TOEIC Full Test 1

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Full Test 1
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A. They're leaving the room.
B. They're turning on the machine.
C. They're standing near the table.
D. They're reading the newspaper.
Number 1: Look at photo number 1.

A. A man is resting in the shade of a tree.

B. A man is filming something.
C. A man is going over a bridge.
D. A man is drawing a picture of nature.

Number 2: Look at photo number 2.

A. Someone is being interviewed.

B. Only one microphone is being used.
C. The interview is being shown on a big screen.
D. Participants are sitting around a table.

Number 3: Look at photo number 3.

A. Hot-air balloons are very colorful.

B. A balloon is being blown up.
C. Many balloons are released into the air.
D. Many balloons are used to decorate a wedding hall.

Number 4: Look at photo number 4.

A. A couple is riding a horse in a field.

B. Horses are kept in a big stable.
C. A horse is badly injured.
D. The horse is jumping over 2 fences.

Number 5: Look at photo number 5.

A. Contestants are rehearsing on the stage.

B. Contestants are waving their hands to greet spectators.
C. The Organizing Committee is awarding contestants.
D. The contest is taking place on a beach.

Number 6: Look at photo number 6.

A. He is climbing over a gate.

B. He is climbing up a cliff.
C. He is going sailing.
D. He is writing something on a rock wall.

Number 7: Look at photo number 7.

A. She is listening to him playing the guitar.

B. They are sitting in a café.
C. A pianist is giving a performance.
D. They are singing a duet together in a party.

Number 8: Look at photo number 8.

A. A waitress is serving food.

B. A customer is paying the bill.
C. A large field is full of green vegetables.
D. Someone is chopping vegetables.

Number 9: Look at photo number 9.

A. Many car models are displayed in a showroom.

B. The man is working in a car factory.
C. The man is checking the tire pressure.
D. A car accident has just happened.

Number 10: Look at photo number 10.

