TOEIC Full Test 3

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A. They're leaving the room.
B. They're turning on the machine.
C. They're standing near the table.
D. They're reading the newspaper.

No.1. Look at the photo marked
A. The boy is blowing out the candles.
B. People are all sitting around the table.
C. All people are looking at the boy.
D. They are having an outdoor party.
No.2. Look at the photo marked
A. The mother is wearing a necklace.
B. The girl is brushing her mother’s hair.
C. The girl is plaiting her hair.
D. They are having their hair cut.
No.3. Look at the photo marked
A. He is leaning against a tree.
B. He is lying on the ground.
C. He is stretching his leg.
D. He is changing the trainers.
No.4. Look at the photo marked
A. The floor is being cleaned.
B. 2 escalators are next to each other.
C. Some chairs are in front of the escalators.
D. Lights in the single-story building are on.
No.5. Look at the photo marked
A. The wife is washing a tie.
B. The wife is adjusting the tie for her husband.
C. The husband is taking off his suit.
D. They are standing next to a small mirror.
No.6. Look at the photo marked
A. He is climbing up a ladder.
B. He is planting trees.
C. He is trimming the bushes.
D. He is working indoors.
No.7. Look at the photo marked
A. Vegetables are grown into furrows.
B. There is only one kind of vegetable.
C. Vegetables are being watered.
D. Vegetables are withered in the sun.
No.8. Look at the photo marked
A. She is pouring out the liquid into a flask.
B. She is tasting the liquid.
C. She is holding glasses.
D. She is changing the tube of toothpaste.
No.9. Look at the photo marked
A. The boy is cleaning a dark desk.
B. The boy is picking up the cloth on the floor.
C. The boy is dozing off on the table.
D. The boy is wiping the table.
No.10. Look at the photo marked
A. They are standing in the corridor.
B. They are hanging pictures on the walls.
C. They are wearing white coats.
D. They are moving tables.


