Guns (R. 109 min)

Saturday, September 21
1 p.m. = Planes 3D
4 p.m. = Lee Daniel’s The Butler
7 p.m. = The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones


Friday, September 13
6 p.m. = Elysium (R, 109 min)
9 p.m. = Kick Ass 2 (R, 103 min)

Sunday, September 22
Free Family Movie at 1 p.m.
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (PG, 106 min)
4 p.m. = The Wolverine 3D (PG-13, 129 min.)
7 p.m. = Jobs

Saturday, September 14
1 p.m. = Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (PG, 106 min)
4 p.m. = Kick Ass 2
7 p.m. = 2 Guns

Thursday, September 26
7 p.m. = Elysium

Sunday, September 15
Free Family Movie at 1 p.m.
The Smurfs 2 (PG, 105 min)
4 p.m. = Planes 3D (PG, 92 min)
7 p.m. = Elysium

Friday, September 27
6 p.m. = One Direction: This is Us 3D
9 p.m = We’re The Millers

Thursday, September 19
7 p.m. = R.I.P.D 3D
(PG-13, 96 min)

Saturday, September 28
No movies
4 p.m. = Fleet Forces Band Joint Concert

Friday, September 20
6 p.m. = Lee Daniel’s The Butler
9 p.m. = You’re Next

Sunday, September 29
Free Family Movie at 1 p.m.
Planes (PG, 92 min)
4 p.m. = The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
7 p.m. = Getaway (PG-13, 90 min)

Questions 171-173 refer to the following notice:

Costs of leaving office equipment on standby
Example: Running a computer costs £25 a year in electricity use and leads to 108 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.Switching It Off overnight and at weekends, instead of leaving it on standby, will save £17 a year.

Typical Office Appliance

Running Power

Standby Power

Annual running cost

Annual CO2 emissions (kg)

Annual standby cost

Personal computer (hard drive box)






Conventional CRT TV style
Flat screen






Laser printer












Facsimile machine






Vending machine






Note: All costs based on 10 p/kWh
Based on the following usage: PCs and monitors on 8 hrs/day + 16 hrs standby Mon to Fri and 24 hrs standby Sat & Sun; all other equipment used 1 hr/day + 23 hrs standby Mon to Fri and 24 hrs standby Sat & Sun.
Costs of running other office appliances include…


Running Power


Annual cost

Annual CO2 emissions (kg)



10 x 4 mins/day



Desk Fan


10 hours per week



Mobile phone charger


Switched on but not charging 23hrs/day



Questions 174-176 refer to the following notice:

2012 Greenville Badminton Tournament
Fundraiser for MathCounts Piedmont Chapter
Nov. 10, 2012 (Saturday)
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
The Pavilion, 400 Scottsword Road, Taylors, SC 29687
Click here to register

  • Fundraiser for non-profit MathCounts Piedmont Chapter. MathCounts is a national math enrichment, coaching and competition for middle school students. About 20 schools and 120 students participate each year in the competition organized by the Piedmont Chapter at Clemson University.
  • 100% tournament proceeds/donations go to MathCounts Piedmont Chapter (

Tournament Format:

  • There are 9 different divisions:

* Men’s singles
* Women’s singles
* Girl’s singles (<14)
* Boy’s singles (<14)
* Senior men’s singles (>50)
* Senior women’s singles (>50)
* Men’s doubles
* Women’s doubles
* Mixed doubles

  • Each division will play group round robin and single elimination rounds to determine winners.
  • Round robin matches: 1 game of 21 points (win by 2, each rally is a point)
  • 1-5pm: Elimination rounds for each division (doubles followed by singles)


  • 8:30am: Courts open for practice
  • 9:00am: Group round robin (doubles followed by singles)
  • 12-1pm: Free lunch of all participants! (matches continue during this hour)
1-5pm: Elimination rounds for each division (doubles followed by singles)

Questions 177-180 refer to the following invitation:

You are invited to the West Woodland Gala
April 28, 2012 : 7PM – 1AM
Woodland Park Zoo
Rain Forest Pavilion
It takes a village, people…to support our learners at West Woodland!
Do not miss this adult only evening to celebrate our students. Expect cocktail party food and desserts, complimentary wine and beer, live music and DJ dance tunes, PTA Fund-a-Need, and a wonderful zoo-themed environment. Dress up as the rock star you are, or feel free to come as you are.
This is our opportunity to come together and celebrate this amazing community!
Tickets are $40 per person. Free or reduced-price tickets are available. All are welcome. To RSVP please visit and complete the requested information.
(For more info, you can also visit

Question 181 -185 refer to the following advertisement and email.

Mid-Level Associate – Barnes & Thornburg
Barnes & Thornburg LLP, listed as one of Corporate Counsel magazine’s “Go-To” law firms of the world’s leading companies, has an immediate opening for a mid-level associate in the Corporate Department in its Indianapolis office The ideal candidate should have 3-5 years of experience in corporate transactional and corporate finance matters, icluding mergers and acquisitions and capital raising transactions. Significant public and/or private securities law experience is a plus. Candidates should have excellent analytical, writing and communications skills and the energy, drive and desire to work in a busy multi-state practice which represents a full range of clients from large, multi-national corporations to start-up across our twelve offices. Competitive salary and benefits will be paid and time to partnership will be considered commensurate with experience. If you are interested in joining our growing corporate department, please apply through our website: http:/

Eric Smith

34 Acacia Street
Indianapolis IN, 94080

Phone: 650.543.3465       

September 16, 2013
Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to inquire about the position for mid-level associate at your company.*Tôi viết thư này để hỏi về vị trí cộng sự cấp trung tại công ty của quý ông/bà.[/dich] I recently found the job posting in East Coast magazine and would like to know if the position is still available. I am interested in working with you at your Indianapolis office.