A. A cake is being cut into small pieces.

B. Someone is putting candles on the cake.
C. Someone is baking cakes.
D. The birthday cake has 3 layers.

Where is the meeting room?
A. To meet the new director.
B. It's the first room on the right.
C. Yes, at two o'clock.
Number 11. How was your meeting with the board of directors about the new advertising campaign?
A. Well! I think they were very kind.
B. I will meet them next Monday.
C. It was not as successful as I had expected.
Number 12. Who will be responsible for reviewing the preliminary budget numbers?
A. Pierre was assigned to make plans for the financing group.
B. That hasn’t been decided yet.
C. Yes, I will do that.
Number 13. Who should I contact when I get to Washington?
A. Please send me a message as soon as you arrive at the airport.
B. I think you shouldn’t leave Washington.
C. I will contact Christine immediately.
Number 14. When must the outline for the graduation paper be submitted?
A. You must give it to Dr. Peterson.
B. Put it on the biggest desk in the conference room.
C. By the end of this month.
Number 15. We should keep the documents in the locked filing cabinets in the large conference room, shouldn’t we?
A. Yes, we should keep them on the table.
B. There are big cabinets in the large conference room.
C. Yes, that’s the safest place.
Number 16. Which bank do you think I should deposit my money in?
A. The National Bank is always the safest choice.
B. You should pay the entire balance every month.
C. I’ve been studying banking for over a year.
Number 17. How has she been able to make so much money in the stock market recently?
A. She has kept her savings in a big piglet for a long time.
B. It was all a matter of luck.
C. Her husband earns a lot of money with his famous restaurants chain.
Number 18. What was the annual company party like?
A. Many employees felt that it wasn’t very much fun.
B. It will be held on 15th next month.
C. They renew the contract every year.
Number 19. The weather forecast program said that it would continue to rain until the end of next week.
A. Oh no! I’ve been so tired of these hot sunny days.
B. Great for me! I will stay in my bed for the whole week!
C. I like your colorful raincoat.
Number 20. Have you decided where to go for your summer vacation yet?
A. I’ll ask Tommy to go with me.
B. Yes, the last summer vacation in Hawaii was great.
C. I don’t know yet, I have to finish my assignment before going anywhere.
Number 21. Will you do the homework yourself or find someone else to do it for you?
A. I’d better manage myself, though I hate doing homework.
B. Let’s ask Alice to go out for a walk!
C. My mother often helps me with the housework.
Number 22. Can you help me post this letter before 4 p.m. tomorrow?
A. You’d better go home before 4 p.m.
B. Sure! Do you have any stamps on it?
C. Yes! The letter arrived at around 4 p.m.
Number 23. How are the two companies different?
A. One is very well-organized.
B. They are situated in the same building.
C. I think those companies aren’t working very well.
Number 24. Who is going to take over Cindy’s position after she leaves?
A. She is going to leave in January.
B. Brian will help her to finish the current project before she leaves.
C. I don’t know about this.
Number 25. When is your baby due?
A. On September 5th.
B. The baby is sitting silently on the floor.
C.My baby is going to be born in a French hospital.
Number 26. How many people are you expecting to attend the next conference against deforestation?
A. It will be held on July 21st.
B. Honestly, I feel quite obligated to go.
C. I’ve invited 200 people, hopefully half of them will come.
Number 27. How did he do such an excellent job on that report?
A. It was quite a detailed report.
B. He compiled input from all of his colleagues.
C. He was assigned to make reports on the company’s annual revenue.
Number 28. What is the problem with your PC?
A. It was reinstalled over a month ago.
B. I dropped some water on the it by accident.
C. My father has just bought a new PC.
Number 29. How frequently do you go to a golf course?
A. My wife plays golf with her friends every weekend.
B. I don’t really like going to a golf course.
C. Three times a month.
Number 30. What time does the gate agent expect the flight to depart?
A. Every morning.
B. Before the flight crew boards.
C. In half an hour.
Number 31. They’ll serve breakfast before the landing, won’t they?
A. Yes, at 7 in the morning, about an hour before we touch down.
B. No, thanks. I’ve just had a cup of coffee.
C. I don’t think they’ll serve lunch.
Number 32. Do you think it would be quicker to take the 6:45 train?
A. Yes, the early morning bus is always faster, and we won’t have to wait in the long-line.
B. I tried to be quick, but I missed the train.
C. It might be, but the 8:00 train is much cheaper.
Number 33. If you don’t leave soon, you’ll miss your plane.
A. Yes, I didn’t realize how much I missed them.
B. Goodness!!! I need to leave now to get to the interview on time.
C. No, I still have plenty of time.
Number 34. Why did the new engineer disassemble all of the machines?
A. To find a suitable candidate for the engineer position.
B. That’s the only way to fix the problem.
C. It was the third time he had to repair this old machine.
Number 35. They haven’t released the latest version of the computer operating system, have they?
A. Not yet, they want to wait until they could fix the bugs.
B. No, they haven’t been on display.
C.The latest computer operating system will soon be released.
Number 36. What hours during the day is a technician available on the Web?
A. A technician position in our corporation is available at the moment.
B. From 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
C. He has been working as a web technician for more than 6 years.
Number 37. I don’t like the newly employed sales executive.
A. She seems to be difficult to work with.
B. She has a season ticket to the theatre.
C. So do I. Tennis is such a boring sport to me.
Number 38. This is the fifth time that we’ve had to call for repairs on the machine, isn’t it?
A. The machine is in the back against the left hand wall.
B. We should bring this coat back to the shop.
C. Yes, I believe that the machine broke down due to overuse.
Number 39. Could you please tell me when dinner will be served?
A. In about five minutes.
B. In the main dining room.
C. Yes, dinner will be served.
Number 40. Your cruise took longer than you thought, didn’t it?
A. The train arrived only a few minutes behind schedule.
B. Yes, they should finish it in a half an hour.
C. Well yes, I decided to spend 3 more days so I could visit all the beautiful spots.