Where is the meeting room?
A. To meet the new director.
B. It's the first room on the right.
C. Yes, at two o'clock.
Number 11. Who is in charge of hiring new employees?
A. Yes, he is the new employee.
B. The Human Resoures Department.
C. It’s free of charge.
Number 12. Where was the director this morning?
A. You can’t wear casual clothes to that meeting.
B. Good morning, Doctor.
C. In the factory, I think.
Number 13. When will the shipment of new dining tables arrive?
A. It is expected late this month.
B. He works in a shipping company.
C. Let’s clean these dining tables.
Number 14. How many guests are expected to the end-of-year party?
A. The number hasn’t been fixed.
B. Guests are not allowed to use this entrance.
C. Let’s go to the end-of-year party.
Number 15. What are the new machines for?
A. I don’t know how to use this machine.
B. To upgrade the lighting system.
C. Tell me the name of this new machine.
Number 16. Will she apply for that position?
A. Fill in this job application.
B. She says she’s not confident enough.
C. That position is too high for me.
Number 17. I don’t know how to start this machine.
A. This machine was imported from the USA.
B. Just press the red button.
C. Starting a business is not easy.
Number 18. How long will your meeting this afternoon last?
A. About 2 hours, I guess.
B. I will have a meeting this afternoon.
C. This will be the last meeting in July.
Number 19. Shall we go to the beach for the next outing?
A. I will think about it.
B. This weather is good for swimming.
C. The beach is near my house.
Number 20. I’d like to apply for a loan, please.
A. This is the Loan Department.
B. Put your money into the slot.
C. Fill out this form, please.
Number 21. How often do you have meetings?
A. I have a meeting this afternoon.
B. Usually every Friday.
C. I don’t know how often he eats meat.
Number 22. To whom should I send these documents?
A. These documents are confidential.
B. My parents send me money every month.
C. The overseas director.
Number 23. Do you get your pay on the 30th every month?
A. No, I will pay for myself.
B. He got promoted last month.
C. Most of the time, but not always.
Number 24. How much did this filing cabinet cost?
A. $50.
B. As much as possible.
C. Put the filing cabinet over here.
Number 25. Did she go on business to Japan last week?
A. To Thailand, actually.
B. Businesses are growing now.
C. Are you here on holiday or on business?
Number 26. Have you received the agenda for the meeting next week?
A. I will phone you when I receive your email.
B. Be always on time for meetings.
C. I’m still waiting for it.
Number 27. How about using TV advertisements for the new product?
A. Don’t let children watch too much TV.
B. That will be too expensive.
C. The new product will sell well, I guess.
Number 28. Do you like to fly on Tuesday or on Wednesday?
A. I wish I could fly.
B. I have a flying lesson on Thursday.
C. Tuesday would be better for me.
Number 29. Why did she arrive late for the conference?
A. Her car broke down.
B. The conference was held in a hotel.
C. I’m sorry for being late.
Number 30. How long is your finacial report?
A. The report was written by the financial manager.
B. It’s 4 pages long.
C. 4 hours.
Number 31. What time is the weather forecast on?
A. It will be sunny and windy.
B. Remember to be on time.
C. After the sports news.
Number 32. How do you think about the new marketing plan?
A. Frankly, it is impractical.
B. The new plan will come into effect next month.
C. We need new marketing strategies.
Number 33. The weather forecast said it would rain tomorrow.
A. Then I will take an umbrella to work.
B. The rainy season will begin tomorrow.
C. The weather forecast programme should be earlier.
Number 34. How far is it from the city center to the new shopping mall?
A. The city center is quite far from here.
B. About 6 km.
C. The new shopping mall will open next week.
Number 35. Is it necessary to dress in formal clothes to the party tonight?
A. Yes, no casual clothes are allowed.
B. Yes, it is the last party this year.
C. No, she doesn’t like that dress.
Number 36. You haven’t seen the general director this morning, have you?
A. He was appointed general director last week.
B. No, he was busy meeting clients.
C. See me at 8.00 this morning.
Number 37. Should we call a mechanic to fix your car?
A. He is a good mechanic.
B. We’d better take it to the garage.
C. This is my new car.
Number 38. Mr. Smith will be transferred to Spain next week.
A. Will his wife move too?
B. Our office in Spain will open next week.
C. Spanish is an easy language.
Number 39. We didn’t get back from our trip until late last night.
A. Did you enjoy it?
B. She got home late last night.
C. Get ready for your next trip.
Number 40. I always give tests on the first day of school.
A. I don’t think they accurately measure students’ performance.
B. My students don’t have mid-term tests.
C. I did cry on my first school day.


Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation:

Woman: I have a few problems with my computer. It has been running very slowly; it’s slow to start up and my download speeds are terrible. Oh, and some programs crash unexpectedly. It’s very frustrating.
Man: Okay, let me take a look at it and see if I can do anything to fix your computer.
Woman: Can you do it quickly? I need to submit a report in nearly an hour and I’m just starting to work on it.
Man: I may be able to fix it if you give me some time. Let me run a few tests and see if there is anything I can do. You can read a few magazines in the meantime.

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation:

Man: Hello, I would like to apply for one of your store’s credit cards. You are advertising a card that gives 1000 free air miles for signing up. Is that still available? What do I need to do to apply for this card?
Woman: Yes sir! All you need to do is fill out these forms and we will send the application out for processing. It will take about two weeks for you to get your card.
Man: Oh... I would like to have the card sooner. Is there any way I could get a temporary one in the meantime?
Woman: I’m sorry, sir. We have offered temporary cards in the past, but our store has adopted stricter policies on our credit reviews. We no longer issue temporary cards.

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation:

Man: Hey Daisy, I’m going to go downtown to pick up the building model for my architectural presentation. Do you need anything while I’m out?
Woman: Yes! I sent out a few construction material catalogues to the print shop a few days ago. Could you pick those up for me?
Man: No problem. Call the shop in advance so they can have the material ready for pick up.
Woman: Okay, I will give them a call. The print shop is on 23 West Oak Street. It’s opposite to Central Theater and right next to Paradise Florist.

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation:

Man: This is ridiculous! My flight has been delayed another hour!
Woman: I hate when that happens. What airline are you flying with?
Man: I’m flying with Star Pacific. They always seem to be delayed for one reason or another.
Woman: Oh yeah, I used to fly with them. I became fed up with their service though. They’re always delayed! I decided to start flying with JetAir. It’s a bit more expensive but much more reliable.

Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation:

Man: Excuse me, Susan? When are you available to look over the plans for the conference next week? We need to have everything finalized in a few days.
Woman: Hmm, unfortunately I am very busy today. Perhaps we can meet in my office on Tuesday morning at nine o’clock?
Man: I don’t think that will work; I have an important meeting with one of my clients at eight thirty that morning. I won’t be able to reschedule with her, either. How about later in the day around one o’clock?
Woman: Okay, I am available at that time. I will see you in my office at one.

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation:

Man: The receptionist at the front desk is hilarious! I had to catch my breath from laughing so hard.
Woman: It’s always nice to be greeted by someone with a good sense of humor. I feel more welcome when the staff has a bit of personality.
Man: I agree. This place is great so far! The décor is luxurious, the food is delicious and the room can’t be more comfortable! I love staying here whenever I come to Boston.
Woman: I really like this place too, but it’s a bit more expensive than I expected. You get what you pay for, though.

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation:

Man: Hello, I am calling in regards to an ad you placed in this week’s paper. The ad says you have a job available in the marketing department. Is the position still open?
Woman: Yes, we are still looking for someone to fill our marketing position. Do you have any experience in that field?
Man: Yes I do, I have worked in marketing for the past five years at Miles & Davis.
Woman: Sounds good. I can arrange an interview with you some time this week. Please bring your résumé to the office.

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation:

Woman: Excuse me, sir. Could we possibly switch seats? I would like to have a better view of the countryside. This is my first time taking the train!
Man: Of course we can switch! It is probably for the best. I may need to get up to use the washroom a bit more frequently. Ah, the health problems that come with old age!
Woman: Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Oh, by the way, do you know where I can find the dining car?
Man: Yes, the dining car is the last one on the train. I think it is three cars back.

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation:

Woman: Hello, I’m new here. My name is Mary. It’s nice to meet you. Could you direct me to the supply room, please? I need to get some stationery.
Man: Hello, Mary! My name is Ben. If you go down the hallway, the supply room is the last one to the right. Do you need help with anything?
Woman: Oh, I should be able to manage carrying it on my own. Thank you for your help.
Man: It is my pleasure, Mary. If you do need anything else for your department, you can email Jack at the end of the month with a list of the supplies you need. Someone will bring it to your office. You don’t need to get them yourself.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation:

Man: Hello Beth. Could you run me through my schedule for tomorrow, please?
Woman: Sure let me pull up your schedule. You have a meeting with your clients from Qatar at seven thirty. Then you have an interview with an applicant for the services department. You have a meeting with the development team leader, Jason, at eleven o’clock. Then you have a dentist’s appointment at noon.
Man: I spoke with Jason yesterday, so you can scratch the meeting off of the schedule. Can you call the dentist to see if I can come in at an earlier time? That would be great.
Woman: Okay, I will give the dentist a call right now.


Questions 71 - 73 refer to the following announcement:

Well ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t filed your taxes yet you should get a move on because the deadline is quickly approaching! City Hall will be open this Saturday in the event that you still need to submit your tax forms. Keep in mind that the Revenue Office will only be open from eight o’clock to noon and long lines are expected. I recommend you file your taxes before Saturday or arrive early to avoid the lines. If you choose to send your return in by mail, make sure you do so before the end of the week and to postmark it on or before Saturday to avoid penalties. I’m Steven Smith for Channel 4 News.

Questions 74 - 76 refer to the following advertisement:

Office Supplies Inc. is having the biggest sale of the year this upcoming Thursday! We’re slashing items big and small throughout the store! We’re discounting all items through from pens to photocopy machines! Everything will be reduced to insanely low prices! How low? We’re knocking off the prices of all of our items by 50% to give you amazing deals! But wait, there’s more! We’re not just going to have a single day of savings; we’re running this sale for three whole days! The deal starts tomorrow at 8am and runs until Saturday at 6pm. Hurry in as soon as you can before the best items are taken!

