Day 15: Dunedin To Chaslands

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"The Daily English Show" là chương trình đầu tiên trên thế giới về những buổi giới thiệu hàng ngày bằng tiếng Anh trực tuyến. Được sản xuất bởi studio tdes và giới thiệu bởi Sarah - một người con gái New Zealand. Chương trình này được sản xuất tại Auckland, New Zealand.

Dưới đây là chương trình đầu tiên của năm 2011, nói về một chuyến đi khắp đất nước New Zealand xinh đẹp. Xem chương trình này các bạn không những được luyện nghe tiếng Anh với cô Sarah xinh đẹp mà còn làm quen với những mẫu câu, từ vựng phong phú, thực tế và sinh động. Ngoài ra các bạn còn được đi du lịch miễn phí New Zealand online nữa :-)

Chúc các bạn vui nhé.

Day 15: Dunedin To Chaslands

We left Dunedin in the morning and headed south on State Highway 1.

We stopped in a town called Milton, The Town Of Opportunities, and we bought some diesel. There’s a famous English poet called Milton. And in this town there are streets named after other English poets, like Shakespeare and Chaucer.

Next we stopped in a town called Balclutha and went to the supermarket, had a coffee and read the paper at the Heart & Soul Cafe, and went to the information centre and bought a postcard of this bridge. I sent it to Waipukurau in New Zealand.

After Balclutha, we left State Highway 1 and drove into the Catlins on the Southern Scenic Route.

You’re approaching the turn off to Cannibal Bay. The bay was named after human remains were found here by a land surveyor. Today Cannibal Bay is a breeding ground for Hooker’s Sea Lions and Elephant Seals.
Tourism Radio

When we were driving through a town called Owaka, we saw lots of teapots, so we stopped to have a look.

Next door to Teapotland was Dollyworld.
The owner said she’s been collecting dolls for about ten years.

Started off doing the dolls when I was in Greymouth. Um, doing them up for children, like a dolls hospital. If they needed parts or repairs, we were there to, sort of, just trial and error, but fix them up, yeah.
For me it’s an enjoyment of seeing the finished product. You know, they might have horrible, horrible hair, the children give them knots. So I wash them and clean them and send them away brand new.
Chyrstle Collis

She said she opened her doll collection to the public because she enjoys meeting people.

Families have come in here, and grandparents say, “I remember that doll” … when they were young. You know, so the memories are good. You can see the look on people’s eyes, the smile on kids' faces. And that’s what it’s all about.
It’s swapping cultures and stories. It’s a mixture of everything, it’s not only the dolls. People are telling me about their lifestyle, their dolls, their food, their wine. So I’m learning too as well.

In Papatowai we stopped to have a look at the stunning coastline.
And we found a vegetable garden with free vegetables. We thought it was amazing … and so did some tourists from Israel. That night’s salad was divine.

Up the road from the free veggies, we found the Lost Gypsy Gallery. I’d never heard of it before and it was a fantastic thing to stumble across.

The gallery was an old bus full of interesting things to look at and touch and wind. This is the train of thought.

What are you looking at? Stop looking at me!

We also had a look inside the Winding Thoughts Theatre (of sorts).
It was so cool.

That night we stayed at the McLean Falls Holiday Park. It was an awesome place with a cozy cafe and a jazz band. I really wasn’t expecting to be able to end the day listening to live music … it was perfect.


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