I believe I am an ideal candidate for the job. I have six years of experience as a finance officer with Spokane & Harpe, with a deep understanding of large scale transactions. Much of my experience is also in capital raising transactions within the company, having met or exceeded projected goals every time. Owing much of my success to my team, I also credit our success to my ability to properly communicate our desired goals and execute them to the very best of our abilities.

I believe, with my experience, I can thrive working within your company and I look forward to tackling challenges that come with having such a wide array of clients I am well aware of the analytical mind necessary to properly deal with the intricacies of balancing various accounts and look forward to meeting these challenges head-on.

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to discussing my qualifications further. If you have any questions or would like to reach me, you can contact me with the information provided above.


Eric Smith

Question 186 -190 refer to the following two emails:

Executives Manager
145 Kangley St
Dear Sir,
On December 12th I purchased a short white leather dress that called “Jiana” for $50.00 in your shop PERFASHION, 145 Kangley Str, Nevada. I paid for this item by credit card and I received a receipt No 34560000000012.
I bought that dress for my 15 year old daughter and when I got it home it didn’t fit her well. We went back today to exchange it, but there were no dresses to fit her. I asked for a cash refund, but the shop assistant refused point-blank saying only tokens were given out. There were no signs explaining no cash refunds. I explained there were no dresses to fit her and I needed to buy one somewhere else. But your shop assistant rudely refused. I couldn’t get back my $50.00 to go to another shop.
The shop now has my money and my daughter still has no dress.
I ask for you to solve this problem positively about my $50.00 refund.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Your sincerely,
Mrs Kim
Dear Mrs. Kim,
Thank you for shopping with us and I am deeply sorry to hear the predicament you are finding yourself in. In most cases we try to keep our return policy as flexible as possible to accommodate the needs of our customers. In normal circumstances our company allows for exchanges on most of our items, no questions asked.
Unfortunately, the “Jiana” dress you purchased was a promotional item that comes with different stipulations upon purchase. Because this item is a season-end discount item, the offer fits within a different return policy. If you look at your receipt you can read that the transaction terms states that discounted items are only available for exchange and not for full cash refund. This policy is put in place to prevent overstock on discontinued items. I am sorry for the inconvenience but this is a company-wide policy that I do not have the power to reverse.
Although I cannot help you with your return, I promise we will work to make our policy clearer in the future to prevent any miscommunication with our customers again. We value your patronage and wish for you to continue shopping with us.
Warm Regards,
Peter Novio
Executive Manager
Questions 191 -195 refer to the following itinerary and email:

13 Jul, Fri
06:30 – Depart Singapore for Genting
10:00 – Stop at Yong Peng for breakfast
14:00 – Arrive in Genting, check-in to hotel. Free and Easy for the rest of the day
18:00 – Enjoy 9 course dinner at Genting Palace with Lady IronChef
14 Jul, Sat
10:00 – Set breakfast (venue TBC)
After breakfast, enjoy a day filled with exciting fun at Genting outdoor themepark
18:00 – Intl Buffet Dinner at Coffee Terrace
20:00 – Catch Khalil Fong Live concert at Genting
15 Jul, Sun
09:00 – Dim Sum Breakfast at Genting Palace (food review by Chef Jacky & Lady Ironchef)
12:00 - Hotel room check-out
13:30 – Coach departure from First World Bus Terminal – Singapore
20:00 - Home Sweet Home
To Whom It May Concern,
I have recently booked a package tour from Singapore to Genting through your company and I have a few questions about the itinerary.Do you provide any type of transportation from your offices to the terminal or will I need to arrange my own transport? If you have any type of shuttle bus that runs from your office, I would like to take advantage of that service.
Looking through the itinerary I see that many meals are provided during the trip. I am curious about the menu for the meals you are providing. Are there any vegetarian options offered with the meals? I am not a strict vegetarian, but I would like to choose a meatless option if possible. If not, is there any type of alternative I can choose to replace the meals in my schedule?
Finally, I would like to know if I can have my own free time in the afternoon of the second day (14 July) as I have plans to meet my relatives later in the day. I plan to make it to the events in the evening on Saturday, but I do not want any kind of hold up on account of my actions.
Thank you for any kind of assistance you can provide. I hope to hear from you soon so I can plan for my trip accordingly.
Elizabeth Warren

Questions 196 -200 refer to the following report and chart:
Imports in the United Kingdom increased to 44802 GBP Million in August of 2013 from 44760 GBP Million in July of 2013. Imports in the United Kingdom is reported by the UK Office for National Statistics. The United Kingdom Imports averaged 21569.90 GBP Million from 1955 until 2013, reaching an all time high of 45263 GBP Million in March of 2013 and a record low of 1031 GBP Million in June of 1955 The United Kingdom imports mostly manufactured products (83 percent of total imports) and raw metals and fuels (12 percent of total imports).The most important manufactured products are Computer, Electronic and Optical Products (11 percent); Transports Equipment (14 percent); Chemical Products; Food and Beverages; Apparel, Textiles and Leather; Basic Metals and Refined Petroleum Products. U.K. main import partners are China (8 percent), United States (7 percent), Norway (6 percent) and European Union countries with Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy and Ireland being the most important.

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