Questions 77 - 79 refer to the following weather report:

Well, I wish I had good news folks but it looks like the next week is going to be more of the same old weather. Yesterday was a cold and gray day with a high of only three degrees. Today is looking to be just as cold with a chance of snow later on in the evening. Expect the weather to continue for the next few days. Fortunately we are expecting this low pressure system to move out of the area by late Friday to give us a bit of rest over the weekend. Expect sunny skies on Saturday and Sunday with temperatures peaking at about 11 degrees! I’m John Snow with your daily weather report.

Questions 80 - 82 refer to the following announcement:

Attention! We have an important announcement regarding a change in our company’s policy. Starting today, we will be implementing a new ID system. All employees will be required to wear an identification badge at all times. If you lose your badge you must immediately report the loss to your supervisor and a new one will be provided for you. If anyone is found to repeatedly lose his or her ID badge, a replacement fee will be charged. Visitors in the building must be accompanied by employees with ID badges. Visitors found without an escort will be asked by security to leave the building. We will be issuing temporary identification for the interim. Thank you for your time.

Questions 83 - 85 refer to the following advertisement:

Great news! Spartan Golf Club is opening our newest golf course! Designed by professional golfers, this complete 18-hole course is one of our best locations yet! Located just 15 minutes from the city center it’s a no brainer for avid golfers and novices alike. Our brand new golf course has two full time golf pros available for both individual and group instruction. We will provide state of the art facilities with fully equipped locker rooms, a pro shop, and an exquisite café serving lunch and dinner every day! A six month member ship comes at the low price of only $600! We also offer a yearlong membership that is only $1,100! What an amazing deal!

Questions 86 - 88 refer to the following weather report:

It looks like we’re going to have a lovely morning with warm and sunny weather up until about noon where we’ll see some clouds rolling in overhead. Expect scattered rain showers in the early afternoon up until the early evening. Then it’s clear skies later in the day with very pleasantly cool temperatures for the rest of the night thanks to the mid-day rain. We’re looking to see the weather continue to repeat like this tomorrow and for the rest of the week with sunny mornings followed by scattered rains and calm clear evenings. I’m Emma Storm with the weather. Back to you, Jim!

Questions 89 - 91 refer to the following recorded announcement:

This is an automated announcement from the Office of Motor Vehicles. The office provides services related to driver’s licenses, motor vehicle registration as well as motor vehicle inspection. Our office is open from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. For the renewal of a driver’s license, report to the License Renewal Window between noon and 4pm. The fee is $25. To apply for a new license, you may come in between 8am and 4pm to take both the written and driving tests. The fee to obtain a new license is $50. Please note that licensing fees CANNOT be paid in cash. We will only accept credit card, personal check, or money order. Thank you.

Questions 92 - 94 refer to the following airline announcement:

Attention passengers: Friendly Skies flight 58 for New York, is now boarding. Passengers are requested to proceed through passport control and report to gate 16 as soon as possible. Please have your tickets ready to show the attendant at the gate to make boarding as smooth as possible. Passengers are allowed one small carry-on bag only. Anyone with extra baggage must check it with the gate attendant before boarding. To expedite the boarding process, passengers with small children may go to the head of the line to board first. Thank you, and enjoy your flight. We hope to see you again!

Questions 95 - 97 refer to the following introduction:

Now we are proud to welcome Mr. Lee Kim to the stage! Once a prestigious lawyer now retired, our guest is now pursuing his other passions: writing and photography. Mr. Kim had spent a year travelling down the Amazon River by canoe and is the author of the book Amazon Adventure! We are happy to have him here tonight to talk about his travels through the Amazon region in which he based his book. While he regales us with the tales of his adventure, he will share with us some of the amazing photographs he took along the way! So, without further delay, let’s all give a warm round of applause for Mr. Lee Kim!

Questions 98 - 100 refer to the following talk:

Welcome back to the third installment of our After Dinner Lectures series. Tonight we will begin with a brief, but amazing musical performance by the students from City School of Music. After the musical performance, our featured speaker is Dr. Arthur James. He has a fascinating presentation on Italian art that is accompanied by a slideshow of some breathtaking pieces. After the lecture we will have a brief refreshment break where we will offer a selection of wine and cheeses in the cafeteria. After the recess we will bring Dr. James back for a question and answer session. And now: The City School of Music Orchestra.