Questions 41 - 43 refer to the following conversation:
Man: Daisy, I need to know your report on the 2 kinds of cement for the building project.
Woman: Well, from my research I learned that the cement company on Sturbridge Street has fast drying and very strong cement but it is more expensive. The company on Baker Street is cheaper but the cement is not as strong and takes longer to dry.
Man: Thank you. I’ll take a look at the differences and decide which company is best for the project.
Woman: I agree. You should think about the prices very carefully before giving the final decision, especially with our recent budget cuts.
Questions 44 - 46 refer to the following conversation:
Man: Hello, would you be interested in a Mike’s Restaurant promotional card? All I need is your name, address, and phone number.
Woman: Hmm. What kind of food does your restaurant serve?
Man: It is a great steakhouse that specializes in a variety of beef entrees. If you give me your information I can give you the card right now so you can use it for dinner tonight. The card will allow you one free appetizer with any order.
Woman: Yum. Steak is my favorite. My name is Sally Pepper and I live at 23 Plain Street. My number is 565-58943. By the way where is the restaurant?
Questions 47 - 49 refer to the following conversation:
Woman: The flight for our business trip is at 7:30a.m. so I think we should leave early and try to arrive at the airport by 6:00a.m.
Man: Yes, I agree. I think we should take the subway instead of a taxi since it will be during rush hour. I am worried that if we take a taxi we might get stuck in the traffic jam.
Woman: That’s a great idea. Let’s meet at the office and then we can walk to the station together.
Man: Sure. It will take about a half an hour to get to the airport, so let’s meet at 5:30a.m.
Questions 50 - 52 refer to the following conversation:
Man: Hi there, I would like one copy of today’s edition of the New York Times please.
Woman: I’m sorry sir, we just ran out of the Times. We sold our last copy about fifteen minutes ago.
Man: Oh. Well, I’d like to have something to read during my train ride to work. What newspapers are still available?
Woman: We don’t have any newspapers left, but we do have the latest issue of the World News Magazine. It is a very interesting magazine, and since we don’t have the newspaper you are looking for, I would be happy to give you the World News Magazine at a discounted price.
Questions 53 - 55 refer to the following conversation:
Man: Hello Jenny, I am calling to inform you that my flight from Bangkok was delayed so I will not be able to make my 3p.m. meeting with Bob about the sales reports.
Woman: Ok, Mr. Draper, I will notify Bob that your flight is delayed and will set up a new time. I think that it will take you at least an hour to get from the airport to the office, so I will see if we can reschedule the meeting for 4:30p.m
Man: Yes, that sounds good. Thank you, Jenny I really appreciate it.
Woman: Not a problem, sir. I will make sure everything is arranged by the time you get back.
Questions 56 - 58 refer to the following conversation:
Woman: Wow! We have been getting a lot of customers recently. I bet with all this business we will get really big paycheck bonuses at the end of the year!
Man: I don’t know about that. I heard that Chef Louis is going to quit soon. Such a talented chef is going to be hard to replace, and if the food is not as good, then people are going to stop coming.
Woman: Oh no! Who told you that Chef Louis is thinking about quitting?
Man: I overheard Chef Louis talking with his assistant in the kitchen yesterday.
Questions 59 - 61 refer to the following conversation:
Man: I can’t believe how much snow we have been getting! Just now as I was walking on the street the snow came up to my ankles.
Woman: Yeah, the weather is very bad outside. I was watching the news and the weatherman said that the storm might last a few more days. The roads are already so dangerous to drive on, and if it keeps snowing this much, the reporters say the airport will be temporarily closed down.
Man: Oh no! Well, I guess with such bad travel conditions we should probably delay the regional meeting.
Woman: That’s a good idea but I think we should wait for our boss to make the final decision.
Questions 62 - 64 refer to the following conversation:
Woman: Hello, I would like to send this package to New York. Also do you know where the nearest bank is?
Man: Yes. Just walk outside the post office and take a right. Walk to the corner and take a left. The bank is halfway down the street, next to the supermarket.
Woman: Thank you so much for your help. I arrived in town for work just a few days ago and I still have to figure out where everything is.
Man: You are very welcome but you should hurry. It is the only bank in town and it opens early at 7a.m. but also closes early at 3p.m.
Questions 65 - 67 refer to the following conversation:
Man: Hello Joana. I am calling to let you know that I might be late coming back from the Hong Kong business trip. We are still negotiating the contract with the customers.
Woman: Hi Jack. What is the problem? Is there an issue with the material costs or the project’s deadline?
Man: No, we figured all those things out already. The problem is that the customers don’t agree with some of the termination terms we have proposed.
Woman: Ok. I will tell the manager about the situation and let him know that you may be staying for an extra day.
Questions 68 - 70 refer to the following conversation:
Man: Wow! I am so excited that I was chosen as employee of the year!
Woman: Congratulations, Tom. You definitely deserve this award after how hard you worked all year. The company has done really well recently thanks to all your smart contributions.
Man: Thanks Linda but now I am really nervous to deliver my acceptance speech in front of the entire company.
Woman: Yes, that would make me nervous as well but as long as you are well prepared you should do fine. I can help you write the speech if you want.
Questions 71-73 refer to the following advertisement
Attention Engineers! We at Comsat Laboratories are currently seeking innovative and experienced electrical engineers. The position is full time starting immediately. We can offer a competitive salary and a friendly atmosphere! Candidates are required to be creative, enthusiastic, and to have communications and hardware design experience. We also require interested applicants to hold a B.S or an M.S with at least five years of experience in high-speed logic design.