101. When George Logothetis first joined the family business in 1993, Lomar Shipping was a small London-based company with just three vessels.
102. George, the eldest of four brothers, was brought up in London in a Greek shipping family.
103. As a teenager, George spent summers abroad learning the business.
104. The job market made solid improvement last month, sending signals to markets that the Federal Reserve is on track to start pulling back on its stimulus program.
105. The number of people working part time because they couldn't find a full-time position rose by 322,000 from the month before.
106. Some experts also pointed out that many of the newly-created jobs are in low-wage sectors.
107. You've probably never thought about the electricity consumed by those Google searches, Facebook updates and all the other things you do online.
108. Developing a sophisticated search feature is vital to Facebook’s long-term success, both to deepen users’ engagement and to make it more appealing to advertisers.
109. The loss forced him to become self-sufficient from an early age while he was growing up in Canada with his mother and older sister.
110. You might not think being a jazz musician has much in common with running a successful internet business - but boss and committed pianist David Roche sees a connection. 
111. Despite travelling all the time for work, David Roche says he still loves to go on holiday with his wife and two children.
112. He explains that his method of management is to hire the very best people, set them an objective, "and then keep out of the way".
113. This business is so ferociously competitive that I need people who want to make a difference.
114. “If you lose the confidence in the idea that effort and investment in education can change life chances, it's a really serious issue," says Mr Schleicher.
115. Last month, the two companies failed to come to an agreement after new rounds of negotiations.
116. Youngsters who had no regular bedtime or who went to bed later than 21:00 had lower scores for reading and maths.
117. In 2003, he was appointed chairman of the government-owned Ocean Park theme resort.
118. A train operator's boss has blamed a local engineer for a runaway train that derailed and exploded in a Quebec town, killing at least 20 people.
119. Local firefighters were later called to put out a fire on the train.
120. We don't have total responsibility, but we have partial responsibility.
121. A deal between Apple and publishers to set the price of e-books costs customers "hundreds of millions of dollars".
122. Investors must have an annual income of more than $200,000 (£134,000) or assets, excluding their main home, worth more than $1m if they want to become a hedge fund client.
123. No sooner had the video been up than thousands of people across the world wanted to see.
124. Luxembourg will hold new elections after Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker announced he would resign following a secret service scandal.
125. China, the world's second-largest economy, has been keen to rebalance its economy.
126. We expect both export and import data may remain at a relatively low level in the second half of this year.
127. The language of corruption differs from one country to the next, but there are also striking similarities.
128. No sooner do you come out than the problem starts.
129. Pollution levels in China have risen over the past few years and the country is now the world's biggest polluter.
130. The Bank of Japan has said the country's economy is "starting to recover modestly". 
131. Japan has been suffering from deflation for some years.
132. China is one of the biggest markets for many global car makers, including Hyundai.
133. After searching fruitlessly for months, the owners of streaming video site Hulu have stopped looking for a buyer.
134. Borrowers can take an equity loan from the government to help them buy a new home.
135. Young men in gangs are significantly more likely to suffer from a mental disorder.
136. Retail sales have steadily recovered since 2009, but more slowly than after previous recessions.
137. Car sales - which can also vary greatly from month to month - jumped 2.1%, while furniture and household goods rose 2.4%.
138. US retail sales grew in June, but at a slower rate than was expected by many analysts.
139. Starting with a newspaper round at the age of 10, he quickly supplemented his income with a weekend job as a waiter.
140. Companies that put off dealing with the "tough stuff" will find things get more difficult as time passes.


Questions 141 - 143 refer to the following letter:

Dear Mr. Sergio,

I am Berta C. Dodson. On behalf of the management of Galaxy Hotel, I congratulate you on your success and achievement. Through the hard work and dedication to your work, you have proved that you are one of the most sincere employees of our hotel. As you are aware of it that last weekend, some VIP guests visited our hotel and they lost their baggage, for which they were claiming on us. Even though our hotel was not responsible for the lost baggage, they were misbehaving with our staff. At that time, you looked into the matter and you solved it very impressively. Thus, our management is very proud of you and giving you an appreciation bonus of Rupees 10,000. Kindly accept this bonus cheque attached with this letter and continue your dedication and sincerity towards your work in the future as well.

With best wishes,

Berta C. Dodson

General Manager

Questions 144 - 146 refer to the following letter:

Dear Mr. Stuart,

I am writing to inform you that due to the heavy rains in our city for the past several days, there has been a problem of water seepage in our building. Large quantity of water has collected on the terrace, as a result of which, the water has seeped through the ceilings of Flats #7, 8, 9. Due to the seepage, the wall and the ceiling plaster are being damaged. The seepage is further damaging the wallpaper and the woodwork also.

If the problem is not dealt opportunely, it can lead to extensive damage in all the flats. So on behalf of all the tenants, I request you to look into the problem and do the needful as soon as possible.

Yours truly,


Questions 147 - 149 refer to the following article:

How secretary became women's work

The rise of the secretary began with the Industrial Revolution, which created an enormous amount of paperwork. In the early 20th century, it became a female job as companies realized they could pay women lower wages to do the work.

Secretarial schools offered professional training, which made it possible for many women to enter the career without a full college education.

It wasn't until 1950 that it became the most popular job among women. Back then, 1.7 million women worked in a category the Census defined as "stenographers, typists or secretaries." While the title has evolved since then, it remains the top female job.

Questions 150 - 152 refer to the following letter:

Dear Ms. Etta,

Many congratulations on your success and achievement in our organization. With all your hard work and dedication to your work, you have proved that you have all capabilities to handle many big projects by yourself. As you know, this was a prestigious and important project for our company to grow in the market. And you handled the project without any support from your colleagues and seniors. Thus, the success of this project entirely belongs to you. Not only our company but the clients are also satisfied with your work and they were praising you and your work. Hence, the company has decided to commend you by issuing this letter and from now onwards, you will be the team leader of the sales and marketing team. As you will become the team leader, your salary will also be increased by 25%. Once again, many congratulations and hope you will maintain this attitude throughout your future projects.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew J. Anthony


Questions 153-156 refer to the following advertisement.

Air University
Speak, Read and Write English Effortlessly!
Courses starting from 13th of Oct, 2008
Courses Offered


Diploma in English


Conversation Skills


Functional English I


Functional English II


13th Oct, 2008 to 12th Jan, 2009 (8 hours a week)
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs)
Rs. 12,000/-Per Course
10th Oct, 2008
Admission Forms and course details can be downloaded from Air University web site: For further information, please call 051-9262557-9, Ext 209,234.
Admission Officer
Air University, PAF Complex, E-9 Islamabad, web:

Questions 157-159 refer to the following message.

Luis Maymi has invited you to the following meeting:
My Meeting Room
Saturday, September 25, 2010
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Georgetown, La Paz, Manaus, San Juan. Add to calendar.

Please click here to join the meeting.
Hints and Tips:
If this is your first time attending an online presentation of this kind, we recommend that you take the System Test to make sure that your computer is ready to go.
In the rare case that you have any technical difficulties viewing the online presentation, please e-mail support at
You have received this e-mail invitation because the presenter of this meeting personally provided your e-mail address. If you have any questions, please contact the presenter directly by replying to this e-mail.

Questions 160-162 refer to the following notice.

Celebrate Holi the right way
Don’t drive two wheelers without helmet
- Throwing ballons at passers-by
- Playing Holi with unwilling persons
- Eve teasing
- Throwing dirt and chemicals
- Drunken driving
- Triple riding on two-wheelers
- Driving without helmet
- Over crowding in vehicles and indulging in hooliganism
Please exercise these restraints and make the festival safe and joyous.
For immediate police help call 100

Questions 163-165 refer to the following article.

A prestigious Public Service partnership company is looking for competent, self-motivated and dynamic candidates to fill the following positions in Islamabad:



Personal Assistant/Office Assistant

02 positions


02 positions

Office Boy

02 positions

To apply and for details of the above positions, visit the link: or website:

Apply within 15 days from publication date of this advertisement.