To apply please send a cover letter telling us about yourself, as well as your resume complete with salary history and requirements.
Only qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.
Thank you!
Questions 74-76 refer to the following announcement:
Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, This is your attendant speaking. On behalf of Trans-Am Air, we would like to welcome you aboard our non-stop service from Boston to New York.
Due to heavy traffic here in Boston, we will be experiencing a 20-30 minute delay in departure. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences this may cause you. We would like to offer you complimentary beverages to help make you as comfortable as possible. Please remain in your seats to ensure that our staff will be able to better serve all passengers.
Thank you and we will be updating you again shortly.
Questions 77-79 refer to the following speech.
Attention Employees. It is with sadness, but warm wishes that I announce the retirement of Ms. Millicent Smith. We have long admired her optimistic outlook, bright attitude, and efficient manner. I think I can speak for everyone and say that we will miss her here in the office very much.
Although it will be sad to see Ms. Smith leave us, I am excited to share that she will spend her free time traveling around the world. To honor Ms. Smith’s contributions and to wish her a very well deserved rest, I would like to invite all employees to join a celebration this afternoon in the conference room.
Questions 80-82 refer to the following talk.
Hello. You’ve reached the National Capital Museum, no one is able to take your call at this time. Please stay on the line to hear the events listings for Tuesday, April 14th.
At 12pm we will offer an informative lecture on early 20th century artists. It will be held in Room 3402.
At 5:30pm join us for a foreign film series being shown in Room 2050. A short discussion of the series will be held immediately following the showing.
At 7:30pm advanced pre-registered guests will be admitted to the painting class being held in Room 2131. Please note that pre-registration for this event is mandatory.
For more information regarding these events, please call the Events Office at 503-555-0842.
Questions 83-85 refer to the following news report.
Good Morning and thanks for watching Channel 61 World News. Today we learned that the Kenyan Minister of Trade made an unexpected visit to Uganda last week to meet with the Ugandan President. Sources have informed us that the talks between the Kenyan Minister and the Ugandan President were about the improving trade relationship between the two countries throughout the last six months. Since the first trade pact was signed between Kenya and Uganda last January, commercial affairs have dominated the attention of the respective embassies.Our reporters continue to uncover the specifics of what was discussed between the two national leaders.
We’ll be back with more information on this matter after a brief announcement.
Questions 86-88 refer to the following weather report.
Good evening folks, you’re listening to the Channel 5 News weather report. For those of you in the Pacific Northwest, you can expect cloudy skies, scattered showers and thunderstorms. A minor flood warning is in effect, as the rain is predicted to last several weeks on and off.
Along the central and southern Pacific coast we see fair skies and low humidity. Although the rain will not make it down the coast, be aware that the temperature is predicted to drop significantly within the next month.
Up North we can look forward to three months of sunny weather with no precipitation. If you are looking to escape the cold or stormy weather, I suggest you temporarily move up North!
That’s all for now, we’ll be back after a brief commercial break.
Questions 89 - 91 refer to the following talk
Attention Everyone!
I am proud to announce that Mr. Thomas Lewis has been appointed a new position. Next month he will take on the title of Overseas Director for the Universal Corporation. Universal Corporation is a company known for making quality men’s suits in the medium to high price range. Accepting this new position of Overseas Director, Mr. Lewis will be based at Universal’s newest factory in Paris, France. He will begin his new post in mid-March immediately after he closes down the factory in Hongkong.
Congratulations, Mr. Lewis, on this achievement and best of luck with the new position.
Questions 92-94 refer to the following announcement.
Travel Advisory Warning!
A weekend alert is now in effect for our region. The alert was posted this morning. Due to upcoming weather conditions, the roads will be too dangerous to drive on.
Rain is expected to begin this Friday and continue all weekend. The rain paired with below average temperatures leads up to predict that the roads will freeze.
While you should take care to stay home on Friday and Saturday, the National Weather Service predicts that commuters will have no problems getting to work on Monday morning, as temperatures should rise considerably by Sunday afternoon.
For more information please dial our service line for hour-to-hour information at WEA-4389.
Questions 95-97 refer to the following weather report.
Here at Weather Channel 4 we advise you begin carrying an umbrella or a rain poncho with you every morning for the next week. Our meteorologists have informed us that rainy season begins today! After months of cool, dry weather, now comes the start of daily rainstorms. Looking ahead on our radar it seems as though afternoons will remain dry and sunny but that rain will begin every evening and last through the night. This week the rains will be particularly heavy and may include lightning and thunder as well. Take care to come home early from work to avoid getting wet and driving in dangerous conditions.
Questions 98-100 refer to the following talk.
Hello Residents of Georgetown!
Please accept my cordial invitation to a free concert next Thursday at 8pm! The concert is being held in the City Hall and it will feature a very talented band that you may know. The band is made up of a group of local teenagers who have been working very hard all year both before and after school to rehearse for this event.
Make sure to get your tickets early because the concert will be held in the auditorium and there are only 500 seats available. You can locate the auditorium by finding Room 405 City Hall, or Room 400 at the high school.
As the concert is free, I hope that the kids will receive a good amount of donations from the audience for all their hard work, dedication and talent!