Questions 166-168 refer to the following letter.

Mary Thompson,
Office Manager,
ABC Corporation
123 King Street


To whom it may concern,
I would like to recommend Muriel MacKensie as a candidate for a position with your organization. In her position as Administrative Assistant, Muriel was employed in our office from 2004-2008.
Muriel did an excellent job in this position and was an asset to our organization during her tenure with the office. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremly organized, can work independently, and is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner.
Muriel was always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent rapport with the many constituents served by our office including clients, employers, and other professional organizations. She would be an asset to any employer and I recommend her to any endeavor she chooses to pursue.

Yours truthfully,

Mary Thompson

Questions 169-173 refer to the following advertisement.

Editor Wanted
Editor needed to direct the publication of new software magazine. At least two years editorial experience needed. Hours: 8:00 to 5:30 PM. Some overtime required. Send your resume to: P.O. Box 213, Fairview, IN.46243.

Bank Manager
Town Bank is looking for a bank manager to head its downtown branch. Seeking individual with 5+ years experience. Working Hours: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Excellent benefits, including attrative retirement plan. Contact for more information.

ESL Instructors Needed
Language Academy is hiring qualified candidates for its new intensive program. PT/FT positions available. MA in teaching English as a second language required, plus some foreign language ability. No more than 25 teaching hours per week. AM/PM shifts. Teachers with background in computer literacy preferred. Fax resume: 567-1243.

Questions 174-177 refer to the following notice.

The auction of used articles at Civil Faisalabad Airport is to take place on Wednesday, the 15th of November, 2012. The details of the articles are as follows

  1. Single-seat steel sofas
  2. Window AC, 1.5 ton
  3. Floor washing machine
  4. Batteries/tyres and tubes
  5. Scrap (Ferrous/non Ferrous materials)


  1. The sale of the articles will be on “As is Where is” basis.
  2. Successful bidders shall have to make the total payment on the spot.
  3. Faisalabad Airport Manager reserves the right to accept or reject a bid.
  4. All government taxes are applicable.

Airport Manager
Faisalabad Airport

Questions 178-180 refer to the following information.



Valentine’s Day Crafting Night @ 7 pm
630 Stadium Way


Movie Night @8 pm
630 Stadium Way


Interviews @ 7:30 pm
Farm Classroom 001-University Farm


No Event! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Invitation Only Event

Email us at for more info or if you need a ride to any event!
- Limited parking at 630 Stadium Way, so carpool if possible!
- Wednesday = Professional dress!

Questions 181-185 refer to the following passage and chart.

Volunteering can make you happier and help you live longer, according to a new study. A research paper published on Friday in the journal BMC Public Health says doing good deeds for others boosts your mental health and increases your longevity. Researchers from the UK's University of Exeter reviewed 40 academic papers into the effects of volunteerism on our health. They found that volunteers had lower rates of depression, an increased sense of well-being, and a 22 per cent reduction in the chances of dying within the next seven years. Australians lead the way in volunteering, with an estimated 36 per cent of the population lending a hand.

Leading researcher Dr Suzanne Richards said: "Our systematic review shows that volunteering is associated with improvements in mental health, but more work is needed to establish whether volunteering is actually the cause." She added: "It is still unclear whether biological and cultural factors and social resources that are often associated with better health and survival are also associated with a willingness to volunteer in the first place." In a separate study from the University of Michigan, researchers suggested three reasons why volunteering may be beneficial. First, it involves physical activity; second, the social connections we make help to reduce our stress; and third, it gives us a deep sense of happiness.

Questions 186-190 refer to the following passages.

London 2012 Olympic Games: Cycling schedule
The London Olympic Games Organising Committee has released details of the full event schedule for the 2012 Olympic Games.
Cycling is represented in five categories: Road race, time trial, track, BMX and cross-country mountain bike.(
The cycling events kick off with the men's road race on July 28, 2012, and conclude with the men's mountain bike cross-country race on August 12, 2012.
More information on the events can be found via the London 2012 official website.


Start time

Finish time




Session code

Ticket prices

July 28, 2012




Men's road race

The Mall (London)


£20, £40, £60

July 29, 2012




Women's road race

The Mall (London)


£20, £40, £60

August 1, 2012




Women's time trial

Hampton Court Palace



August 1, 2012




Men's time trial

Hampton Court Palace




An American lawmaker has said cycling is bad for the environment. He also said cyclists should pay a tax to ride their bikes on the roads. Ed Orcutt, a representative from Washington State, sent an e-mail to the owner of a local bike shop to outline his thinking. He wrote: "A cyclist has an increased heart rate and respiration. That means that the act of riding a bike results in greater emissions of carbon dioxide from the rider. Since CO2 is…a greenhouse gas…cyclists are actually polluting when they ride." Mr. Orcutt said: "You can't just say that there's no pollution as a result of riding a bicycle…. You would be giving off more CO2 if you are riding a bike than driving in a car."

Mr. Orcutt also believes cyclists should be taxed to use the roads. He said it was unfair that motorists have to pay all of the costs of building and repairing roads. He wrote: "Currently motorists are paying to use their cars on the roads…so if cars pay for the roads they are using, it only makes sense that bicyclists would also be required to pay for the roads they use when they are actually biking on them." Dale Carlson, owner of the Tech Bike Shop said Mr Orcutt's ideas were wrong. He wrote: "People who choose to ride a bicycle instead of driving a car actively reduce congestion." He added: "They save wear and tear on our roads and bridges, and reduce the [need for police] to patrol our highways."

Questions 191-195 refer to the following information.

FROM 8:00 TO 11:00

You Could Win Prizes For:

Best Dressed
Best Individual Performance
Best Group Performance

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job
There’s still time to rehearse…
Re: Karaoke on Saturday Night!

I can’t express how excited I got when I read this note! I’m almost jumping for joy right now! I love karaoke and can’t wait to show my skills. I do have a few questions about what’s going on with the karaoke and the contest.

I know the time but I don’t know where the venue is for the show. Where is this shindig going to happen exactly? Currently my car is out of service so I would like to go to a venue that is close to a bus station or some kind of public transit. Can you give me directions once you have everything figured out?

I was also curious if this was an invite only thing or if I am able to bring anyone to the event. I would like to bring my new girlfriend along if that is alright. We just met a little while ago but she has such a fiery spirit and an amazing voice as well. I think she would be an excellent addition to the karaoke if you give her a chance! She also knows how to rock out her style so I think she will give people a run for their money in the Best Dressed category!

How do we register for a song? Do we need to register before the event or do we sign up when we arrive?

I hope to hear from you soon! I think we are going to have such a good time!


Questions 196-200 refer to the following advertisement and letter.

Well, come join to be a child care assistant at RAMtronics.
- Patience
- Experience in working with children

- Good organization
- Good communication

To be a child care assistant, you have to have responsibilities like:

- Caring for infants and toodlers ages 3 months to 5 years
- Organizing and participating in children games
- Preparing meals
- Providing instruction in age appropriate lessons
- Cleaning and organizing children play’s area

RAMtronics, INC.
116 Roomney Ave
South San Francisco CA, 94080

Susan Kennedy
24 Maple Avenue
South San Francisco CA, 94080
Phone: 650.345.6543

August 30, 2013

RAMtronics, INC.
116 Romney Ave
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to inquire about possible openings at RAMtronics for a child care assistant. I recently found a job posting in SanFran Times magazine and would like to know if you are still looking for people. I am interested in a full time position caring for infants and toddlers at any age level.

I have spent the past year working at a daycare center in Los Angeles and feel I very qualified for the position. I am eager to contribute my abilities and experience to RAMtronics. I feel I fit the requirements for the job opening as I have developed my own system of organization and management with my previous school.

Given my experience and background, I believe I can help RAMtronics develop new types of activities for the children to help nurture their developing minds and bodies. I have extensive resources in the creation of age appropriate lessons for the children that are both entertaining and educational.

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to discussing my qualifications further. If you have any questions or would like to reach me, you can contact me with the information provided above.
Quảng cáo

Tư vấn và đặt mua thẻ qua điện thoại : 0473053868 (8h-21h)

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