101. Jupiter has just under 70 documented moons, the four largest of which are the Galilean moons Io, Callisto, Ganymede and Europa.

102. "I have seen thousands of ideas die on the vine, because the individuals that have them never get over that fear of failing," he says.
103. Fast & Furious 6 has debuted at number one at the North American box office, taking more than double The Hangover Part III's opening takings.
104. Traditionally, charities and other non-profit organisations have led efforts to provide safe food, water and medications in the developing world.
105. A new drug that could help reduce damage to the body after a heart attack, stroke or major surgery has been developed by UK scientists.
106. The UK and Germany are among at least 14 European Union members opposed to punitive tariffs on Chinese solar panel imports, according to diplomats.
107. Taking an idea down the path towards being a profitable business is risky, but being fully aware of the risks is key.
108. We think a similar process happens in other situations where tissue is starved of oxygen for a prolonged period, for example after a stroke or during surgery where major arteries are clamped to prevent blood loss.
109. A key found in a murder victim's pocket has enabled French investigators to identify the man nearly two years after his body was discovered on the coast.
110. These universities turn out technology that allows devices to get cheaper, smaller, and more portable, and attract innovative people who come from all parts of the globe. 
111. Doctors in Africa can rapidly determine which patients have HIV, and can provide relatively inexpensive medications to those sick enough to need them.
112. The idea of aliens may seem absurd, but times change, as does science , and this makes the idea far more plausible than it once appeared.
113. Having an idea is all essential, but communicating that idea to potential investors and customers is paramount.
114. Mr. Zaman and his colleagues have developed a hand-held device to test medication quality, looking for fakes and compounds that have gone bad.
115. What we know about habit formation is that you want to make the behaviour easy to perform, so that people repeat it often and it becomes part of their daily routine.
116. Several Mars rovers and landers have uncovered tantalizing evidence that liquid water might flow just beneath the surface, but we still lack any conclusive evidence.
117. People see companies almost like they see their children, and there comes a point in time when you’re building a company where it has to move off and develop on its own.
118. Environmentalists are trying to block the expansion of a transatlantic trade bringing American wood to burn in European power stations.
119. In short, they say stress does lead to relapses into bad behaviour - but that it can reinforce good habits too.
120. Despite the challenges, Mr Siddiqui of Acumen said he still sees great potential in leveraging capitalism to bring about social change.
121. The plantations are thinned and harvested by mechanical giants which cut and throw whole trees as if they were twigs.
122. Mr Adebowale, who was discharged from hospital on Tuesday, has also been charged with possession of a firearm.
123. Of the millions of ideas that people have each year, only a tiny fraction are developed and an even smaller fraction of those ever start down the road to becoming highly successful businesses.
124. Never try to start a company with something you don’t like, because it will never go anywhere. Only do something that you truly enjoy!
125. Critics fear that increasing demand from power generators will encourage foresters to take land that is currently growing food.
126. Australia has been ranked as the world's happiest nation among developed economies for the third year running.
127. India and the country's attitude towards women have been in the spotlight for some months, following a series of violent assaults.
128. Thanks to advances in mountaineering equipment and the indefatigable efforts of Sherpa guides, more climbers than ever are reaching the peak of Mount Everest.
129. From previous research, we expected that all participants this time would be worse at detecting the movement of large images, but high IQ individuals were much, much worse.
130. The computers' owners like to think about them as big artificial brains, but actually they are simply repackaging valuable information gathered from everyone else.
131. Plants that were frozen during the "Little Ice Age" centuries ago have been observed sprouting new growth, scientists say.
132. Government cameras track you as you walk around town, despite wars having been fought to limit the abilities of governments to do that.
133. We ended up walking along the edge of the glacier margin and we saw these huge populations coming out from underneath the glacier that seemed to have a greenish tint.
134. The first idea of networked digital media included a universal micropayment system, so that people would be paid when data they added to a network was used by someone else.
135. Bryophytes are different from the land plants that we know best, in that they do not have vascular tissue that helps pump fluids around different parts of the organism.
136. There have also been cases of babies born outside marriage being abandoned, or female newborns abandoned because of a traditional preference for sons.
137. People with higher IQs are slow to detect large background movements because their brains filter out non-essential information, say US researchers.
138. "There are no genetic factors that can be studied independently of the environment," says Michael Meaney, a professor at McGill University in Canada.
139. All of these abilities are dependent on a slow, incremental process which various micro-cultures have figured out how to improve.
140. Six decades after it was conquered, mountaineers complain that the summit of Mount Everest has become virtually gridlocked with climbers.

Questions 141 - 143 refer to the following letter:
Dear Sir,
Please let me take this opportunity to introduce myself as the newly appointed sales agent for GK Trading Company. As I have joined the company recently, I went through our records and found that you are one of our most valuable customers.
As an initiative to a growing business relationship that will benefit both of us, I will be pleased to visit you in your office at your convenience in order to understand about your company and this will enable me to provide you with a better service. I could also introduce our new products to you.
I wish to call in your office, and I want to make the appointment as I am looking forward to meeting you personally.
Yours sincerely,
Praveen Kumar
Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter:
Dear Mr. Douglas,
I am writing this letter to confirm my retirement from the position of executive assistant which will be effective next month.
Though I have looked forward for years for my retirement to come, it saddens me that I will have to leave such fine people. The years that I have worked for this company are some of the best and most fruitful years of my life. I will be enjoying my retirement I am sure, but you will always be in my heart wherever I may go. Let me also take this opportunity to thank you, your staff and the company for all the love and support that you have given me during my employment.
It will be kind of you if you could confirm my retirement date and the things that I will do to return company equipments. If I can be of any assistance during the process, please call me.
Thank you very much!
Yours sincerely,
Aaron Deville
Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter:
Dear Mr. Arnold,
It is a pleasure for me to inform you that you have been promoted as the new sales supervisor of the company.
This promotion is in recognition of the fine work you have done for this company for over five years. We are very confident that you will meet the new responsibilities with enthusiasm and keenness, which you have showed to us since you came to work for the company as a sales representative.
Again, I would like to express my appreciation for your well done job. I look forward to your future endeavor and contributions for the success of our company. If you have any questions concerning your promotion, you can just give me a call or drop by at my office to discuss the matters.
Please accept our heartfelt congratulations on your promotion.
David Garcia
Human Resource Manager
Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter:
Dear candidates,
This letter is to grab your attention about the job openings in our company.Our company is regarded as the best company in the sales field in the whole England.We need ambitious and sincere people.The applicants must have minimum 6 years of job experience in a sales department. Applicants will be given positions as per their qualifications.Applicants need to fulfill our prescribed requirements and attachments.We give free medical facilities, good working environment, and try to bring out the best in our employees.
As soon as possible, please send your application to The candidates have to go for an interview when they get selected. If there is any doubt regarding the working pattern of our company, then you can contact us from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.
With regards,
Robin Rob
Sales Manager
Questions 153-154 refer to the following letter.
1234 Main Street
Belleville, Illinois 62223
January 17, 2003
Our Lady Queen of Peace School
Attn: QP Students
5915 North Belt West
Belleville, Illinois 62223
Dear Sir or Madam:
You may write a business letter to request information, to order a product, to apply to a school or to seek employment. Whether you write or type a business letter, be polite, specific and neat. Keep a copy of every business letter.
Use either the block or modified block form for a business letter. Either form has six parts, including an inside address.
Sincerely yours,
Ann Smith
Questions 155-157 refer to the following table.
Flight Schedule
1. Cheapest class: Non change, Non refund, Non upgrade
2. Airlines reserve the right to change schedule and fare without prior notice
3. The days of the week are:
1: Monday ---2: Tuesday---3: Wednesday---4: Thursday---5: Friday--- 6: Saturday--- 7: Sunday
Questions 158-160 refer to the following advertisement.
Open House Tuesday, May 21st (10:00 am – 2:00 pm)
If you’re looking for a great full or part-time job, come learn more about NEW at our open house this Tuesday.
NEW is now hiring full and part-time positions with pay starting at $10 per hour.
NEW offers a fun, unique working environment with on-the-job training.
No need for an appointment or formal interview, just drop by and see what NEW is all about!
When: Tuesday, May 21st, 2013; 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Where: 6000 New Way, Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Phone: (541) 850-3500
Be part of what’s NEW
Questions 161-163 refer to the following notice.
17th November, 2007
10.30 - 11.00: Registration
11.00 - 11.10: Welcome and Opening Address
• Michael Heery, President, Athletics Ireland
11.10 – 12.00: Governing Structures
• Mary Coghlan, Chair of Finance & Risk Committee
12.00 – 13.00: Report of Competition Review Group
• Paddy Marley, Chair of Competition
• Breda Synnott, Chair of Juvenile Committee
13.00 – 14.00: Lunch
14.00 – 15.00: Club Development
• Bredan Hackett, Chief Executive Officer
15.00 – 16.00: Research and Future directions
• Michael Heery, President, Athletics Ireland
Questions 164-166 refer to the following advertisement.
Call Total Yard Maintenance
- Mulch
- Trimming
- Pulling Weeds
- General Cleaning
- Mowing
- Weed Eating
- Rototilling
- Cut down trees
- Thatching
- Hauling Away
Rototiller, Post Digger, Mulcher
Joel Montano, 13 years experience
541-331-0271 or 541-331-5626
Questions 167-170 refer to the following letter.
Dear Mr. Millington,
I am returning with this letter a recent shipment of 500 imprinted golf balls (order #3345) along with a copy of our original purchase order.
As stated, the logo should be reproduced in our corporate color, which is green. The logos on the golf balls you sent are bright blue, and therefore unacceptable.
Please make the necessary corrections and send another shipment of 500 golf balls (with the logo in our corporate green) by the 15th of this month. We need them for a company-sponsored event that starts the first of next month.
Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter.
Sincerely yours,
Megan Lloyd
Sales Manager
Questions 171-172 refer to the following email message.
December 16, 1968
Dear Brother,
On behalf of Suanhacky Lodge I would like to invite you to our 39th Annual Holiday Banquet to be held at the Boulevard Manor, 44-11 Queens Boulevard, on Monday evening, December 30, 1968 at 7 P.M.
Donation for the evening is $4.50 per person.
I am reserving a ticket for you and a delegation if you wish so.
Please contact me as soon as possible at 793-0349 to let me know how many will attend.
Yours in brotherhood,
Ed Pino
Questions 173-177 refer to the following letter.
June 22, 2009
Jane Smith,
Team Leader, Accounting Services
A Business Inc.
123 6 Ave North
Fake Town, AB T1J 1M8
Dear Ms. Smith:
You have done a fantastic job stepping into the role of Team Leader this year. Our company was in a tough spot with the departure of one of our senior members and your willingness to assume the role has been a major factor in our continued success. Your contributions to the company have been very beneficial. You are an innovative thinker and a true team player. As you have assumed new job responsibilities I can appreciate your interest in attending the Leadership Conference in Toronto from March 25 to 30.
As you are aware our company’s financial year-end is March 31, 2010. This is a very busy time of year for all of us, but especially hectic for the management team. As we move through the year-end process, the other team leaders will need your input and experience. You will find your team members also rely on you for guidance during the last few days of March. It will be most important for you to be here to go through your first year-end cycle as it can present a steep learning curve at times.
We are fortunate that the Leardership Conference is offered at multiple times during the year. I believe the next offering is July 2 to July 7, 2010. If this time is convenient with your schedule, we could explore sending you then. I look forward to continuing to work with you Jane, and helping you to grow your leadership skills.
Megan Shapka
Director of Financial Operations
Questions 178-180 refer to the following article.
Hooton wins Faster Pastor event
OWENDALE – Elaine Hooton won the Faster Pastor race last Saturday at Owendale Speedway.
Tonight is the Lady Racers and mechanics race along with a regular night of racing.
Next Saturday, Aug. 18, is Family Night with bike races, Sprints on Dirt (SODs), and a beer tent sponsored by the Friends of Kinde.
Gates open at 3 p.m. and the tentative time to start racing will be 6:30 p.m.
The following week, Aug. 25, the pocket pullers tractor pulls will be at track at 2 p.m. and at 7:30 p.m, they will begin the regular night of racing with Michigan Wingless Sprints. Gates will open at noon, sponsored by the Pigeon Lions.
Saturday, Sept. 1 is the Eve of Destruction and Championship Night is slated for Sept. 8.
Questions 181-185 refer to the following notices.
APPLICATION OPENING PERIOD: October 30, 2009 through November 3, 2009
Position and Announcement Number
Public Health Advisor
Management and Program Analyst
Starting salary will vary depending geographic location.
Duty location
CDC Organization
Coordinating Center for Infectious Diseases
National Center for Public Health Informatics
Federal Career Intern Program
THE FEDERAL CAREER INTERN PROGRAM (FCIP) is a 2-year entry-level, full-time employment and career development training program designed to prepare students and non-students for a career in public service. Upon successful completion of the program, FCIP participants may receive a permanent, full-time position with CDC.
1. FCIP is open to students and non-students. You do NOT have to be a student to participate in the FCIP. Refer to job postings for required qualifications.
2. FCIP participants are eligible for federal benefits.
3. For additional information on FCIP visit
How to Apply
Register with HSS Careers Intern Opportunities ( and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the on-line process.
The human resources office will evaluate your application to ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications of the position and will provide the hiring manager with a list of eligible candidates. Veterans receive preference in selection.
IMPORTANT: You must apply on-line by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on November 03, 2009 to receive consideration for employment.
Applications are invited from Pakistani nationals for the following positions in a body corporate functioning under the Federal Government for following positions:
Post & Pay Scale
Assistant Director (Technical)
No of post
Provincial/Regional Quota
(i) First Class Master’s Degree from a recognized national or foreign Institution in Economics/Industrial Economics/Business Administration/Commerce.
Associateship of Cost and Management and Accountancy from a recognized national or foreign institution.
First Class Master’s Degree from a recognized national or foreign in Computer Sciences/Technology.
(ii) Proficiency in MS Office, Excel and computer based quantitative analysis is essential.
Age Limit
Terms and Conditions
i. Only short listed candidates fulfilling the prescribed eligibility conditions will be called for written test/interview which will be held in Islamabad. No TA/DA will be admissible for appearing in test and interview.
ii. Maximum age limit is relaxable as per government rules.
iii. Applications should be given on plain paper. Latest CV and attested photocopies of all relevant educational certificates together with domicile and CNIC and one recent photograph are essential with applications.
iv. Those who are already in government service must send application through proper channel.
v. Application should reach latest by April 06, 2012 at Post Box No. 1689, GPO, Islamabad-4400.
vi. Unsigned/Incomplete applications will be rejected and no intimation will be given.
vii. The department has right to short-list/reject any or all applications without assigning any reason.
Assistant Director (Admn.).
Questions 186-190 refer to the following letters.
South Bank
Real Street Fidel #3
July 5, 2012
Mr. Menlo Ortega
Director of Investment Funds
Dear Sir:
By the following letter of complaint, I would like to express my un-satisfaction with the treatment received at the branch, by the operator Francisco Garza who kindly attended at first, until the conversation took worse paths and ending with an assault on my wife.
We have not made any complaint to the police and we prefer that this regrettable incident is settled in a friendly manner. But I convey my deep un-satisfaction with what happened and I propose a meeting with you and Mr. Francisco to fix everything in a civilized manner.
No other tasks, yours truly
Rodrigo Diaz
Dear Mr Diaz,
I have been forwarded a copy of your letter dated 5 July – which had been sent to our director, Mr. Menlo Ortega – and I was very sorry to learn that you had left our branch feeling upset. I apologize for the distress you have experienced as a result. I can assure you that it was not my intention to cause you dissatisfaction and to assault your wife. It was the unexpected result of my continuous stressful situation, I had just gotten a divorce and this had been utterly affecting my life, which led to the fact that I couldn’t keep my emotion under control and unintentionally treated you in a bad way.
Once again I am very sorry that you were upset by my manner. Your letter has given me the opportunity to reflect on this and I would like to reassure you that although it was not intentional, I have taken your feedback seriously and will endeavour to use your comments in a positive way in my future dealings with clients.
I hope that you will accept my explanation and apology for what occurred. If you are not satisfied with my response please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to arrange a meeting.
Yours sincerely,
Francisco Garza.
Questions 191-195 refer to the following itinerary and email message.
Connoisseur’s Itinerary: Oktoberfest 2008
Bayern Trips, LLC
Tour Schedule
Subject to change!
Tuesday, Sept 30
Flights depart North America in evening
Dinner served aloft
Wednesday, Oct 1
Various Arrivals at Munich Airport
11:00 Meet up near Information Desk in Terminal 2 and depart for hotel using S-bahn connection
12:00 Drop luggage at hotel – rooms will not be ready
13:00 Optional Lunch at Hofbrauhaus
14:00 Walking Tour of Munich’s Old Town
18:00 Dinner at Forschungsbrauerei
Thursday, Oct 2
7:30 Breakfast Opens
10:00 Tour of Spaten Brewery
16:00 Oktoberfest: Hofbrau Festzelt
Friday, Oct 3
7:30 Breakfast Opens
9:30 Luggage pick-up for transfer to Fussen
12:00 Oktoberfest: Ochsenbraterei
18:51 Train to Fussen from Munich Hauptbahnhof
20:55 Arrival in Fussen, walk to Hotel Ruchti
Saturday, Oct 4
7:30 Breakfast Opens – coffee only today!
8:00 Departure for Weisswurst Fruhstuck
9:00 Arrive Sohmen’s Butcher Shop in Bobing
12:00 Depart for Wieskirche, Oberammergau, and Kloster Ettal
18:00 Dinner at Landgasthof Lillie in Hofen
19:00 Kartofellfest in Fuxsloch near Reutte/Hofen – Folk Dancing
23:00 Return to Hotel Ruchti
Sunday, Oct 5
7:30 Breakfast Opens
9:00 Depart for Castles
10:15 Guided Tour of Hobenschwangau
12:15 Guided Tour of Neuschwanstein
Lunch on Own, Free Time Follows – return via public bus
Optional tour to Marienbrucke, Tegelberg Mountain and Pollat Gorge (Weather Dependent)
17:00 Dinner at Hotel Ruchti – Dessert Lesson possible
18:00 Option: Ice Hockey Fussen v. Kaufbeuren at BLZ
From: The Board of Directors
To: Many
Date: 3/5/13
Subject: Thank You Employees
Dear Valued Employees,
As many of you might already know, this has been a great year for the company. Profits rose to new highs and we expanded. These achievements could not have been accomplished without the dedication and hard work from our employees. To show our appreciation for your commitment, the Board of Directors has decided to send everyone on an all-expenses-paid vacation to Munich for an Oktoberfest celebration! The dates of the trip will be from September 30th to October 5th so mark your calendars. Attached to this email is a trip itinerary so you can enjoy the trip better. This will be a great way for all of us to get together and relax.
We understand that some might not be able to attend this trip or might not want to. If you are one of these people, do not worry. There is also the option of compensation in the form of six months of free gas!
Please respond to this email either to sign up for the trip or to receive your compensation. Also, if you do not respond to the email, you will not be able to receive either the compensation or the trip.
Thank you for a great year!
The Board of Directors
Questions 196-200 refer to the following email message and advertisement.
Date: 3/5/13
Subject: Inquiry about Office Space
Hello Ross,
My name is David Brown and I am the President and C.E.O. of Brown Worldwide. My company is currently expanding and we are looking for a new office space. I came across your Internet advertisement for an office adjacent to the courthouse and am very interested in the space. The location is perfect for the company but the price is a little high. Your advertisement mentions that the terms of the agreement are negotiable and so I wonder if it would be possible to discuss the price. If we were to sign a long-term contract for about three years would it be possible to lower the price of the rent? Also, before I make any commitments, I would like to visit the space. Would it be possible to stop by Monday at 3 p.m.? I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can work something out. Thank you and have a nice day.
David Brown President and C.E.O.Brown Worldwide
Cityplace 123 Fake Street
Direct: 555-555-5555
Mobile: 555-555-5555
Fax: 555-555-5555
Office Space Adjacent to Courthouse
Suite 203 – 821 Burdett Avenue
Victoria, B.C.
REDUCED LEASE RATE – Ideal Central Location with On-Site Parking
Location: Located on the south side of Burdett Avenue, between Blanshard and Quadra Streets, within the City of Victoria.
Comments: 2,158 square feet of affordable office space available for lease. The space is strategically located directly across from the Law Courts building and close to numerous amenities. The premmises offer plenty of opening windows and natural light. The Landlord will provide substantial leasehold improvements to a qualified tenant.
Parking: 3 reserved stalls available (underground secure parking)
Net Rent: REDUCED to $15 per sq.ft.
Term: Negotiable
Anne Tanner
Ross Marshall
DTZ Barnicke
888 View Street
Victoria, BC, V8W 1K2
Tel. (250) 382-3400
Fax. (250) 382-1333
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